Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roses & goodness

Thinking about the lovely treasures I found at the op shop in Kyenton yesterday. Lucy & I found ourselves wandering happily through the sweetest oppie ever. The cheery sounds of the op shop ladies chattering away filled the space reminding me how very important it is to belong, to share our daily lives with others. This little jug winked at me from a shelf, hello I said, come live with me,

and I will love you & fill you with roses.

While Lucy looked at the fabric I turned the next corner and found this dear little box.

Full of coloured knitting needles and sewing bits.
So sweet.

We also bought a spotty bag and some fabric for Lucy.
On the way out we looked in the window and marvelled
at the display of gorgeous old plates & cups.
Hiding near the edge was Mrs Cow Jug.
Oh! What a thrill! My Nan had a jug just like this
so of course it had to come home with us too.
We scooted back inside in time to see a woman collecting the money she had 
dropped on the floor earlier, lots of oohing and ahhing re the 
kindess of the Finder (so true), we paid our $3 and walked
out with a spotty bag full of roses & goodness. 

Feeling....the happy weight of the many things I am juggling at the moment. You  know that good feeling that comes when you are satisfied with your lot? When you are challenged but  not despairing?
That's me right now. Lots on the go and all feels right. 

Partly I'm happy as although I'm not working at the moment I feel like I'm contributing to some really worthwhile things, besides looking after our family. I'm enjoying the Oral History project I'm involved with, my involvement at our school is very satisfying & I'm nervously looking forward to the Foster Care training I will be doing this weekend. 

Loving watching iview and ironing at the same time! Weird but true. Today I snuck in Grand Designs, one of my favourite shows. Have you watched this one? So inspiring. 

And, I wrote a poem today. Did I ever tell you I majored in poetry while studying Professional Writing  & Literature?  It's a long time ago now, and I only dabble in poetry these days. It felt good to write one today, I was thinking about my Dad & the words just came. Maybe I'll show you sometime.

Also loving..these two new cardi's knitted by Mum. If only I had the time to make bunnies...I can't seem to find it lately. Sometimes I just have to just have faith that a pocket, a little window will open and somehow there will be time to sew. Loving too, Room by Emma Donoghue. Have you read it? I remember reading about it and thinking I wasn't that interested, but once I picked it up I couldn't put it down.

Feeling...a lot of love for my family. A little demented by my family. Aware that I have a party to organise, meals to cook, washing to do, tempers to sooth, lists to write. Also feeling lucky that we are all well and warm and safe in our little house in Daylesford. The sun is coming out now, time to go and feed the ducks.

Hope all is well in your part of the world, 
what are you feeling, loving, thinking about today?
See you soon, dear friends xo

Monday, July 25, 2011


Freddie had been loving this wet winter we are having. There is a lot of leaf snuffling going on in Duck Land lately, and much puddle grazing & exploring of mud, with beak. Just after his family hatched out this year someone told me that a large lay of duck eggs means a wet winter will follow. Remember, they had 13 ducklings! Seems that particular old wives tale was spot on. Another bit of folk lore I heard recently was that your hair will fall out in chestnut season! Which is weird because mine did just that. Not all of it, but a lot!  Luckily it's growing back now. Do you know any weird wives tales? Funny how they are called that. I wonder if there are any husband tales out there...

Speaking of hair... Rosie found a wig in the dress up box and wore it all of yesterday.

The effect was strangely unsettling & compelling at the same time!

How was your weekend? We had a good one, not too busy, just right. On Saturday after we got home from ballet I had some time in the garden. Raking, tidying up the beds, putting new hay in for the duckies and chooks. Fun! I found a stash of chook eggs so now I know they are laying again I can keep an eye out. I love having fresh eggs, it always seems so weird to have to buy them. The next day the kids and I sorted out Bill's Lego. It was surprisingly fun! We bought new containers and colour coded the massive box of little pieces. Very satisfying.

