Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fleamarket Finds

It's been a bumper week folks, a happy whirl of treasure hunting for Captain Dandelion. I found this stack of Georgette Heyer reprints, which I knew my mum would like, at the good old MS Oppie. I also picked up a copy of The Boy in the Striped Pyjama's by John Boyne, which I finished last night. An interesting and moving book, have you read it? Give me a yell if you'd like to read it and I'll send it on. I'm thinking of doing a second hand book swap soon..what do you think?

That naughty winter light is playing havoc with my photography...this blanket is the most adorable mossy green, much prettier than it looks above. I have a little project in mind for it which I'll show you when I get around to it. I came across this sweet baby blankie on a trip to Trentham this week.

And also this owl embroidery, it came up quite nicely after a soak.

Now I just need to find the right spot to hang it.

I also found this glass mug, I have a collection now, this is the third.

They all have corny/cute messages on the other side.
I'm guessing they are 70's items?

More excitement at the Anglican Trash & Treasure on Friday. Although it was harder to find treasures this time I still came away with a few beauties. This mirror was $2 and is so heavy and solidly made. It reminds me of a mirror in a church, or some place of business. It has a real feel about it, a sense of history and life.

Just think of all the faces it has seen. The reflections of so many people who stopped to pause for a moment.

I am in love with this fire engine red money box too.

My guess is that is was used in a train, bus or tram. See the ridge along the top?
It looks as if it fitted/slotted into something, and could be detached later.
Or maybe it was used at the footy by ticket sellers? I'd love to know.
Anyway, it's ace and Billy seems to have claimed it.
Yesterday the girls and I headed over to Creswick to check out a church garage sale. The lovely men and women couldn't have been more friendly, down to earth and sweet. It was a cold old day and the wind was blowing into the hall but they were so chatty and kind to my girls. One lady told us how she once rode her pony, Dolly, to school in Dean. Rosie thought that was the best thing she'd ever heard. We found a few bits and pieces which I'll show you next week, along with something extra special! I'm so excited about it and can't wait to show you. (When I get it home)

Hope you had a happy week, I'm off to Sophie's for a sticky beak, see you soon sweeties xo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Creative Space

This is Snowball sporting a new custom made hat made by Rosie. She is sitting cheerfully on the kitchen bench supervising the recent crochet shenanigans that have been occurring here at No.42.

I'm getting closer to finishing my bag, it's been so satisfying and relaxing making it.

I love the rythm of crochet, and I love a pattern where I don't have to think much. As an over thinker it's so good for me!

I'm loving having Charlotte home for the holidays and she has just started her own crochet bag too! Never having picked up a hook before she took to it like a duck to water.

And is now crocheting her little heart out at every opportunity. She has chosen blue/white/grey for her colour combo and it is looking lovely.

On the bunny front things are buzzing along.
Two bunnies will be finished tomorrow, they are heading off to Sydney and into the arms of two little girls.

Here they are getting a bit closer to being finished, alongside their cousin who I adore. She is so soft and I love her flowery, Van Gogh inspired ears. I came across these bunnies tonight, huddled together by the sewing machine and I was struck with how tender I feel towards them. Silly really but they do seem to have personalities and I love that they are sitting there together waiting to come alive.

How is your creative space today? Is it buzzing, dreamy, empty, colourful, crazy? I have a busy day today but I can't wait to have a cup of tea later find out what everyone is up to. See you over at Kirsty's, hope you have a happy day xo
ps: I'm having a little trouble concentrating as I have just heard that we have our first female Prime Minisiter!!! How exciting, it was such a thrill telling my kids this morning. What an historic day! Go Julia!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Winter Monday

Ok, so it's winter and the days have been cold and a little uninspiring. The winter landscape can be very beautiful of course, but it's more that the insideness of it all can leave me a little flat.

So the frosty mornings and cold nights, indoor semi cranky kids and the relentless cycle of housework/cooking/being at home too much is making me feel a little like Gingy (above).

So today I'm trying to focus on the good things about this time of year. Things like the bag I am crocheting using a great tutorial by Attic 24. What an ace blog, I love all the colour in her posts and the tutorials are easy and fun. If you are a novice crocheter, like me, it's a good place to start. I'm still not sure how this bag actually becomes a bag but hey, I'm enjoying the process! Does anyone else out there get Crocheters Neck Syndrome? I think I am suffering from this, maybe I need to stretch before I start hooking!

Other happy things are happening too. Ballet is going really well and the girls & I love our trips over to Ballarat (Ballet-rat) on Saturdays.

And there has been quite a bit of dancing at home too.

And some fancy leaf/sticky tape hair projects. Much better than the scissor/hair project of last year.....

