Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep your eyes open

Do you like the new little doll I made last week? 

She was going to be a bunny but somehow she grew hair instead of ears. I'm entering her in an exhibition in Melbourne called "I say Doily's, You say Doyley's".  I can't wait to see what the other doily entries look like, I'm sure it will be a mixed bag! Fun!

I'm also working hard on stock for my shop, Rosie might find it hard to say goodbye to this little one,
but she has three bunnies of her own now so she can't be too lonely. 

Have you had a good weekend? We have, it seems like we fit a week into just two days! There's been a lot going on. It started with a bit of a scare on Friday at school pick up with the kids bringing out a warning about a grass fire nearby.  Luckily no one was hurt and the fire was brought under control quickly by the amazing local CFA. Where would we be without them? The fire burnt over sixty hectares but was stopped before any homes were burnt, or people hurt, thank god. On our way to Ballarat on Saturday we passed the burnt fields, a small reminder of the dreadful bush fires we had in a couple of years ago.

Even though it was a stinking hot day yesterday, the girls had fun at ballet and danced so beautifully.

 I managed to take some sneaky some shots of dear Sunday too,

looking out the window so thoughtfully - I wonder what she was dreaming of..

The girls and I like out Saturday routine, mostly. They catch up with ballet friends,  get to sing loudly to their favourite music in the car, to watch the beautiful country side out the window, stop for toilet breaks at amazing old churches,

to watch the shadows, the shapes of the hills, the hazy summer skies,

and all the birds and animals. Yesterday we watched these cows dipping their hot bodies in a dam. 

Last night I went out with some friends and we popped into the fabulous Jimmy's Bar, just around the corner in Vincent St. I loved everything about it, the drinks, the menu, the wooden tables and touches of glamour. It's so nice to have somewhere new and gorgeous to meet up with mates or to have a quiet dinner with my honey.  Today Sunday & I went walkabout - we found lots of special places like this red door, and this amazing old shed, below. We're so lucky to live in an area that is FULL of many amazing things out there if you keep your eyes open!

What's happening in your world? Have you been having a heat wave like us? Did you love the rain when it finally fell? Our garden sure did. Another storm has just begun and there is lots of thunder and lightning. Rosie just woke to the loudest BANG! 
Better go and tuck that little chicken in and hope we can all get some sleep, and uh oh! our back room is flooding..better run.

Hope you have a happy week,
see you soon xo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

things I'm loving right now

I'm really in love with this new bunny. I think it's her black cardi,

or maybe it's her little ric rac trimmed skirt. Although she will be in my shop shortly I would really like to keep her for myself.

Have you noticed I've changed the bunnies eyes recently? I've gone from plastic safety eyes to embroidering them myself. Not only is this more in keeping with the soft nature of my bunnies, it is also safer for babies. This means they can be a gift for a newborn with no safety issues. I'm avoiding buttons on cardi's too, for the same reason. Any thoughts on the 'eye change'? 


I'm also loving our back yard, with all it's quirky bits and ducks and fruit trees. The ducks were enjoying a bit of water sport today, they have a whirl pool going in their clam shell. So funny!

A bit of crazy swimming in circles and then woosh! out of the pool with wings aflapping..!


I loved going to see Jess's exhibition on Friday night with Charlotte. Jess's creatures looked so fabulous and I wasn't surprised to see so many red stickers. I tried to snaffle up a blue elephant but alas, he was already sold.

 It was great to see Jess, of course, and lots of other lovely people including Catherine & Jess's mum and dad and the Foxs Lane crew. And of course Tania and her beautiful boy, great to see you Tania!

It was so fun hanging out with Char on Friday night, of course I loved that. We did a bit of posing & people watching in the city and then headed to Brunswick St for some churros - yum!

I'm loving spending time with my other kids too, and watching them all grow up. They are all such interesting people and I love to see how their minds work, and what excites them. It's such a privilege to be a mum, although of course it's not always easy is it? But there are so many gorgeous moments that the tricky ones quickly fade away. Rosie was on her way to bed the other night when I took these photo's,

"Mum," she said, "the clouds are racing!"

