Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wonderful winter...

Yesterday I was having a bit of a moan about winter. I have been letting the cold, grey days get on top of me a bit. But really, you & I know, there is alot to like about winter! Such as a hot cup of tea with a lovely friend by candlelight! (This particular lovely friend has a great new blog! Some of you may already know her through Daylesford Organics but this is her new little crafty baby so make sure you pop by Foxs Lane and say hello.) Winter is also good for...

dear little, woolly twins! There is also a black pair in this paddock
but they keep avoiding me!

Pretty pansies...

Sunday & I had fun today giving the front verandah a mini makeover. First we went to a great local nursery

where we picked out some flowers to plant as well as some lettuce, ferns and lavender. This prompted a lavender bag making session using the big bag of lavender stashed away for such an occasion.

It was nice to be outside today and tomorrow we will do more of the same. What else is good about winter I hear you say? Why garage sales, fetes, jumble sales & trash & treasure of course!!!

(Which reminds me of our fantastic school fete last year. I was in charge of the Trash & Treasure stall & guess who my helper was? A lovely mum from school whose name happens to be Treasure. It's a great name but it got me wondering where that left me......hmm..)

Anyway, I'm waffling...the good folk at the Anglican Church fill their hall every few months with lots of lovely bits & pieces I love nothing more than a quiet snoop around the linens, bric a brac and especially the shed Out The Back. That's where I found a sweet little blue suitcase, all the way from Chicago, which happens to be where my father-in-law grew up. Now what is the story behind this little case, I would love to know?

Do you like these pretty bits I picked up at the opshop today? How about this sheet? They are all off for a good soak to brighten them up & get rid of that musty, opshop smell.

I'm not sure if ballet is officially a winter activity but it was for one little girl this morning. How much fun did Charlotte & I have taking Rosie to her first ballet lesson today? Almost as much as we had in the Ballet Shop fitting her out in all the right (pink) gear. She makes a beautiful ballerina.

Hope you are keeping warm,
or cool if you are on the other side,
bye for now my lovely friends...see you soon!!! xox

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since last we met...

...I have been up to all manner of things. Such as having so much fun in Ballarat today with the lovely Charlotte! We took the car in to be repaired and then went on the hunt for adventures. This quest took us into a very large store (that shall remain nameless) where we came across some very dangerous and tempting fabric. We managed to capture some of this naughty fabric and it is being turned into delightful cushions by the aforementioned Charlotte. Look! How sweet!!

I also snaffled some for myself which will be appearing soon in some new bunnies. I love the vintage patterns.

We also found our way into another store of the large kind where we sat and sat and sat until we found a couch that was just right. Yes, after several months of looking and talking and measuring we finally decided on our new couch! It's coming home to mumma in about 4 weeks, just long enough to get the fireplace situation sorted out in le lounge. (That's another story that involves a bloke called Bushy, a chimney & and a whole lot of bricks....)

Recently I was lucky enough to come across this gorgeous crocheted flower bracelet/wrist decoration. Isn't it special? So is the person who made it, the very talented Kate. I bought this brooch too as a present - but I think it's going to be hard to part with..

So, what else? Oh, yes!! Yesterday I opened my Etsy Dandelion shop! How exciting. It is a modest little shop but it's early days and I can't wait to start making some new bunnies to fill the shelves. I will be adding to it over the next few days and I'll add a link to my next post. Thanks Charlotte for helping me to set it up, you are a star.

Talking of excitement... Billy's Circus class had their amazing Circus Show last night!! yay!! I was so sad to miss it as I had to stay home with a tired Rosie but I did get to see this fabulous mo! Go Bill! I'm not usually a fan of moustaches but this one gets my vote. See you soon x ps here are some more to tickle your fancy...(that's fancy by the way...)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Red, the colour of life & love

This post is for my mum who is away at the moment giving lectures in Santa Fe at a textiles conference. Mum loves the colour red and so here are some red things for her.

My mum, Sue Walker, was one of the founders of the Victorian Tapestry Workshop where she was the director for many years. I grew up with the Workshop and spent many hours there as a girl, surrounded by colour, wool & the world of tapestry weaving. Art and craft were a big part of our lives as children, my Dad is also a painter & printmaker. I am a very visual person and I'm sure this has comes from a lifetime of being surrounded by paintings, tapestries, colour and creativity. I hope I can bring this to my children's lives as well because to me it is as natural as breathing.

There was a time when I felt frustrated, and sometimes still do, that I couldn't paint or create the images in my head in a way that felt relevant. I felt inferior and annoyed at myself for not being able to translate the images in my mind to canvas or to a loom. Although I did art at school and was always drawing and making things I never took it to the next level or was confident in my abilities.
My dad once said to me, "but you live creatively" and in a way that was a turning point for me. It's not necessarily what you create but how you live that matters.

These days I find great pleasure in the toys I make, in crochet, in card making, taking photo's, in blogging, making things with the kids, dreaming. But also, everyday, I find a release in the world around me. I love to see the shapes in shadows, in the clouds, in the trees. I look for colour in the landscape, in my children, in the things I collect along the way. So for me, I suppose, art is everywhere, art is life.

Anyway, enough rambling! I really wanted to thank my mum for giving me such a rich and loving childhood and for always encouraging me in the things I've done in my life so far. Oh, and for the gift of the love of colour!