And doesn't cake make a girl feel good? Here is the recipe for the All Together Cake I made last week. This one is a beauty, as it the recipe for the Sugar Donut Muffins, both are super easy and fairly foolproof.

All Together Cake (from Frankie's Afternoon Tea)


1/4 cup milk, 125 g butter, 3/4 cup caster sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon plain flour, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essense, 1 cup self raising flour


3 tablespoons icing sugar, 60 g butter

Preheat oven to 180 C. To make cake, combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat for about 6 minutes. Grease cake tin and pour in mioxture and bake for 40 minutes.

While cake is cooling make icing. Mix icing sugar and butter slowly and add hot water while stirring. Add enough water to create a thick consistency, add more sugar or butter if needed. Once cake is cooled, apply icing. I used a fork to make a pattern. Serve by itself or with cream & strawberries.Yum!!

So there you go! Let me know if you do make this cake & if you loved it too. You should really try the donut recipe too, they are super addictive.

The sun is out now and I'm feeling a bit more positive! The weather can really affect your mood can't it? I start to google sunnier places and imagine myself living somewhere else. But really these are dreams and perhaps that is all they should be. I do love living here in Daylesford and we have such a warm and supportive community, how could I ever leave?

How is your week going? Are you suffering from the winter blues too? Or maybe you are basking in the summer sun and playing outside all day long. Where ever you are, I'm sending lots of love to you, hope to see you soon xo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fleamarket finds

Have you had a good week? A highlight of mine was making these delicious donut cakes that I came across via Pardon my Chaos. They are so good I'm making more today! I love to eat something sweet with a nice cuppa and my prettiest opshop plate.

A few weeks ago I bought my mum a cane couch & two chairs at a garage sale. Michelle kindly picked them up this week, thanks Michelle! They are now sitting on mum's new deck, waiting for some cushions, and someone to sit on them.

And for a sunny day!

On the way home from Melbourne on Friday I went through Bacchus Marsh and made a stop at three oppies. I found these sweet sheets which will be great for the Australian Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap! I especially love the purple one & the spotty one, but they are all ace.

This is an old find, actually I think my dad found it as we have had this scooter since we were kids. I really should get it out of the rain!

A run to the tip shop yesterday was fun. There are about 8 boxes of books there at the moment, unfortunatley a bit rain damaged, but I came home with a pile of beauties. I've just started a crochet project so this book will come in handy! Did you find some treasures this week? I'm off to Sophie's to have a look, see you soon xo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space

One of the most fun parts of bunny making is the matching up of fabrics & cardis, colours and textures. Don't these four little cardi's look sweet? Like coloured lollies or tiny baby clothes all in a row. Mum has just given me these four and is working on a black one, in moss stitch, for another bunny order. Isn't she clever?

I'm liking this burnt yellow colour and love the way it looks with this vintage sheet/laundry bag.

I was going to go with a more subdued orange for this bunny girl...

but instead I've chosen to use this cotton shirt found at the MS Opshop.

This is how she turned out. She just needs her ears sewn on and she's ready to head off to her new home.

And then there is this purpley paisley pattern to match this little purple cardi, not sure yet but I am fond of this vintage sheet, I've used it for a few things now. Talking of vintage sheets I'm so excited about the Australian Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap 2010! Have you signed up for it? What a great way to share some vintage sheet love.

I've been a bit sick this week but I think I'm slowly getting better. Well enough anyway to make a pre-birthday cake with Rosie. Her birthday isn't until August but she felt the need to make a 'practice' cake...and who was I to disagree?? It's the yummiest recipe, from Frankie's Afternoon Tea. If you would like the recipe just email, it's so easy, no wonder it's called the All Together Cake!

Besides cakes and bunnies I have been finishing off my little gifts for my giveaway, sorry to the winners that it has taken me a few weeks to get them made. Life sometimes gets in the way! Hopefully they will all be posted off tomorrow and I will then get onto some more bunny orders, nutting out another idea for things on a string, and oh, making a softie penguin! Should be fun. Hope you are having a happy, well & creative day...lets pop over to Kirsty's and see what inspiration we can find. I'll just put the kettle on....see you soon xo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shadows & light

It's been a funny old few days, my father's wedding, the long weekend, being sick, hanging with my beautiful family, seeing my gorgeous big girl and then missing her all over again, some sunny days and some freezing nights, long winter shadows, golden candle light and a few mixed up feelings that come & go. I'm sitting here in bed trying to get up the energy to finish off some bunnies and bits, and make a start on dinner. As I'm not feeling as chatty as usual I thought instead I'd share with you some photo's from the last few days...hope you enjoy xo

have you read this yet? It's my new favourite book

Family & friends & love, that's what it's all about!
Have a happy week, see you soon xo