Thursday, April 30, 2009

Colourful days..

Today as I was tootling around the countryside I almost had several accidents as I gazed out the window at all the beautiful trees. The colours of autumn are so strong and gorgeous. This tree was just glowing!

Check out this mossy growth ...what an amazing colour.

As for this is absolutely hypnotic. I could stare into these colours forever.

I also popped down to nearby Hepburn Springs where my mum was having a look at her new little church. Her brother, David, who is a builder, came up to have a look too as he is starting work on it next week. It is such a gorgeous building and has had quite an interesting history. It started out as a school in the bush at Yandoit and was then moved to it's present location where it became a Baptist church. A local historian told mum that many of her ancestors where educated in the building and she also has photos of it being moved. Wow, I love old photos and can't wait to see them.

Can you imagine all the different people that have spent time in this building? School days, weddings, funerals, celebrations. All the people, all the lives. It has a lovely feel to it and I think Mum will enjoy some great times here too.

There seems to have been a bit of a churchy theme to my week. On Wednesday night I set off with Tracey to Ballan where we had a dinner with other Catholic School Board members from the Ballarat region. The pub where it was held was a real time capsule from Australia's past - lots of photo's from the 70's on the walls and a bar lined with characters out of another era. When Monique asked the barman for a cup of black tea he almost fell over with shock!!
Tomorrow is Book Town in Clunes which should be fantastic. Can't wait to check out all those lovely books, it's really worth a visit. To finish of the churchy theme Mark & I are off to a friend's birthday party at the Convent Gallery's Altar Bar on the weekend. It will be good to get out and have some fun and a glass or two of something bubbly. It's been a bit of a tiring week with not enough sleep and too many mice!! Hope you have a great weekend, x

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Something happened last night that I may not recover from. Since I moved to the country I have had to toughen up in regards to bugs & creatures and the odd lost goat in our back yard. I have a trio of spider stories that would curl you hair (to be told another time). And years ago, while in bed, I had a 3 inch cockroach crawl across my face (never sleep on a mattress on the floor in Darwin). But last night's adventure really takes the cake.

At about one in the morning I felt a sort of rustling in my hair...startled I woke up and sat up to hear the scattering of tiny feet on the bedside table and then some mad scurrying across the floor. Yes, as I slept a mouse had crept into my hair!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!

Could you sleep after that? I think not. We have had a serious mouse problem for a week or two and have set traps etc. but they are not working quick enough for my liking. I'm really more of a lover than a fighter but hear this mousies..."You're pushing the friendship!!! Your days are numbered!!!!"

As I lay there for several long hours afterwards, with Daisy the dog nestled as close to my head as possible, I couldn't help but wonder what the hell that mouse was doing. Looking for food? Nesting? Oh my god. Needless to say I am feeling a little fragile this morning and it doesn't help that I have a million things to do.

It' going to be one those days I think. Just to add to the drama, after a crazy getting-ready-for-school morning, we noticed that Daisy the dog was missing. She has been running away a bit lately but this time we couldn't find her. The girls cried all the way to school. The good news is she turned up at the other primary school after following the neighbours kids there. Phew! I really need a cuppa and a good lie down now. Preferably in a mouse free zone.

Maybe a nice hot cup of tea & some quince jelly on white bread toast will sort me out. Bye for now x

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lots of lovely apples...

Autumn has really arrived here in Daylesford and with it, finally, came the rain. Today, amongst a million other things, I have been picking apples...

and feeding hungry chookies & all the other pets.

It takes quite a while to feed & water all our creatures. Little Lion & Tiger (above) are doing well and Lion really loves jumping on her/his mum for a snuggle and a good view. Mama Chook is a very good mum, she is extremely protective of her children and keeps them toasty warm during the freezing nights. What a girl.

Talking of great girls...last week Rosie had tonsilitis again so we spent alot of time at home, inside, making things & cooking. It's fun hanging out with Rosie, she is so enthusiastic about every thing she does. She loves to paint & cook and play with Max & Daisy.

