Thursday, April 11, 2013


When I heard I was pregnant with our fourth baby, I cried. I didn't know how I would cope with four children, one who was nine, and then three little ones under three. I didn't know that I could be stronger than I realised, that I had more than enough love to go around, that somehow is would all be ok. I didn't know then that a beautiful
angel was coming into our lives.

Sunday was born at a time when our family was under a lot of stress. Mark's mum and dad had both died of cancer, quite suddenly and both far away from us. Mark was studying and we had a busy time looking after Bill who was still a baby, Lucy & Charlotte.

It's Sunday's 10th birthday today and I have been remembering the time when I was pregnant with her. How after the initial shock of finding myself having another baby so soon after the last one I quickly began to look forward to her arrival, and adding to our growing family.

And in the end she came in a rush! I remember seeing the midwife on Sunday's due date and she predicted that the baby would be born that night as I was already three centimetres dilated. Sunday had other ideas. During the week that followed I mowed the lawn, looked after the kids, did the school run, and all the things that mums do. Finally a week later, after only an hour of labour, our little one was born. And she was so lovely, I couldn't stop looking at her little rose bud lips, her fancy hair style, her bright little eyes.

And any tears I had became tears of joy as I realised how lucky we were to have another beautiful baby to love and to share our lives with.

                           And like all our kids she has given us so much happiness and love.
                                          And of course some mad and crazy moments!

I love the way birthday's help us to reflect on the people we love, to think more deeply about who they are, what makes them special and what they give to us. It's always a significant moment for me when my children turn ten, it seems such a solid number, it marks a turning point in their life. They are really growing up, and changing from a little child and moving into the next part of their lives.

Now suddenly Sunday is ten, and she is such a funny and loveable girl. She loves to dance, play netball, to play, to write, to draw. She loves her friends, she loves her family. She is a kind person,
and thoughtful. 

And we love her. 
Happy 10th Birthday Sunday, don't grow up too quickly xoxoxox