Monday, May 31, 2010

Giveaway Monday!

Hey lovely friends, it's Monday morning and I'm feeling so happy because it's time to find out who won my giveaway!! It's also our niece's 3rd birthday, Happy Birthday Tova!!
We love you!

I'm thrilled to announce that Cathie is the first name out of the hat & will soon be receiving her own custom made Dandelion bunny. This is what Cathie said:
"congrats on the double birthdays & I love popping by your blog and seeing what you are up too and your pics are always so wonderful.of course I follow your wonderful journey & wish you many many more bloggy birthdays sweet lady" Isn't she sweet?
I will email you soon Cathie and we can chat about what kind of bunny you would like.

Now for number two who will win a String of Hearts, made from vintage fabric & soft alpaca. Congratulations Monique!!!! Here is what Monique said:
" I love how your love of family just shines through your posts. You honour them each time you share a tale. My little one would love a bunny. "
Sorry you aren't receiving a bunny, Monique, but I hope you will like your hearts, I can't wait to make them!

Speaking of hearts, number three will be receiving two lavender Love Hearts...and the winner is....Gypsy!! Yay!
" I love reading your blog and getting your take on life and things, you have a very refreshing way of looking at 'ordinary' things. Keep up the good work Beck, love Gyp xx" Thanks Gypsy, I'm so happy you have won something in my celebration giveaway!

Woo hoo! I'm so excited to be making something for all of you winners, I can't wait. I wish I could make something for everyone, all your gorgeous comments meant the world to me. I really love putting my blog together and sharing some of myself and my life with you. And I also love to check out what you are up to and see what is happening in your world.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway, it's been a lot of fun for me. Hope you have a happy week sweeties, see you soon xo

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fleamarket finds..

Hi Thrill seekers! Do you like the overalls I found for a $1 at the Trentham Op Shop? Perfect for Bill who is planning to be a builder (and author) when he grows up.

I've had this unknown family portrait found at the MS op shop for a while but I finally got around to putting it up today.

Luckily I have a resident handy man who was only too happy to help.

Not a huge amount of time of shop the oppies this week but I did come across this ace basket today at the Tip shop. Perfect for storing firewood. It's definitely fire wood season, freezing & grey today.

Another bonus of heading up to Callawadda this week was stopping in at the Avoca Op Shop. This time I found some spare Swatch bands that will fit my watch..

and a nice pile of vintage linens.

This Australiana tablecloth is so special.

Nice and worn and soft & covered with gorgeous depictions of Australian flora, fauna & cities, it is a definite keeper. No cutting this one up, it's going straight on the table, well after a wash of course! One day I'll show you my whole collection of tablecloths, it's quite an addiction...

Hope you are having a great weekend, this is the last day of my giveaway so do enter if you haven't already. I'll be drawing out three winners tomorrow, how exciting!! In the meantime pop on over to Sophie's for more fleamarket treasures....see you soon xo

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Callawadda dreaming

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in bed having a cuppa and thinking about the last couple of days I spent in Callawadda.

Michelle & I arrived early to find Terry happy & well and busy as usual with the running of his biodynamic farm. He directed us to our newly ripped piece of land which we found after winding our way through the dry creek flats under stands of massive river gums. Each year we have been in a different spot and this time is the best yet. So beautiful, clean and serene, and the earth was like soft, brown cocoa powder.

I'd love to tell you this is our garlic that sprouted as we planted but no, it's the adjoining crop of oats.

Michelle used Simon's homemade hole puncher to make the holes..

which we then popped the cloves of garlic in. This year we are growing Oriental Purple, Monaro & the beautiful pink skinned Silverskin. We also planted a bed of shallots, red & golden.

This year we were better prepared and made sure we stopped for smoko. Not that we smoked but I do like that expression, it so Australian. We had cups of tea and banana bread and fruit and got back into it feeling refreshed! I love working with Michelle, we seem to fall into a rthym, chatting and planting, being outside in the fresh air, under a big sky - doing something we love.

One of the benefits of visiting Callawadda for me is the farm itself. Clusters of tools tell a story of hard work and simple living.

History is written in the dust.

I love the earthy, practicality of the wood stacks

This unfussy house is a such a warm and happy home.

All the images speak to me and tell a story of years gone by, of a time when things were different. In a sense it's still different here, Internet access is dial up only and mobile access is unreliable.

You really get the feeling of being in the now, of slowing down and seeing things in

a less cluttered way.

Even though we were only gone for two days it felt like longer. Terry & his son, William, made us feel so at home and I can't wait to get up there again and see how our garlic is growing.