Besides that we just hung out, having fun. And a few tantrums as well, for good measure. I also went for a walk around Lake Daylesford, just to check my legs still work (they do). It was very muddy and slippery, but still so beautiful.

Back home with my lovelies we had cupcakes for afternoon tea,

a test run for Rosie's party next weekend.

Wow, I can't believe she is turning 6 soon! How did that happen? She has been trying so hard lately to be a big girl. Getting herself dressed, remembering her manners, being more independent. It's so sweet to watch.

Speaking of birthdays, guess who turns 4 today?
Little Daisy. Rosie wrapped up some treats for her
and made a card.  Happy Birthday Daisy!

What's happening in your world this week?
I have a long list of things to do and think about, including
...looking for work,  (!), organising passports,
planning Rosie's party, parent teacher interviews,
possibly having dinner with Charlotte,
and a million or so other things.
I have a feeling it's going to be a great week,
hope yours is too.
See you soon xo

Monday, July 18, 2011


So the holidays are over. Here are some random things that have gone through my mind over the last little while.

Kids: Our son is growing up! He is almost 10 and moving into that next stage of his life. Being the only boy in the family (not counting Mark) is sometimes hard for him but he is pretty good natured about it and gets along with the girls. (Most of the time.) He is a great boy and I couldn't ask for a better son.
I've really enjoyed hanging out with him over the holidays. All our kids are growing up, it's scary! The four younger ones are so close together that they seem to age in one big group. When they were little (and we had four kids five & under) it was so crazy and hectic, it's really a blur. Now they are older it's a lot easier, and I've just noticed lately that they aren't little kids anymore.

Birds. I am really into birds. I've bored my Facebook friends with this photo already but I just couldn't help sharing it with you too. I was actually snapping the bird in silhouette when the other one swooped down to get a piece of the action. Chook scraps that is, not camera.

Family. I've been really conscious of the many dynamics within our family over the holidays. Ups and downs, phew! One thing I've tried not to do is to get involved in every little argument, it gives it all so much more importance and then the situation seems to escalate. It's boring at times, listening to their little niggles, and frustrating. But that's family life isn't it? I guess this is how they learn to work things out. I"m loving the cuddles though, see above, and the way my kids have each other to play with. That is a real bonus of having children close together. So I guess the good outweighs the not so good.

Pet love. Is there anything sweeter? We're all about pets around here. Daisy is always on hand for some loving. She seems to be very sensitive to anyone who is upset or crying, she comes on over to lick those tears away.  Dearest doggie. Our fluffy silkie bantams are going really well and I"m hoping for some baby chickies when the weather warms up. Guess what? One of the back yard chooks laid an egg today! Woo hoo! Keep them coming girls..

Weather: Yesterday there was actual SUNSHINE! Can you see it?
Such a good day that I made the girls go outside where they 
had heaps of fun of course. Tea parties, shops, petals & sand cakes, alright!
This week I fully intend to continue with my attempts to keep exercising despite the 
cold, wet weather. Here's hoping.

Imagination. Children have such amazing imaginations. Rosie worked so hard on her Snap game, and it's so fun to play! I love watching her learn to read, to write, losing herself in a world of colour & shape & words. Holidays are good for that too. Gee, I'm going to miss that Rosie Posie when she goes back to school. She's still my little baby you know...

Love. Need I say more? 

Char came home on Friday night for the WHOLE weekend. Yay!  She carved this apple, cute huh? It's been so good to be all together. I love that Melbourne isn't that far away and she can visit us anytime. Not so good is that Mark's sister & her family are a long plane flight away. We keep up on Facebook but sometimes it's hard watching the kids grow up on the computer. We hope to visit next year...can you imagine how amazing that would be?

Ducks. Thank you for your suggestions re duck names, there were some real beauties!
After much consideration we are naming our ducky girl, Jess, in honour of the
Queen of Wonkiness herself. Jess, there is something so sweet and honest, kind and clever and thoughtful about our little duck that she reminded me of you.  Oh and she is very pretty. Her brother, Platypus, agrees.


