Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Living in a cloud...

This week our little town has been covered in a thick layer of fog.

So beautiful and atmospheric..

It's been like living in a cloud.

Bill and I went for a lovely wander up at the Wombat Botanical Gardens yesterday. As we walked between the beautiful, big trees it was like being in a kind of fairy land. It was a strangely magical feeling.

The mist swirled all around the town. It covered the townhall in a soft, white blanket. The light was muted and the whole world seemed to slow down.

Mist and fog are not fun to drive in so it was steady- as- she- goes on the way back home. I could have stayed forever up there on Wombat Hill but the lure of hot pikelets and maple syrup was just too much. Now I'm just waiting patiently for snow. What's happening in your part of the world? xo

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hurricane Rosie strikes again!!

Juggling life with children & creative/personal pursuits can be challenging can't it? I'm finding it tricky to get the balance...this is an ongoing thing for me, as I'm sure it is for others. My youngest one, Rosie, or Hurricane Rosie as someone called her the other day, is a Big Personality who has so much energy & a real lust for life.

Needless to say she is a dynamo to be around and brings me alot of happiness. It's important to me to be around for my kids and Rosie and I have a lot of fun together, making things, exploring, being silly, enjoying life. But it's hard to find the space sometimes to do the things I want to do. Lately I have been fighting hard to find that space...but I'm not giving up!! Thanks to blog land at least I get to see what other people are making & that is so inspiring. I'm constantly amazed and excited by all the wonderful creative people out there.

This weekend I managed to finish this butterfly picture that has been on hold for ....several years! These lovely flutterbys come from an old library book from the Footscray Library, a great library that we visited alot when we lived in Seddon. Hopefully it won't take me as long to get it up on the wall!

Although it doesn't feel like I am achieving much there have been lots of little things getting done...I'm loving our newly finished fire place! Not a great shot but you get the general idea. Mark & I are slightly addicted to watching the series The Wire, on dvd, by the fire at night.

A girl can still get to the market too, I found these bottles yesterday. Wouldn't mind a drop or two of Womaton!! I had to look twice at the other first I thought it might be an old fashioned aid for fella's!

There's still time for one of my other loves. chookens! Here is Henrietta enjoying a drink and a frolic in the fresh hay..

can I come in?

Besides creative frustrations life is actualling tootling along well lately. I'm not walking as much as I'd like but still working on it every second day or so. It's cold and wet and misty but I'm kind of enjoying winter and catching up with friends over nice, hot cups of tea. After a catch up with Kate on Friday I ran into Stuart Purves from Australian Galleries, who has recently bought a property in the area, We got talking about life in a small country town, bumping into familiar faces & how lovely the smaller world can be. This got me thinking about the importance of connecting with others. I really enjoy living in a friendly, supportive community and that's also what I enjoy about blogging. Thanks to everyone, by the way, for their comments on my last post. Hope you have a great week! xo

ps: Hurricane's quote of the day (me standing talking with two women from school) "Mum, you just farted! You should have said excuse me!" Nice one Rosie....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The last week has had it's moments. A difficult family issue popped up and although I think it is resolved it left me feeling pretty drained. People/family/relationship stuff is so complex isn't it? So this morning after contemplating a messy kitchen, washing to be done & other exciting chores I chose instead to meander down to Hepburn Springs to see my mum. Possibly angling for a little TLC and a cuppa I was lucky to find both. Her new house/church/abode is looking wonderful and is becoming more & more like 'her place' every day. Lucy put these pretty pieces of glass along the window.

You may have noticed that Sue has a lot of colour in her life. Do you like the beautiful blanket she knitted?

Lots of little things that catch my eye in her new space.

Funny owl creatures brought back from Santa Fe.

More creatures...


Back at home I continued on with the decluttering/remodelling of our little sitting room. It's looking so much better and lighter! It helped that today was so sunny, it was almost spring like. The dogs kindly kept me company.

This is Max, he is a deep thinker. Especially when it comes to menu options. He is a big old lover boy and he is making the most of some quality couch time. (Note new couch! Yes it arrived, & thankyou Michelle for carting away the old one. Not a fun job. But as ugly and smelly as the old couch was it did see us through alot of meaningful moments. Four new babies were fed and cuddled on that couch (were some of them made on it....possibly?) Anyway lots of happy family times involve that old couch so I really was kind of fond of it. Not fond enough, though, to hang on to it. One too many 'accidents' rendered it majorly stinky, and wonky, courtesy of a half eaten cushion (thanks to Jessie the dog, may she rest in peace).