Christmas '69 (note red hair ties & shoes!)

ps. My dad, Murray Walker has curated a fantastic exhibition that is on at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery at the moment. If you get a chance pop in and have a look at Reclaiming .

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blue sky day

Finally the rain has stopped. Yes, yes I know we need the rain and I hope we get lots more but gee it was good to see some blue, blue sky this morning. After a late start with cuddles, toast, tea, laughs and tears in mumma's bed I felt the need for some solo time. So I took myself off to the Sunday Market for a little snoop around. The light was so beautiful today and the trees cast wiggly shadows across the path.

It's a lovely walk to the market...past many old & grand houses, elegant gum trees, soft, aged brick walls and this green gate which leads to a park where no one ever goes. Very mysterious.

I found a lovely little wooden tray with legs so I can use my laptop in bed and have luxurious, long breakfasts in bed too! (dreaming..?) Also bumped into friends and just enjoyed drifting around aimlessly. Ahhh...aimless drifting....there should be more of it.
After the market the younger girls & I (Bill was still away at 'the Shack') decided to have a picnic. We packed up some hot chocolate and lunch, grabbed Daisy and set off. We ended up at the back of Mum's church under the old pear tree.

Rosie entertained us with repeated (very loud) "Mah hearties!!" (in her deepest pirate voice.) Then, exhausted, she lay down for a twenty second nap.

Me & Daisy, shortly before she ran across the main road. Nice one Daisy.

We finished up with a play at one of the local schools. Besides having a terrific vegie garden it also has a great cubby house...

It was fun hanging out with the girls today but we all agreed it would be better next time with the others. (Charlotte comes home this week for three and a half weeks, yay!! ) How was your weekend? Keep your fingers crossed for me as I'm about to try and outbid some other ebay punters on a gorgeous cast iron wood stove. I'll let you know how I go x

Friday, June 12, 2009

In a spin

Bill is practising night and day for the upcoming Circus Show!!

We are lucky enough to have a fantastic circus group in our little town where the kids learn all kinds of circus skills. Bill is particularly taken with plate spinning..

it's harder than it looks!

Meanwhile, still in the kitchen, Charlotte has been enjoying her beautiful, personalised apron made by the fabulous Curly Pops!! Here she is looking adorable.

Since the wonderful Daylesford Maker's Market I have been lying low..trying to catch up on things around the house (not much luck there), planning a bit for the short term future (slow progress) and generally TRYING TO KEEP WARM!!!! It has been literally FREEZING here and I'm blaming the cold for just about anything that is not working for me at the moment (brain inclluded).

As it's been so chilly I have taken to holing up in my (recently rat-free) room at night, reading, crocheting and playing on my laptop. Sunday's old teddy, Hole Ted, keeps me company. Let me tell you a little about her...

Teddy is really one of the family. When Sunday was a baby we gave her this orginal teddy, now known as Hole Ted, and also bought a spare, just in case. (This was a good plan as Teddy became a big part of Sunday's life, she has cuddled, snuggled, and loved both teddy's until their fur has just about worn off.) Having a spare also meant that once Ted #1 was near retirement age then new Teddy could step in. Which is exactly where she is right & warm in the arms of her beloved.

I have a bit of thing for favourite toys, especially old ones, they give so much good love.
Do you have a special someone in your life?

After a good, relaxing spot of cosiness, curled up on my grandmother's old and well loved chair it's been into bed early to keep warm and have a good old read of our latest bookclub book, (my namesake) Rebecca. It's such a great story, have you read it? When I was little my best friend's mum would always greet me with the first line in the book, "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

So that's where I'm at this week. In a bit of a spin, trying to keep warm and often snuggled up like a bug in a rug. Hope you are warm and comfy & getting some good love x

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Market Day

Yesterday's Maker's Market was a blast! Well actually the blasts (of cold air) were thankfully outside - inside the gorgeous Daylesford Town Hall it was warm & toasty and full of atmosphere. Lots of lovely locals & friendly tourists weaved their way through the stalls, stopping, chatting, looking & buying wonderful, handmade treasures.

sorry you are a bit blurry Kate!

I was lucky enough to have Charlotte helping me all day and we enjoyed the company of George & Annissa nearby. Also the amazing 'living statue' who was so captivating (and slightly unnerving for small children!)

I really enjoyed seeing my old market mates as well as meeting some new ones such as the gorgeous guys from Clunes (The Strangler) & other clever creators from Castlemaine & Creswick & Ballarat.

The other bit of excitement was meeting Tania from Myrtle & Eunice and her lovely family. What a surprise!! I had to give her a big hug..hope that didn't freak you out Tania! Also the very wonderful Cam from Curlypops appeared with an adorable apron that I'd asked her to make. A little while back I had spied a 1992 teatowel on her blog and as that was the year Charlotte was born I thought it would be a fun pressie. Cam whipped up a beauty and Charlotte loves it. Thanks so much Cam!

Geoffery Williams, a very talented local singer songwriter played and sang too which added a certain touch of magic to the day.

What a great market it was! Well done to Steph (Doily) & Allison (Lark) who put in so much effort to bring the market to life. It really looked, and was, amazing.

So today I'm tired and still in my pj's. Luckily Mark has taken the kids to Ballarat for some lunch and a play so I'm just mooching around drinking tea and putting off catching up on house stuff. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on my last post and to all you lovely bloggie friends I am sending lots of Dandelion love xox