There was no time to blog, well not much and it also it meant I didn't have any time for this
little fabric book that I am itching to finish. Several nude bunnies are also sitting patiently in the sewing room awaiting noses & clothes (bit chilly!)

Well I started this post with apples so I'll finish with them too. I can't believe we have so many this year. Lucy and I picked heaps today and then dried and wrapped them in newspaper to store away for winter. Apples with holes went into one pile for cooking later and we also filled a basket to take to school tomorrow. Whilst we worked quinces bubbled away on the stove. Tomorrow I hope to turn them into jelly and bottle them up. How much fun is it to grow, use and give away all these beautiful things - and yes, thankyou gorgeous chickens for your eggs too. Take care, see you soon. x

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lucky, clucky Friday...

I just had the best time at our local op shop and junk shop. First bit of excitement was these $3 Camper shoes. Oh my goodness. I thought at first that one shoe was missing a button until I put them them! Maybe they will be my lucky, sewing shoes. (Kind of like the way footy players wear their lucky jocks on game day...hmmm...maybe not.)

Then I came across this dear little Holly Hobbie tea set. I thought I'd keep it in the sewing room for Rosie or Sunday to play with when I'm sewing. So cute. I am a sucker for anything like this...little ironing boards, tea sets, cradles, dolls houses... yes, I am a real Home Corner girl.

Next bit of excitement... I was just walking past Mumma Chooks little red cubby house & pondering what to do with her as her two eggs had not hatched. Should I try and remove them? Or just leave her...anyway what did I hear but some teeny, tiny cheeping sounds?!!! Yes, there nestled on top of her mumma was the cutest little yellow chick!!

Of course I raced inside to tell Mark (kids are all out today) and grab the camera. Back at Chook Central I spied another little fluffball - this one is black and yellow. Can you see it peeking out from under mumma?

Can you imagine the thrill when the kids get home? We haven't had our own little chickies before - I feel so...well...clucky!

As the holidays draw to an end I'm half glad and half sad. It's been a really good break this time and we have all had lots of fun, family time. (Yesterday was a bit hairy though as there was a fair bit of grumpiness but that's the only day we've had like that.) I am, however, a girl who likes a bit of routine so next week will be good too.

Oh, did I mention that during the holiday's I became an addict? Did that get your attention?! Yes, I am well and truly hooked by crochet. I blame Attic 24 for getting me addicted, her lovely, colourful pages of hooking really turned me on. Now I have a needle (hook) in my hand at any/every opportunity. Haven't tried hooking in the bath yet but give me time.
A few posts back I showed you my first project, Sunday's bright blanket of pinks, cream & green. Whilst waiting for Spotlight to restock I have started the next blanket, Lucy's, in blues, white, greys etc. It is so lovely working in these colours as they are very soothing. Oh it is FUN!! Check out Attic 24's tutorials if you feel like an easy, on the couch type craft activity. But be warned...once you start...

I'm off to Geelong tonight with friends for a fund raising dinner & then onto Mum's house to see the newly returned Charlotte!! Yay!! Can't wait to give her a big cuddle. Boy am I glad she is back. Sadly she won't be coming home this weekend as she has to settle back at school but at least I get to see her. What are you up to this weekend? Have a lovely one, x

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Golden books & turning six...

This sweet illustration...

..and this one...

and this one come from..

this beautiful book!

Who doesn't have a Little Golden Book in their bookshelf? Or several! We grew up with LGB"S and they fill me with nostalgia whenever I come across them in op shops (which is alot!) I haven't started reading Golden Legacy but as well as being chock full of lots of wonderful illustrations it is also looks like being a fascinating read. It's a big book to take to bed though...might have to be a couch book!

I was really in the book shop looking for a birthday card. Birthdays are a big deal in our family. I love to celebrate each of our children all the time but birthday's are a good way to take the time for each child & make it a really special day. I also like to think back to their birth, to their baby hood and to generally reflect on the things that make them who they are.