Daisy & Max having a love fest. Oh those loving eyes. The dogs have been so good lately. Now that they are in the back yard, not the front, alot of the problems we were having have ceased. Daisy isn't running away anymore and Max is no longer terrorising the poor postie. Both dogs are having regular walkies, are sporting glamourous new haircuts & their self esteem is at an all time high! Wow!
You can probably tell, I love my pets! They are a big part of our family. They are so sweet natured & they give us a lot of love. Their unconditional love is so soothing & good for us all and their love for each other is pretty special too. Hope you & yours are having a lovely week xoxo

Still thinking..... headache tablets? Rat poison? Vintage apple core? Underpants? The world is my oyster...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting active...

Ok, it's official..I am on a new mission. And the mission is all about getting ACTIVE! I am already quite active, running around after five kids, growing garlic, being on school & creche committee's, volunteering at the info centre, making & creating. Like alot of others I am a busy girl. No I am not a sitting around type. But what I am also trying to create is time for my health, mental & physical! So I'm back into walking...and it's fun!

We live near two beautiful lakes and I have started walking around this one every day. It is really beautiful all through the year and I'm enjoying it's wintery colours.

Lots of duckies to say hello to.

Old buildings have lovely faces don't they? The weathered boards and general falling downness are somehow sweet to me.
On a sad note I came across these flowers left for an unknown person who drowned in the lake on Sunday night. Our local paper had a brief article about it saying only that the man was 43, of no fixed address & that is wasn't suspicioius. I found myself thinking about this person and wondering about his life and what happened to him. Who knows what kind of life he led and why it ended this way. I said a little prayer for him - I hope wherever he is he is at peace now.

Walking is good for thinking but sometimes it's good to not think too much! That is when the good old ipod is handy. Now if only those naughty mice/rats hadn't chewed through a whole pile of cords/chargers etc I might be able to charge up my ipod! Oh another thing for the list...

Near the lake is a beautiful building that has some unusual iron work. I've always loved these grumpy guys....I sometimes feel like this too.
But not today, yay! Maybe it's all the good exercise that's making me happy.
Hope you are having a good day too xox

Monday, July 13, 2009

Last days of school holidays...

Are you impulsive? Would you hop in the car with four kids, two dogs, a box of matches and a couple of packets of chips & set off for a long drive in the pouring rain? I know someone who would...

Anyway, it was a fun , crazy & damp way to finish up the school holidays. Being outside in the elements with out much planning seemed a whole lot better than staying at home with the tv on.

As for my other baby, we spent a lovely 24 hours together on Friday in the city. We went shopping - I bought this cute set of magnets for my friend Hannah...I just love them!

We also ate yummy food & chatted & laughed lots. As always I am going to miss her so much now she is back at school.
How were your holidays? Hope you had lots of adventures too xox

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting down & dirty...

When Michelle & I headed up to Callawadda to weed our garlic crop yesterday I really had no idea what we were in for. Last years weeding at this time was fairly simple and took me a few hours on my own. I hadn't accounted for the massive rainfall the area has had this season, Terry's tanks are full for the first time in 11 years! So when we pulled up and saw this...
...a healthy crop of barley where once there was was mulch...we quietly freaked out!
But there was no time to waste so we quickly got stuck into it.

Simon worked the pitchfork, lifting the mulch and some weed away from the garlic while Michelle & I came behind pulling out the rest of the weed/barley. The sun kept us warm and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Great clouds of white cockatoos flew above and the boys, Ben & William made mud balls & played hide & seek in the gum trees.
Slowly the garlic emerged. And it looked fantastic! See above the lovely hardneck variety, Purple Monaro. We are also growing Silverskin, Oriental Purple & Italian Red (my favourite).

In the small area that we didn't mulch the garlic was going great guns. It seems to be a pretty hardy plant but I guess this is only our second crop so we still have a lot to learn.

I really love growing garlic. Even though it was a drag having to weed and remove all the mulch yesterday it's still a small price to pay for the benefits. It's great being outside in the dirt doing something I really believe in. And doing it with lovely people makes it even better. I can't wait to see our crop harvested this year and to start sharing the benefits of beautiful Australian organic garlic. Hopefully we will have enough this season to start selling.

As the sun started to go down it was time to pack up for the day. Michelle & Simon stayed over to finish the beds in the morning. Driving home I was pretty stuffed but feeling great and satisfied with a good days work. An amazing huge, yellow moon guided me home to a house full of sleepy, cuddly children, a sweet & kind Mark & a vase full of my favourite tulips. Life doesn't get much better than that! xox