Monday, August 30, 2010

at my house

At my house I'm thinking about my weekend. It was a busy one as usual and there were lots of nice distractions such as looking at window boxes and streetscapes in my old home town of Fitzroy.

After having breakie with an old mate in Gertrude St it was back home to these two beauties and then off to Daylesford for some party action.

Rosie had so much fun at Maggie's 5th birthday, with all the other fairies.

This gorgeous girl had organised such a great event and I fell in love with the little houses they made.

At my house I'm loving the colours, shapes and idea's that the children bring into our lives.

Their originality and sense of colour & fun brighten up my world.

At my house I'm loving the way a brand new day means a brand new start. I'm feeling happy & positive this week and looking forward to new adventures, some sunny days and hopefully my new camera arriving!! Woo hoo!
Hope your week is sparkly & new too, whatever you are up to. Why not pop past Lou Lou's and play along? See you soon and don't forget...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

happy, sad

I'm happy about flowers that remind me that Spring is coming.

These pink camellia's outside my bedroom window are the cheeriest sight. It's been a tough week and I so appreciate their simple beauty. Their perfect pink. The way they make me feel that there is always beauty to be found, in amongst the struggles of day to day life.

I'm sad too because our Emily Duck died today.
We don't know why but she has just curled up in the yard, tucked her head under her wing and slipped away. Emily & Henry have been with us for a year now and she was just starting to lay big white eggs. We talked about having baby ducks one day. I wonder how Henry will be without her. The yard doesn't feel the same.
So I'm crying for her today.

But still, happiness lurks around every corner. Happy morning people.

Smiley blue skies and white clouds.

Bright & chirpy cardigans

and sweet new fabric for skirts & ears.

And the dearest of bunnies hopping into the shop.
Hope it's all good with you, see you soon xo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

My space has been a little challenging this week. Every day it has poured with rain, it's freezing outside and one by one my kids have become sick. Poor Rosie has been very unwell, but luckily doesn't have pneumonia as suspected.

Billy has come down with the same chest infection too. So there hasn't been too much time for bunny making.

I have managed to cut out and make a couple though. See above, the bunny ears are made from the fabric underneath the bunny arm.

I don't have a pattern for the ears, I never have! I just free cut them and they always work out. This funny part of the bunny making process is so familiar now, & I like it too as I love the bunnies to be different, each one unique. It does mean that some bunnies have longer ears, maybe they can hear more that way? Someone once said that their long ears look like pigtails, or pretty, long bunny hair styles. Funny.

Sailor boy, Tom, is heading into the shop this afternoon. He is a dear fellow and will make a sweet companion for someone.

I also finished Mia, here she is relaxing on our church sale piano! Mia will also be hopping into the shop today.

So that's me this week sweeties, a bit housebound, a little stir crazy but hanging in there! I'm seeing this winter as a challenge, I know life is a lot worse in other parts of the world so I'm trying not to complain. What are you up to? I'm off to visit Kirsty and see what's happening in your space, see you soon xo

Monday, August 23, 2010

at my house

At my house I'm working on boy bunnies. Although I love the girls and their cardi's and pretty skirts, it's nice to make something different. I love the combination of red, white and blue.

At my house today I'm thinking of the sunset I saw last night and the beautiful rainbow colours that lit up the sky.

At my house I'm anxious about my Rosie who is sick with chest infection. She is having an xray in the afternoon and is sleeping in her bed right now, cuddled up all pale and floppy with her special toys all around her.

At my house I'm trying to get through the day having had little sleep last night. I'm working on bunnies and getting up the energy to make tomato lasagne, a family favourite. I'm also loving this flyer that Charlotte made for me to advertise for books for our school fete. Isn't it snazzy?

At my house I'm waving goodbye to bunnies who are heading off to America, New South Wales, South Australia & Queensland. Bye bye Holly,

good luck Emily,

have fun Sarah's bunny!

I'm having trouble keeping my little shop stocked this week and I'm so happy with how it's going so far. Thank you to everyone who has left encouraging comments. Bunnies aren't staying on the shelf too long which is just as well as they are made for cuddling, not sitting for too long on their lonesome .

What's happening at your house today? Why not join in with Lou Lou, it's a fun way to start the week. Hope you have a great week lovely friends, see you soon xo

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday night

Today I drove to Ballarat for ballet and then to Woodend in the afternoon to take Lucy to meet my mum. They are off to Hobart tomorrow to visit my brother and his family. For brief moments along the way we experienced Actual Blue Sky. Wow!! I'm feeling a tiny bit of Spring in the air, although it has been freezing most of the time.

What's been happening in your world? My kids have been sick with tummy stuff and now Rosie has a chest infection. Poor thing, she can't stop coughing. So we have been playing lots of games to cheer her up..

and watching our favourite show, Arthur. Gee I love Arthur and his cheery song, it gets me every time.

I can't wait till the weather is better and we can spend more time outside. I miss hanging out more with the pets and playing in the garden.

Can you see Pepper is missing me?

Or is she just looking for scraps? Guinea pigs are such good little waste disposal units. They love all the apples skins and cores and they adore strawberry tops. Between them and the chooks and our rabbit we manage to have very little food waste. And they are so cute aren't they?

Speaking of chooks we have had a recent death in our chook family.

