Thursday, April 26, 2012


What does belonging mean to you? Do you like to be part of something, does it make you feel good? For me it's a really important part of my helps to give my life meaning and it makes me happy.

Did I tel you I started a new job recently? I'm working in the prep room at the school our kids attend, and I'm loving it! It's so nice to have something new in my life, to be back at work, even though it is only a couple of mornings a week.

When I left my previous position, when I was pregnant with Lucy, I remember the first few days at home so well. Instead of feeling happy to be finished with work I was really struck by the sudden lack of contact with others.

 No one emailed me anymore! My inbox was empty. No one to have lunch with, chat with, I felt really lonely at the time. In hindsight that sudden isolation probably contributed to what turned into post natal depression, it was a difficult time. I often wonder if having a blog during that time would have helped, I like the way new mums can now use the internet to stay in touch with the world, and other people.

Anyway, lately I've been having the reverse experience! I feel super duper connected. It's nice to be involved in the community of the classroom, of the school, as a worker, as well as a parent. I'm enjoying the satisfaction of helping the preppies with their learning, and just being with this gorgeous group of kids is so inspiring and fun. I've been at home a LONG time with my kids and have never regretted it.

 It's always been a priority for me to be there for them in their young years and I've been lucky that I haven't had to work. But any mum knows that it's not always easy, and the space for myself has been pretty limited. So I'm happy, happy, happy to be working!

Not that I've been stuck at home on my own for the last 12 years. I've alway liked to do community based things and I really like to volunteer and be involved. So you can imagine how much I am also LOVING helping out at our new community op shop!  So many great people have come together to make this op shop happen and although I've only done a few hours I"m looking forward to my regular Friday spot. I like that I'm helping those in need, socialising with different people, contributing, belonging.

Yesterday our family went to our local Anzac Day parade and ceremony. The kids held our school banner and marched with their friends down the main street, in support of the brave men and women who fought & died for our country.

It's so good for them to learn about our history, about people who lived before them and have an understanding of how war effects us all. It was a very moving ceremony and I was so glad we were there, to be involved, to be sharing this important event.

Our kids belong to a local football and netball club. It's a very family oriented club and a great way for the kids to learn skills, make friends, see some other parts of Victoria and to have the opportunity to be part of a team. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. I don't get to go often enough because I'm usually caught up with the ballet world on Saturdays, but that's ok. Mark is great at taking the older two and I hope we can do swapsies sometimes so we both get to have a turn. I like that my kids are learning the beauty of community, of being part of something bigger than themselves, that they belong.

Lately I've been aware that my interest in blogging is fading a little, I'm just not so motivated to read other blogs or to crap on about my own life too much. I've been thinking about it a lot. Should I just finish up? Should I make more of an effort? What the hell is going on with I just plain lazy?? Why don't I seem to have the time to read about other people's lives anymore? Am I a really crap blogger???

Anyway, the only conclusion I have come to is that I'm too busy belonging in the real world. I love my bloggy friends, I really like my own little blog space so it's not that. I just really love all the things I"m involved with that aren't online and this doesn't leave much time for blogging.

So I'm not going to throw in the towel, I'll still be around here and there. I'm sorry I haven't visited you, it's not that I don't care. I think I've just found lately that my belonging spaces are elsewhere. (Hey that all rhymed...!)

 I hope I'll still have some belonging space in blog land too. We'll see. In the mean time I'd love to hear about what belonging means to you. Are you involved in your community? Does it give you something that makes you feel good too? Do you ever feel a bit isolated or disconnected? Sometimes it's harder in the city but I know that everywhere there is a place for someone, for some kind of belonging. Because we are all important, we all matter and sometimes we need to look outside of ourselves, to find out just how much.
Hope to see you soon  lovely ones...xo

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Giveway winner!!

Hello lovely ones..thank you so much for your patience with me, finally today I am happy to tell you we have a winner of my bunny giveaway!!

But firstly I must just say how fun it was to read about everyone's childhood toys. So many people spoke with such affection of these long time friends. It's nice to know that we can carry these often furry and sometimes falling apart loved ones from childhood into our adult life. I remember as a little girl we often visited Mirka Mora in her studio that was always filled to the brim with toys, dolls of all shapes and sizes.  Many of her own creations but there were also old prams, china dolls, rag dolls,it was heaven. It showed me that even grown ups like to play, to dream, to be surrounded & inspired by toys. That childhood is an important part of who we are as adults.

Thank you for sharing little snippets from your own are a few for you to enjoy.
Lara Motta wrote:
My favourite childhood toy is actually a little blue bunny funnily enough. I got it for Easter the year my baby brother was born and he still sleeps with me (the bunny that is). He's been to 11 countries in Europe, NZ and all over Australia. Very well travelled and loved!