So, me hearties, it's the start of a whole new week, a whole new term!!
I wonder what we will all get up to over the next ten weeks.
I love beginnings, they are like a lovely present that you slowly unwrap.
Anything could be inside..
hope your week is a great one,
see you soon xo

Friday, July 15, 2011

all good things must come to an end...

The school holidays are coming to an end,  boo hoo!
Here are some photo's from the last two weeks....

beautiful chookie..

sun light through the trees..

happy girls..

pussy cat..

rosella in the front yard..
 Woody & Rosie at ACMI..

black lambs at Glenlyon..

...and of course vegemite! A favourite food around these parts!

It's been a great couple of weeks, we've been to the city, to movies, played outside,
seen friends, baked heaps of delicious cakes & biccies,
been to op shops, parks, cafes, exhibitions, taken photo's, made things,
celebrated a birthday..phew..what else?

We've had Charlotte home with us, we've planned a new renovation (!),
we went to a wave pool, out to dinner and
we've talked about the possibility of going to the US next year (!),
there's been dancing, making, gardening, dog walking and some adventuring!
And today I"m so happy to say that we signed up to sponsor a child through World Vision. 

So it's been a full and fun time, have you been on school holidays too?
Hope the last few days are happy & relaxing,
and not too taxing..:)
See you soon lovely friends


Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter is good

Winter is good for sunsets, for golden skies at the end of a misty, damp day.


And for views from the Convent Gallery, far off over the roof tops and away to the shadowy mountains.

Winter is good for ducks. Beautiful, sweet natured, worm hunting, leaf snuffling ducks. It seems Freddie & Zsa Zsa's children are still with us, Platypus the boy (on the left) and his sister, as yet unnamed. 

Isn't she adorable? Can you help me think of a good name for her?
I'm not fussed if they don't go and live next door, the four of them are so lovely to watch. But if they do go I suppose they can chat/quack over the fence..

Winter is good for netball, for being braver, for trying hard.

And for club rooms, dirty knees & singing the Hepburn song loud & proud.

Winter is for school holidays, a time of rest for children, and teachers too. Time for Mark to make traditional Swedish cakes using his mum's recipes.

This mjuk pepparkaka was so deliciously light and fragrant, and so pretty. I love that he makes his mothers cakes, it's one way of having her close to us.  I have my Nan's PWA cookbook too, with her little jottings and notes. Aren't these precious things?

Winter is good for rugging up, for long walks with the kids & dogs, for adventures outside. Don't you love that feeling of coming inside after a big, brisk walk, feeling flushed and tired and then getting all snuggly and warm? Love it.

Sunday and I have started a winter challenge. We must walk somewhere every day. We have to leave the car at home if possible. We both think winter is ace in so many ways, and we both love to be outside, exploring and having fun. Yesterday I walked everywhere, with my bright pink umbrella, and it was GOOD! I had a lovely farewell coffee with Kate, who I will miss so much while she is away. But I'll be catching up with her via Twitter (yes I am now tweeting, sporadically) & through her blog. I bet they have some amazing adventures!

Anyway, I"m not complaining about the cold anymore, I'm getting on with things and although it can be damp and dreary, I'm trying not to focus on it so much. Lets face it, winter is good for roast dinners, apple pies, sleeping in, hot baths, knitting, dreaming, planning, baking & making. See, I've almost convinced myself!

Winter light is so pretty. I love the warm tones of this old building in our main street.
 I love the arches, the shadows.

Winter is good for meeting new people and recording their memories,
their thoughts, their lives. Tomorrow I return to talk to Ken,
and I can't wait! He is such an interesting fella.

Are you loving or hating winter? I wonder what kind of things you like
about the colder months. Hope all is well with you
lovely friends, keep warm
see you soon xo