So, today is Sunday's 6th birthday and we have had a lovely day!! We told her the story of her speedy entry into the world and how Daddy drove through red lights all the way down Flinders Street at 3 in the morning to get to the hospital on time. Wow! We just made it to the Mercy & Sunday popped out. It was so quick that nobody was looking at the clock and we had to guess what time she was born. She loves this story. We've had cake, presents, friends up from Melbourne and visits to Nan's house. Also last night she lost her second tooth and yes, really lost it again!! So another letter to the Toothfairy and now she has a big gap where her two, little teeth were. Very cute.

Sunday missed having Charlotte with us, I think it's the first time she has not been here for Sunday's birthday. Anyway we were thinking of her and I'm sure she was thinking of us. I like this spontaneous snap that was taken in the morning, all on the bed together.

Hope your easter is a good one and that you get to spend some special time with the people you love x

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots to love

This weekend there has been plenty to this jar of mixed haberdashery & assorted bits it's been a treasure trove of goodness. Some of the things I've loved have been....

..last minute cuddles with daughter number one before she headed off on the big Drama class trip to New York City. That's her in the green cardie. (There's been quite a few tears from her mum over the last twenty four hours as the reality of her actually leaving has hit. She's So Far AWAY!)

Special finds from our local Sunday Market...a gorgeous grey alpaca scarf ($3!!!), two dear little tins for pins & sewing bits, a lovely loaf of Red Beard bread and how about this amazing jar of goodies?! Can't wait to open it and see what's in there.

Two footy fans heading off to watch the Lions with Dad. How exciting! (I can forgive Bill for having the Wrong jumper on..just this once though William!) Daughters three & four stayed home with mama which was fun too. (Hey, it's a bit quieter with only two! just a bit though...)

Learning to crochet (again) granny squares via the fantastic Attic 24's tutorial (and watching The Bill, FROM THE START!!!) Wow. I am loving making the squares and I think I finally have the hang of it. This lot is destined to be a warm, winter blanket for daughter number three.

And finally this sweet present. The colours of the granny squares remind me of this pretty potted plant from daughter number two as a thankyou for a happy birthday. Aww...! Hope your weekend was fun too x

Friday, April 3, 2009

The girl with the faraway eyes...

When Lucy was born nine years ago I was so excited. Having had a break between babies of seven and a half years I couldn't wait to have another. When I held her in my arms for the first time I was so full of love for her. It was a challenging time too though, in many ways, as we all adjusted to each other. Recently married Mark and I moved with Charlotte to a new area and I had finished working at a job I really enjoyed. Charlotte had so many things to adjust to as well - Mark, a new baby and a new school where she wasn't very happy.

It probably wasn't surprising that I slipped into the quicksand of post natal depression. Feeling isolated and anxious I struggled on feeling pretty worthless. I can clearly remember sitting at the Maternal Health nurse's waiting room and reading a pamphlet and ticking all the boxes that indicated possible PND. It was a real light bulb moment. I also remember another time sitting in my car and telling my friend, quite calmly, that I had been contemplating ending my life. Looking back this is pretty scary and sad. As anyone who has had, or has, depression knows it really is like a black cloud coming down, a cloud that is so hard to shift.

Once I realised what was happening to me I was pretty determined to get through it. This wasn't easy. My gp prescribed anti depressants but really I was too anxious to take them! So I had counselling and with support from my family I did get back on track. Seeking help was the best way forward, acknowledging that I needed it was a major step. I would encourage anyone with any form of depresssion to find support, to make yourself a priority, to understand that you matter.

Through it all though I adored Lucy, and loved & supported Charlotte. In a way Lucy's early months are a blur but I'll always remember how her sweet & calm nature soothed me. When I look at Lucy now, at nine years and one day, I still see the gentle, far away look in her eyes that she had as a baby. She is still my baby of course and it's been just amazing this week celebrating her life so far.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Lost Tooth!!

Sunday suddenly noticed the other night that her wobbly tooth was no longer there! We did have a crunchy pizza for dinner so I'm thinking she probably swallowed it. Never mind...we wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what happened. She kindly dropped off a shiny gold coin and some sparkly fairy dust which was just so exciting!! Gotta love that Tooth Fairy x