Grace said:
My favorite toy as a child was an orange and brown (it was the 70s!) dog called Monty. He was very dear, and fell apart with too much love.

andymona wrote:
I still have my teddy bear. He's tucked away, but occasionally when l come across him l give him a little hug. He was velveteen, but that's all worn of now.

and gardenglut said:

My favourite toy when I was a young one was Scotty. Scotty was a georgeous dark grey West Highland Terrier or 'Scotty dog' toy. Scotty had a wonderful woolen tartan dog coat. He was tuff and texturerd and was great to snuggle your face in! Thanks for making me think of Scotty!  

and lastly from waverider,

My favourite toy from childhood is a baby doll called Susie who i still have. To make her even more special, she is dressed in a gorgeous pink layette that my beloved Nan knitted for her. Whenever I look at her I can see my Nan sitting on the couch in her lounge room knitting away, lovely memories!

What a beautiful memory..thanks waverider.

Sadly there can only be one winner, but you are all winners to me! Congratulations to lovely Alma who left the very first entry. I'm so excited that Bluebell will be flying over to live with Alma and her family in Brooklyn, New York!! What a thrill for a little bunny from country Victoria. I'm sure she will get lots of love and cuddles. Alma if you could email me your details I will pop Bluebell in the mail for you asap.

So that's it from me today. I'm busy in the kitchen making cake and apple & rose hip jelly, thinking too of other ways to use up the huge amount of apples we have this year. Happy days! Hope yours is a happy one too, see you soon xo

Sunday, April 15, 2012


What happens when you don't blog for almost two weeks?

Lots of stuff happens. School holidays happen..leaves fall...nights grow colder..days get shorter..

and giveaways don't get given away.

I'm so sorry to all those who entered my little bunny giveaway..I haven't forgotten you!

 I so loved reading every single one of your comments, hearing about your childhood toys was music to my ears. The common threads of comfort, company, memories and love ran through each one. It's so sweet how we can all be linked by our childhood toys, they are such treasures to us all, whether they still exist or remain forever in our hearts.

Although mine is a teeny tiny business, producing only a few bunnies in the scheme of things,

even if only one of those bunnies became someones special childhood toy, it would be the most wonderful thing. I remember once I ran into a child holding a Dandelion bunny, all fluffed up and worn, and it was such a magical feeling. I guess toys, especially handmade ones, really represent that precious part of our lives, when we were young.

Anyway, I will draw out a winner, but not tonight. Keep an eye out though as it will be one day this week, and again, I'm sorry I have taken so long.

I've been caught up with sick kids too, who still aren't quite better. And holidays, and a job application that lead to an interview that lead to some part time work! Which is a bit exciting, I'm really happy about it. I'll be working as a Teacher's Aide and start tomorrow. I've also been caught up with birthdays, Lucy turned 12 & also found out she got into her school of choice for high school, she is over the moon.

and our beautiful Sunday turned nine! 
Wow, these kids of ours are really growing up. 

And we somehow got a new bunny, gave our neighbours two of our ducks, had our gorgeous Charlotte home for a long stay (yay!!), did some camping (them not me), and a zillion other things. So if it seems I've been missing in's true!

Sometimes life is for living and not for worrying about blogging. 

Anyway, it's nice to have broken the ice, to have shared some of our days, to be back in a place I love.
See you shortly for a giveaway announcement..take care lovely ones and have a wonderful week xo

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Autumn is..


Lots and lots of apples. It's a good thing we like apple pie! 

Our trees have been full of fruit this year and although we've shared quite a few with the local cockatoos,

we still have lots left. Our lovely neighbours are making cider, their hallway full of boxes of apples. Maybe we will make some too!

Autumn is quinces. Big, fat, golden quinces.

I love everything about this beautiful ancient fruit. The tree it grows on with it's wide green leaves, that shade our ducks from the warm autumn sun. I love collecting the fruit after a windy day, storing it inside where it gives off it's distinctive quincy smell. I love cutting into each piece, it's such a satisfying feeling. Cubing, boiling, straining. Adding, watching, waiting.
Then suddenly!

Magical jars of ruby goodness. I love quince jelly on sour dough toast with a cup of hot, hot tea. 
I love autumn.

Autumn is Sports Day! A day of red, yellow and blue.

A day of friends, and fun.

And trying hard, of ribbons and family.

And smiles! lots of lovely smiles.

Autumn is potato season. It's brown fields, blue skies, tractors and crates.

Autumn is a time of birthdays - one tomorrow! 
Although it's sad to say goodbye to summer, and although the thought of a long cold winter ahead makes me a little anxious..I really do love autumn. So I'm celebrating being in the now,
I'm loving the cool nights and warm days. Although there is some sadness in my life too right now, I'm embracing all the beauty, the colour and life of this season, of this time. Maybe even more so.
I hope you are too, lovely ones,
see you soon xo

ps: If you haven't entered my giveway yet it's not too late! I'll be drawing out a winner in the next couple of days. It might be you! xo