I'm loving being involved in a local oral history group. Last week we talked to a really interesting woman who at one point owned a general store near our town (see above). I also spoke to an older lady who moved to Daylesford when she was five, she had so many fascinating stories. Both women were so inspiring. Everyone has a story don't they?

Finally I'm loving taking photo's, I just can't help it. It's such a joy, I love the way I can record a beautiful vision, a funny old letterbox, a smile, the sky, a moment. It really opens up my world and gives me so much pleasure. 

What are you loving lately? Go on..tell me!
see you soon xo

Grey skies over East Street

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Creative Space

It's been a while since I played along with Our Creative Space, it's so nice to be back! As I sit here there is beautiful, heavy rain falling, after many hot days, what a fabulous sound. It's such a summer shower, big fat blobs crashing down on the roof. The ducks are in heaven.

Luckily I just managed to get all the washing in, including my newly finished rainbow doona cover. In the next week or so it will be in my new, updated shop. I do hope you'll pop in and check it out when it opens.

So I've been busy getting stock ready, I found these five little cardi's that my mum knitted last year. It's always fun to then match them with a bunny, or a cat, or a doll. I'm hoping to branch out a bit and have a bigger range of toys. I think part of my lethargy last year was due to feeling a bit tied in with bunny making. I felt a bit uninspired. But the new year has bought new energy! So I'm going for it folks, and enjoying every minute so far.

I heard yesterday that a certain person may be finishing up with her blog - something I considered too. Do you think there is an expiry date on blogs? Are you a long term blogger who feels a bit trapped or no longer interested? I wonder what keeps it fresh for you, is your blog your friend, your diary? 

I know a lot of people are now using Instagram to connect, record, communicate. (To find me just click the link on the right of this page, come and say hi!) Do you use Instagram too? I love it, I confess. But talking to Kate one day I also realised that as much as I enjoy Instagram, it's visual appeal really hooks me in, I also like to read, and write. Blogging is a great outlet in this way.

For me the vital ingredient is balance. Making time to blog should be a pleasure, not a chore. Visiting other blogs is fun but shouldn't be an obligation. Having a busy life with kids and school and Mark and all the activities I'm involved with I guess I find blogging and Instagram and nice place for me. Me time!

But I don't want to be trapped by internet connections, nice pun there, so I'm trying to limit myself a bit.
After all, real life is what it's all about. Face to face, coffee to coffee, (now I'm channelling David Bowie  ..Ashes to ashes..)
..anyway, you know what I mean!

Do you find it hard to get the balance right? For me it seems to be an ongoing thing. Working from home, making that a priority on certain days, having time for my kids, my health, my hubby, my friends,
community things,'s not easy is it? But I guess it's a joyous thing too, imagine being bored!

 I'd much rather have a full life, a creative life, a fun & loving life, that is a bit haphazard and messy but full of interest and people and laughs. 
And yes, my house is totally messy.

What's happening in your creative space? Are you making some time for it? Hope so,
see you soon lovely ones xo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Valentines Day is a special day for me, it holds a special place in my heart.

And this year is extra special. Twenty years ago today I found out I was having a baby! It was a day of mixed emotions as I was on my own, a million miles away from family and friends, in Darwin.

I was scared, lonely, shocked but also incredibly happy! From that first moment I knew something amazing was going to happen, a new and beautiful part of my life was unfolding.

8 months later I gave birth to my darling Charlotte Rose, and what a happy day that was. We were our own little family and together we faced the world. It was such a precious time for me, and those years on our own, before our family grew, were filled with so much love, fun and happiness. I'm sure the reason the Charlotte and I are so close today comes from those happy days.

Fast forward to 2012 and I am the proud mum of a nineteen year old. And I couldn't be prouder! Charlotte has helped me so much lately, getting my new blog look happening, handling all my annoying IT questions, generously giving me a hand so kindly. I think she's done an amazing job, thanks so much Charlotte!

