Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spacing out

Making bunnies is fun. I love the way they are transformed from bits of blanket offcuts,

into creatures, with personalities,

and eyes, ears, noses, clothes!! This little one was finished earlier this week and has gone to live with a brand new baby. I hope they have lots of cuddles and fun together. Now I need to quick sticks get onto another bunny for a dear sweet boy who is turning one this weekend.  

Besides bunnies I've also been working on a new re purposed skirt. This time I took a beautiful cashmere jumper over to Phillippa's, after unsuccessfully trying to dye it using my front loader. Never again. Stove top dying is definitely more effective, for me anyway.

Using another skirt as a template I snipped around the edges, getting the shape I wanted.

The shoulder/sleeve bits become part of the skirt,

adding to the shape. I like this effect, it gives the skirt some direction, some snazz.

I really must get my own over locker, I can see how it could really help me
in the world of bunny making, and so many other sewing adventures.

Such as turning these sleeves to turn into lovely cashmere arm warmers!

Ok so there was a spot of silly dancing (I can't help's a worry...) and lots of chatting and cake,
and the skirt did get sewn up and hemmed. But I'll wait to show you the final result as I 
want to dye it first and just check on the length.

What are you up to on this fine Thursday? I'm a bit spaced out today,
feeling a bit weary and not with it. I better get my act together as the school hoidays start this weekend!

Have you been working on something interesting?
I'm off to check out some other spaces,
here. Why don't you join me?

See you soon lovely friends,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

chain reaction

Winter is well and truly with us here in Daylesford. Lots of fine, misty rain,
drizzle, mist, cold and fog. The lake always looks amazing in winter.
Stark, icy, dramatic, imposing, soft, gentle, amazing.

 I love the creeping black branches, long spider legs reaching across the glassy water.
Not that I stayed outside too long today,  I couldn't wait to get inside where it was nice & warm.

It's perfect weather though for staying inside, snuggling and making things together.

Yesterday Charlotte was knitting her latest scarf and took some time out to show Lucy how to knit! 

Lucy picked it up quickly and is now knitting her own pink scarf. I can remember my Nan teaching me how to knit when I was seven. It's a beautiful tradition to pass on down the line.

Char is on scarf number three. She popped into Ballarat yesterday to pick up some more wool and some dye for my next re-purposed jumper skirt!

It's been SO much fun having her home, I'm loving it.  She is a fantastic big sister and has been helping me with picking up the kids, child minding and of course, being the best company ever.

Sweet Sunday found her old unfinished pom pom in the wool basket,

and quickly finished it this morning! She has used all kinds of purples, reds and pinks. She took it to school today for show and tell. All this wool activity started a chain reaction..

suddenly Rosie got into it. She has been desperate to learn finger knitting so after one quick lesson she was on her way!

She started off with pink but added purple, 'because Evie will likes purple'.

Rosie has named her finger knitting Geoffrey. 
She got up early and worked on Geoffrey in bed and then took him to school today to show her friends. 
Tomorrow for show & tell she is taking fifteen bits of coloured wool to share
so her friends can learn to finger knit too.

Bill continued on with his mega ball of finger knitting. It was a real wool fest!

He is attempting to make a rug for his room. Charlotte made one too when she was a similar age.

So, there you go! Lots of making going on around here.
What have you been up to this week? I'm going to have a snoop around here and find out.

I'll leave you with a photo of my me & my gorgeous friend Jack, 
who I interviewed this week for an oral history project I'm involved with.

See you soon lovelies!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Snipping & Snapping

Do you like my new skirt? Recently I found a sky blue cashmere jumper at the op shop for a dollar that  was too big, the colour all wrong but so beautiful and soft. I'd been trying to think how I could change it, maybe dye it grey, sew in the sides...when suddenly I thought about turning it upside down and making it into a skirt!

Yesterday I took another jumper over to Phillippa's do do a test run. Made from lovely soft, black lambswool it was too small, but perfect for trying my idea out on. The bottom rib of the jumper became the waistband and with some snipping and overlocking it was suddenly a skirt! I'm in love with it. It's so warm and cosy.

The part where the sleeves began had to be incorporated into the skirt but they are actually a cute feature and add a bit of swish. I can't wait to start on the other jumper, Charlotte is off to Spotlight today so I must remember to get her to pick me up some charcoal dye. I"m loving this project! Daisy could care less, she just wants some loving.

Speaking of projects,

I have three little new cardigans that are inspiring me to make some new bunnies. I took some quick snaps of them today.

Aren't the colours snazzy?

This water melon one is delicious.

And so are these three who had a day off school last week.

And what did they do? Played ballet classes of course.
Anyway, I better get going. I'm a bit excited for today I am doing my first interview for Hepburn Voices.
We are recording the oral histories of people from our town,
and my lovely neighbour Jack, 
will be telling me all about his life while being filmed and recorded.