Do you live in the country? If not have you visited it lately? There is something so timeless and special about this amazing country we live in, I love to drive through it, to be in it and find it in my dreams at night. Hope you have a beautiful, dreamy weekend & don't forget to enter my giveaway, see you soon xo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Creative Space

My space this week is birthday inspired, thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, I had the happiest day! So many lovely messages and some real life visits with great mates left me in a spin. Delicious tarts from Phillippa who also gave me some of her amazing fabric. Have you visited her yet? You really should, her blog is always interesting & quirky, often funny & always inspiring.

My space is also a bit scattered and chaotic this week. What's new, I hear you ask?

Lots of projects on the go as usual. I'm attempting to make a vintage linen quilt, so I have been looking in the oppies for special pieces. The above photo is a shocker but I'm blaming that on autumn/winter light, or lack of it...

I was so excited this week to recieve a lovely tea cup from Jess and, from Kate, the dearest little bear (made by Jess!) Thanks so much to both of you.

As you can see Moby has taken to living in the cup, I wonder if I will ever be allowed to use it for tea...? He is so beautifully made & adorable, isn't Jess clever?

And now for the not so clever.... it seems it will be a wet and rainy couple of days as we plant our garlic so I had the brainwave to make us some water proof pants. I found a couple of yellow plastic poncho's in the cupboard and ...

traced around a pair of jeans, so far so good.

Here is me modelling the finished pants (I like to think of it as my Dottie Angel pose, minus the caravan & extremely beautifully arranged background......and no, I am not naked underneath..)...just before I bent over to pick up a pin off the floor and... RIP!!!.....we're talking major tear action. Yep, it appears that plastic footy poncho's are made from the thinnest, most easily torn material, it wasn't pretty. So, I'll just have to take a few pairs of spare clothes instead. Shame really as they did look so fetching..

A big chunk of my week has been taken up with preparations for garlic planting. So I've been peeling and popping the bulbs like crazy so that they are all ready for today when Michelle and I head up to Callawadda. I'm looking forward to planting but I have that funny anxious feeling I usually get about leaving the kids. Silly really but I guess it's because we are together such a lot. I'm sure I'll be fine once we hit the road.

Before I go thankyou again to everyone who left comments on my Celebration Giveaway post. It really blew me away and made a happy day even more fantastic. If you haven't entered yet then feel free, the giveaway will be open until Monday when I will draw out three winners!! Hope your space isn't too scattered today, lets go and see what else is happening over at Kirstys, see you soon xo

ps: Do you like this little bunny dress that Mum knitted?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebration Giveaway!!

I'm so excited today as I've been plotting a dandelion giveaway! I have just passed the 200 post mark & it's time to give something back to my lovely, loyal, funny & fantastic friends! I love to celebrate special occasions, well actually I just like celebrating! So this little giveaway is my way of saying thankyou & also having some fun myself.

So here is what you might win. First off is a dandelion bunny, it could be like this one above....

or like one of these twins. Or it might be totally different, you get to choose! Whoever I pick out first will win a bunny & I will custom make it using colours/patterns handpicked by you.

I have some lovely new alpaca offcuts too & some gorgeous vintage fabrics so matching them up will be fun!

Number two out of the hat will receive a String of Hearts similar to these, but again you can choose your colour combo. Yay!

Number three will be getting two Lovehearts of your colour/pattern choice.

All winners will also receive a mixed bag of beautful biodynamic garlic from The Organic Paddock. If you are an overseas friend then you might have to put up with something sweet instead.

This giveaway is open to all my dear mates far & wide, I really appreciate you all and love to read your comments & visit you. I love the way we can chat about everything and nothing, how I can be so inspired, moved and captivated. I love that I can see into other peoples worlds, see colours, patterns, moods, through someone else's eyes. It's such a relief to read that someone else feels the same way, has similar flat patches, or finds the crazy whirl of motherhood/creative life/inner life at times a struggle. I love to read of other people's successes, their joys, new babies, new idea's. Blogland has been a very rewarding & welcoming & fun place for me and it has become a part of my day & life that brings me a lot of pleasure, and some much needed space at times too. So thank you my dear friends, lots of love to you all!

Before I go a couple of important things I should add. To be in the running for this giveaway just leave me a comment telling me what you like about my blog. If you are a regular reader (follower) let me know for an extra entry. Good luck to all & I hope you have a great week, see you soon xo
ps: Oh, I almost forgot, it's my birthday today!