Friday, October 28, 2011

beautiful things

This week our school community was lucky enough to go on a fund raising trip to Paul Bangay's amazing garden in Denver, near Glenlyon.  This circular window is typical of the garden, quirky and surprising, clever and ordered.

Did I mention beautiful? Yep, it sure was. Lots of stunning views, spaces, shapes, colours,

and then there was the pool!

This picture doesn't really do the view justice, I really could have stood there all day looking out to the horizon. Although I may have had to also  slip into that cool green water. OMG.

And here are three of us, waiting for champagne... :)
It was a great morning and everyone had a  ball. Lots of chatting on the bus on the way home!

Yesterday was my mum's birthday! I had heaps of fun finding presents for her,
including these cool coasters made from coiled paper.

I found them, along with so many other beautiful things, at the very incredible shop, Junk Style, in Vincent St, Daylesford. If you are a visitor to our little town then do pop up the stairs and have a look. I guarantee you will find something special.

Like this red necklace,

which Mum loved.  

It's so beautiful being out in the garden lately, I just love this time of year. The bees are buzzing,
the blossom is smelling sweet, vegies are planted, chooks are healthy and giving us their gorgeous eggs.  And then there are the ducks..

 two of them, have been sitting on a massive pile of eggs for a few days now. I went in yesterday to discover that their mum is also getting into the act. They're a close family.

So prepare yourselves for many duck shots and much duck talk over the next few weeks. I'm all clucky (or should that be quacky?) I'm so looking forward to the new ducklings hatching!! And possibly a couple of chicks too, oh boy.

 They are so peaceful and beautiful and serene, I do love them so.

One last beautiful thing, a community project, something that is uniting people in the most wonderful way. This weekend there is to be a big party to celebrate the start of a community garden here in Daylesford!! Today I made a little contribution to the celebration, some bunting to decorate this amazing new shared space. Here it is hanging on my front fence, I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I must admit it was fun getting back to some sewing too.

So that's me for today lovely ones. I hope your weekend is a happy one and that you find some truly beautiful things to brighten your days. See you soon xo

Monday, October 24, 2011


We just had a really happy weekend! There was lots of sunshine here in Daylesford and so we were outside in the garden, hanging out and having fun.

The weather has been so lovely lately, doesn't it make a difference to how you feel?

Rosie has always been an outside girl, a cubby house girl, an apple tree tent kind of girl!

She's also been a cough and cold girl this week, all the kids have had a nasty bug that has brought on asthma and a million hankies. Not fun! I'm filling them with fruit though and hoping it passes quickly.

Lately I've been really enjoying using the app, instagram,. Are you into it too? I love the different filters and it's so convenient when I don't have my camera. My user name is dandelion66, come and say hi and then I'll visit you and your photo's too!

Did I tell you it was Charlotte's 19th birthday the other day? I went to the city to meet her for a movie (gold class..all to ourselves!) and then pressies and dinner. We gave her a sewing machine and a pretty sewing basket, which she loved. We had such a fun time, I just love to spend time with her. And we got to take photo's in a photo booth, a bit of a tradition with us. We've been doing this since she was a baby. My favourite one above is the bottom right :)

Hey!! Guess what??? Our two young ducks are about to be young mums! Platypus (the chocolate coloured one who we thought was a boy) and Josie and both sitting on about twenty eggs! Wow!

They are so divine. Look at those faces, how could you not have a duck in your life?

They seem to have a share/care arrangement and are taking turns sitting on the eggs. And then sitting together as well. The funny thing is there is at least one chook egg in the nest too! I can't wait to see if some chickies hatch as well. 

I'm going to finish off today with an introduction to a very handsome fellow who I finally got to meet on Friday night. This is George, Charlotte's teddy who was made by the very talented Jess, of Teddy Bear's Wednesday. If you don't know Jess then you should really pop over to her blog and say hi.
She makes the most adorable and ace toys AND she is adorable and ace herself. The ginchiest really.

Anyway lovely people, I better get on with the day.
Sorry if I haven't been round to your place lately, I've just been swamped with so much going on.
But I hope to see you soon,
much love xo

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Pepper who turns 4 today. Woo hoo!!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Up close and personal

I'm excited today!

I'm off to Ballarat to have a school tour of the secondary school that Lucy would like to go to in 2012.

I'm excited because it's going to be a beautiful shiny day,

and I just love driving through the country on blue sky days.

I'm excited because Tom is helping to make me a new vegie garden, I can't wait to start planting!

I'm excited because this week it's Charlotte's birthday and I get to see her for dinner to celebrate.

I'm excited too because Mark is back from his trip to France!  It's so good to have him home, and I'm loving the beautiful gift  box filled with French perfume he gave me too.

And last but not least, I'm SUPER excited about being interviewed over at Flowerpress today.  It was fun answering all Susie's questions but I did get a bit stuck on describing myself in three words. Susie is such a lovely & talented person and I adore her visiting her space.  Have you read her Show & Tell interviews? I had a long read last night and found out about so many interesting people. Pop over and have a look here if you have time.

Hope some exciting things are happening in your world! Have a happy week lovely ones xo

Friday, October 14, 2011

Spring colour

Today I have much to do and not a lot of time.
So I'm going to let these photo's do the is what I've been up to this week. I've been...

enjoying beautiful roses which always make me smile and distract me from the mess!

Cooking - pasta, roast vegies, Mars Bars slice (mmm...), spicy chicken kebabs, quesadilla's...

..eating juicy red radishes..

and way too many olives at mum's.

Loving Rosies' new purple glasses,

sunshine through the trees and some beautiful Spring weather (about time),

Watching Norman peeking through the branches of the quince tree.

Admiring the flowers in my neighbours garden,

and checking out her new bee keepers outfit!

and her pretty house and garden as she prepares for her son's 21st birthday on Sunday. Fun!

I'm looking forward to drinking champagne and celebrating with this lovely family too. Theres lots to look forward to at the moment, Mark returning home tomorrow, a school tour with Lucy on Tuesday,
Charlotte's 19th birthday next week!, the Swiss Italian Festival which kicks off next weekend,
an art show opening on Thursday night, being a guest blogger at one of my favourite blogs very soon, boy October is a busy month!

Are you busy too? I hope you have lots of happy things coming up,
it's such a fun time of year.
Have a happy weekend lovely ones,

see you soon xo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Home where little faces greet us.

Where the shells are a reminder,

of the dream that was Fiji.

Where our ducks wander under the trees in the Spring sunshine,

where branches are full of apple blossom,

cherry blossom,

and quince flowers, full of buzzing bees.

Home, where I find a pile of chook eggs,

and spend hours unbraiding the many tiny plaits that were made a million miles from here, under a palm tree by the sea.

Home where I bump into lovely friends at the supermarket, where I sleep happily in my own bed, where the children seem more relaxed as they all recover from the bug we picked up while travelling. Home where it's quiet and peaceful and green. Lately I've been thinking about whether we should make this lovely town our home forever or perhaps move somewhere bigger that may offer the kids more opportunities. As they grow I wonder if there will be enough for them here. Do you live in a small town and think about these things too? All the driving and planning and lack of things to do can sometimes get me down. But I do love this town, and it's people, it would be hard to leave, so much of our lives have happened here. Anyway, perhaps these are thoughts we all have from time to time, maybe I'm just in that kind of space right now.

What are you thinking about lately? I hope all is well with you dear friends, see you soon xo