Talking of history, I'll leave you with a photo that I found the other day, of Mark & I.
I've made it my profile pic on Facebook and have had such sweet messages about it.

It's nice to remember the old days isn't it?
Hope you are having a happy week,
see you soon xo

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Oh boy, life seems a little crazy this week. Busy, busy! I finally finished up my brooch for the brooch swap, and made a little bundle of goodies to send with it. I hope she likes it.

Out in the garden these two have been creating some fun of their own. Mama Zsa Zsa & Papa Freddie may be welcoming some new little ones sometime this winter...:) Aren't they a cute couple?

Not sure about Norman the Plymouth Rock though. He is too busy cock a doodling and doesn't seem the romantic type. Yet. He is a handsome devil though isn't he? When we first brought him home he was a weedy looking sad sack of a bird, but look at him now!

I'd love to make a chook/rooster soft toy one day. And I've had some thoughts about a duck cushion too.
Guess I'll add it to the list!

Oh the loveliness of neighbours. One in particular. Alison From Next Door left this amazing apple cake on my kitchen bench yesterday. It was pure heaven biting into its rich softness while sipping on a hot cup of tea. I can't tell you how much I appreciated this delicious gift.

I was thrilled also to receive a my very own brooch this week too! This dear sweet flower arrived with a pretty vintage hankie, some buttons and pretty thread. I wear a lot of purple and pink so it will feel right at home. It was made by lovely Lis from peace'n'piece, thanks Lis, I do love it so. Aren't swaps the best? It's such a nice way to connect with other bloggers. Thanks Susie for organising this excellent swap.

This week I'm finishing off some bunny orders, such as this little sweetheart.  Don't forget that I love to make custom bunnies, just email me and we'll have a chat about colours & fabric. Mum is on a roll with her little cardigans lately, she just delivered a batch that are gorgeous gelati colours. Yay! My own knitting has stalled slightly as I get my head around stitch holders and pockets. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it..eventually. Lets hope Rosie has her cardi THIS winter.

Today I'm excited as Charlotte is coming home for three weeks! We have lots of plans and it will be great just to hang out with her. I'm also thinking about buying a bigger, better camera as I'm getting more & more into my photography. Any suggestions lovely friends? I need to do some serious research, I'm sure Char will help too.

Anyway, better get a wriggle on, much to do today. I think I'll make a cuppa first and check out some of these spaces..why don't you too?
Lots of love to you & yours,
from me & mine. See you soon xo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colour and life and love

On Friday I came home to find these beautiful flowers,
a thank you for fixing Maggie's Dandelion bunny.
What a lovely surprise!

On Saturday afternoon I tootled down the road under a autumn blue sky,

past the Leonard's chocolate brown potato paddocks,
 dotted with snow white cockatoos. 

Soon I was in North Melbourne where I picked up Charlotte.  We wove our way through the streets of  Carlton to meet my brother & his family for dinner.  We had a lovely time, it was so good to catch up with the gang.  

I stayed over at my Mum's place in Fitzroy, camping out in the back room as the front of the house has been repainted and the floor boards polished. In the morning I had another visit from Ben & the girls.

We took heaps of photo's,

against the newly painted white walls.

Gemma & Zoe have both grown a lot since I saw them last, in January.
Both are such gorgeous girls, warm and funny and smart and beautiful.
 Super girls!

It was really good to have a catch up with Ben & Julia too, and hear all the news of Hobart, where they now live.

They were very patient and put up with me snapping away with the camera.
I"m really obsessed with taking portraits of people up
against walls at the moment. Watch out. You could be next!

Actually, I am just really obsessed with taking photo's in general lately.
What about this funny little scene I came across in Moor St today?
Doesn't it tell a story? Why are these random shoes & thongs here on the footpath and 
where is the other pink one?

I'd actually stopped to take a picture of this house,
I love this colourful door, the bougainvillaea that creeps up the front wall,

 and the amazing marching girls graffiti/paper art down the side wall.

On my way home, under a dark grey sky,  I drove past the new wind powered turbines in Leonard's Hill. Which reminds me, I must remember to buy some shares in the wind farm, have you?

Back at home I went for a walk with Lucy.  We sat in a shop doorway and ate our sausages in bread. 

I love this shot of Lucy. Although she might look sad she's really just avoiding the glare. It's has a nice whimsy this photo, and I love the pink wall and dappled leaves. And her cute knees.

So, as you can see, much colour and life and love this weekend. What have you been up to? Hope it's been a happy one. I'll leave you with this little lizard that Rosie found at mum's today. She popped it in a jar and left it on Mum's red ironing board. Oh! I better go and let it out in the garden! Dear little lizard.

Bye for now lovely friends, see you soon xo