Char has also had some challenges recently and has met them head on in such a positive way.
 I'm so proud of you Char.

When Charlotte started school I was a young mum and I remember looking at some of the other mums and thinking, wow, you're really old! Funny as now I'm one of the older mums, watching as the younger ones start the whole cycle of primary school. And the lovely thing for me is I get to enjoy a full spectrum of ages, from 6 - 19. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with Charlotte on Friday night over dinner, and then at Jess's exhibition opening.How fun to have an older daughter to go out with, it's a beautiful thing.

Anyway, as you can see Valentine's Day is special for me. It reminds me of that gift children are, of the life changing moment I had twenty years ago, of resilience, of the fun times, the hard times, the laughs and the ongoing love I have for my eldest child.

Happy Valentines Day Charlotte, love you xo

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!
 What a bright and sunshiny day it is, a lovely way to start the week. After school drop off this morning I had a quick coffee with friends, which always kick starts my day in a positive way. I need that little boost before I get back home, a bit of catch up with some lovelies is always good.

Back home I've been getting on with things, ploughing through the list. Sounds a bit ominous doesn't it? But it isn't really, just lots of little things to catch up on and I was just thinking, as I hung out the washing, how lucky I am. The freedom to be out in the sunshine with the birdies tweeting, under the walnut tree watching my yellow roses grow over the chook pen. It's so pretty and fresh in our garden and it reminded me to today how much I love living where we do.

There's so much to enjoy about life in the country and such a beautiful time of year to be outside. 

Yesterday Rosie helped me take some photo's of a new little black bunny that will be in my shop shortly. She climbed the apple tree and then decided she'd snuggle up on a rug on the grass.

As I snapped away I realised she was asleep! She had a  lovely little cat nap under the apple tree, so peaceful. It's been a busy week going back to school and ballet and discovering netball! It was nice just to watch our little dynamo so relaxed and dreamy.

When she woke up we finished off her new bunny, Rose. Rose was a 'not quite right' bunny who has  been adopted by Rosie. She needed a top so we found some red alpaca offcuts and quickly sewed one up!  It's not perfect but it's rather sweet and only took me a few minutes. It's amazing what you can do when you don't plan!

How was your weekend? Our 's was full of making and dancing and food and cooking and eating! Mark has been having a little fruit festival of his own, picking black berries and plums like crazy. He made blackberry jam and then Kate's black berry and yoghurt cake.

The kids I and decided to make gnocchi which we all love, especially me. Sorry you missed out Char, if you are reading this...wish you had been here to eat some too!

Do you make gnocchi at home too? It's so easy and fun.
We started with 1.5 kilo's of Sebago potatoes which I boiled in their skins then put through a ricer. The kids love the way the little worms of potato come out. On a floured bench we rolled the potato into a big ball and made a well in the centre.  Rosie ran outside and crawled under the hedge to get us a fresh egg (thanks White Chook!) and we cracked that into the middle of the mountain of potato.

I just add flour as I go until the mixture is soft but not sticky. Then we rolled out little snakes and cut them into small pieces. The kids are so good at this bit and made the little pieces into acorn shaped balls.

I had a pot of boiling water on the go and a pan with sauce and olive oil in it. After dropping the gnocchi into the boiling water they rose quickly to the surface. I scooped them out, draining the water off, and popped them in a baking dish with some delicious garlic/tomato sauce. Sunday went next door and asked Alison for some of her home grown parsely, we grated parmesan and voila! Dinner, yum!

It's such a beautiful, tasty and filling dinner. And guess what? I've got some left over for lunch today! Woo hoo! If you haven't tried making gnocchi you really should, it's a lot of fun and so delicious.

Well I guess I better get on with my list... but hey, before I go! Do you like my new blog look? I'd love to hear what you think. Charlotte has been helping me, I think it looks nice and fresh, it feels good. 
My shop is next on the list!

Anyway lovely ones, hope you have a great week, 
see you soon xoxo