Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Blahs vs The Wiz... & other good things

Ok so tonight I've got a slight case of the Blahs know that feeling, nothing is really wrong but nothing seems right either. Grey clouds are hanging overhead, it's freezing outside & perhaps I'm tired, perhaps I'm being a bit of a sook, who knows?! Anyway, having just talked to my lovely daughter Charlotte, I am in a better mood so I'm going to look back over the last few days and see what things made me happy.
Making a string of hearts for Charlotte to hang in her window at school definitely made me smile.

Going to Smiggle with the kids when we visited Melbourne the other day. I love this photo of Lucy.

Being with the kids & mum while we watched a production of The Wiz at Charlotte's school. What an excellent, exciting, funny, colourful show!
Char worked backstage & did a fabulous job getting it all together & running smoothly.

Driving back to Daylesford is always the best, I like the city but yep, I LOVE the country.
Aren't these horses beautiful? So noble & gentle & clever, I'm sure they can probably even talk.

Chatting with a beautiful mate at kinder drop off & then having a fun walk with another crafty friend & her gorgeous baby on Friday.Then heading to Creswick for some Woollen Mill action. Wait till you see the amazing black alpaca offcut I snaffled, so gorgeous! I could have stayed there all day fondling the alpaca offcuts, except I might have got arrested. I wonder if anyone would have noticed if I had snuck into one of these crates and snuggled up for the night? soft, so warm.

Loved the visit to the Creswick oppie, only open Thursdays & Fridays folks, where I was thrilled to find a rainbow coloured jumper for a certain local sweetie pie who is after a rainbow bunny. yay!

So, things are really looking up after all. What a relief. The Blah's have flown out the window where they will more than likely be covered in frost. I'm also looking forward to tomorrow, hanging out with Michelle while we pop our garlic in preparation for planting next week.

I'm leaving you with some flowers that were given to me by a friend as a way of saying thanks for a little favour. Aren't they lovely? We can share them ok? They are sitting on a pretty pink knitted rug that will be given to a new little baby I hope to meet this week, along with her own string of hearts. Thanks for listening to my ramblings lovelies, I'm off to bed now... sweet dreams xo


Catherine said...

I'm glad the blah's were turned around with some family sunshine, a delightful rainbow and back to some scenic country you call home. Enjoy your garden preparations tomorrow. Night xo

Jemm said...

I do know about the blahs and you have to do just what you did...actively try to see the good. You did quite well, I'd say. I hope you are truly feeling better. I've been having a bout with the blahs lately too. We've had a week or so of chilly, dark, rainy days and I think the weather is partly to blame. HOWEVER!, today is sunny and it's supposed to be 83 degrees F and we've a birthday party of a dear friend's little girl to go to. Brighter days ahead, my friend. Pretty flower and blanket :)

Tania said...

I had a case of the sooky sooky la las (blah, blahs) earlier this week. Thank goodness for going to bed and starting a whole new day and concerted concentration on the good stuff!

Heidi said...

What a wonderful day !!Have a great weekend.

Little Ted Canvas said...

You have a wonderful way of finding the 'good' things to brighten your spirits, Beck. Good for you, I'm about to take a leaf out of your book since I seem to have the blahs & all my boys are sick!...At least the sun is shinning, out to the deck for a nice hot cuppa I think...

BOB & MABEL said...

It seems you had a very busy week indeed! Love the photos.
I am also suffering from the blah's....... I just can't be bothered but its time to get motivated.

sue said...

It has been very cold hasnt it Beck! Your baby blanket looks beautiful, did you knit it. I cant wait to see the black alpaca for the bunnies too, how exciting. I hope you have a wonderful week!

crzylady said...

yea for Char's hard work :) the show looked great!

but my question is.. what shall you do with jesus? *G*

Freckled Hen said...

Hope things are brighter for you. Your first picture of the sky is stunning, it looks as if it is from a storybook--one that must have a happy ending.
I'm not sure if horses can talk but mine is a very good listener.

karlyn Jackson said...

Can't wait to see the rainbow bunny, what a great find!

Copper Patch said...

Beck you always make me smile! Your posts are so lovely and photos wonderful.
You're very good at finding the important things in life.
Well done on your rainbow find...look forward to seeing the bunny being created.
Ab xx
Ps. LOVE that apple green with spot fabric in the heart pic - who by and where from???