Our beloved rooster, Tiger, broke his leg recently and never really recovered. He staggered around bravely and looked ok for a while but he died overnight on Friday. As Rosie said, "he went to sleep and never woke up." Poor Tiger, I had a little tear or two when I found him as he had been with us since he was an egg and then a dear little chick.

We'll miss you Tiger.

Back in bunny land I had a brain wave (doesn't happen often) re my boy bunnies. I have had a few requests for boy bunnies lately so I'm looking for ideas to make them unique. A quick visit to the opshop and bingo! A cute pair of baby overalls that I turned into bunny overalls. yay!

Once he gets his stripy ears on he'll be looking good. I've also finished a new girl bunny who is hopping over to the shop tonight. Holly is a real sweetie and super cuddly.

What have you been up to this weekend? Did you vote? It's quiet at our house tonight as Mark is over at Phillippa's (please immediately have a look at her latest post...I couldn't stop laughing, she is so funny) election party with Billy & Sunday, Lucy is at Mum's, Char is at a movie with a friend and Rosie is tucked up in bed. I'm going to watch a bit of the election coverage, which could either put me to sleep or keep me up all night! Hope you are warm and snug wherever you are, have a happy Sunday xo

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space today is a jumble, a tower of bunny related bits is threatening to fall off the sewing table and join the debris on the floor. Outside the rain has been falling steadily all week, today we are expecting snow.

There's something pleasing about bunny making in winter. It's a cosy space and I like the zone I get in, kind of meditative and focused.

I need this calm space right now as my house is chaotic. My kids have been sick and the washing is piling up. I need a fairy godmother to appear and make it all go away. In amongst the madness I keep happily and haphazardly making bunnies.

This little Christmas girl will be hopping into the shop shortly and I'm so happy to have finished another one who is heading over to a little girl in Utah soon. It's always a thrill to send bunnies overseas including the three who are destined for Philadelphia, all through my Dandelion shop.

I had fun finishing up Emily who is the first bunny I have made out of black alpaca. She was hard to photograph and looks sweeter in real life, I might even have to keep her as she is so adorable. But for now she is in the shop so do have a look when you get a sec.

Today I hope to get to the Creswick Woollen Mill as I need to stock up on alpaca offcuts. It's always a lucky dip and as I drive into Creswick I am alway slightly anxious that there won't be any colours I like. I really prefer the white and fawn and I'm hoping for some grey today as it's such a lovely bunny colour.

I had to show you this sweet hat that Sue made for Sunday as it's just the most adorable hat and she loves it. What a kind girl you are Sue! Sunday is wearing her hat to school today as it is so cold here. I love that she is being kept warm by a something so stylish, made by hand and gifted with love. Thanks Sue x

I was also really excited this week to see that another Sue, Susan actually, had been to the Melbourne Museum and had posted about the fabulous Federation Tapestries. These tapestries are close to my heart as they were designed by my dad, Murray Walker, during the time my mum was the Director of the Tapestry Workshop. Susan also noticed the small piece that my Charlotte contributed, a little drawing of a house and her name. If you visit the Museum do have a look at these suite of tapestries as they are so rich in colour and imagery & are a great example of the medium of tapestry, each tells a compelling story.

Well I better go now sweeties, I'm late with this post today and need to head off to Creswick. Oh, I guess that means I'm leaving the cleaning up till later... unless that fairy godmother appears while I'm away. Fingers crossed! Pop over to Kirsty's for more spaces, see you soon xo

Monday, August 16, 2010

At my house

Rain, rain, rain.

It's been raining every day, forever it seems. On Friday night while out at dinner I overheard a local farmer saying that the weather usually changes on the 15th of August! And that was yesterday folks, so I"m looking for signs. The days are getting longer and there is a tiny bit of blossom about but I think we are still in for some cold and wintery days.

So to keep my spirits up I'm thinking of all that's good in my world. A big pile of library books..

drawings by Rosie,

and dear little Pearl who was a special gift from gorgeous Jess.

She and Moby are a match made in heaven. I love them both so much and so does Lucy.

I'm also loving this flower keychain that my mum brought back from America. Isn't it sweet?
I'm the type that needs something big and colourful on their keys as I am forever losing them.

Something else that's been happening lately is a film made locally related to the bushfires we had in our area last year. You might remember I entered an exhibition called Not Left Behind which included items that people took with them when they evacuated.

The exhibition was set up by two local artists, Alison Wilken (my wonderful neighbour & friend) and Jeff Stewart. It was an inspiring and moving exhibition and the film is just as powerful. I wanted to share it with you today as the story it tells is the story of our town during this stressful time but I can't seen to upload the film. Grrrr. Any suggestions welcome!

Today as I took the kids to school the sun shone bravely through the clouds! Yay. But not for long....we then had sleet and rain, again. Oh well, it is winter and I guess it doesn't last forever.
What are you up to today? I'm going to try and get through The List and also work on some new bunnies.

My little shop has got off to a great start and I have quite a few custom orders as well! I'm so thrilled, it's just the best feeling knowing that people like my work and respond so enthusiastically to my bunnies. I will be updating the shop this week, look out for Clare, above, as well as her little friend, Rose.

I'm also experimenting with some beautiful black alpaca that has been crying out to be turned into a bunny. I think there is a penguin or two in there as well, if only I could make everything I dream of. At least life is never boring! What's happening at your house today? I'm playing along with Lou Lou, why don't you join me? Hope you have a happy one, beautiful friends xo