Saturday, June 30, 2012

On the road

While we have been away we have been driving a fair bit and seeing some of the landscape of this part of America. I love the wide rivers, the red barns and homesteads, the endless fields of corn. And the lakes! So many lakes.

Last week we drove to Fon du lac (foot of the lake) to visit Marks family home. Sadly his Dad is no longer alive but his spirit was still there within the walls of the house, in the shed and in the thick summer air outside. I took lots of photos but I'll keep them for another post.

We managed to squeeze in a bit if thrifting too, I just love the thrift stores here. My suitcase is going to be hard to zip up that's for sure!

It's a long drive there and back. We saw lots of things along the way. Here are a few shots xo

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beginnings, endings

Jen & Steven got some new chicks the other day! The kids all loved seeing them up close, who doesn't love a baby chick? Bill helped Indi to name his little one, Ash.

We have been away for two weeks now and the time has flown by. I would write more but I'll save my words for home. Typing on an iPad without a proper keyboard is driving me crazy. And I have no control over photo layout, that's another issue! Frustrating..

We had some sad news two days ago. Our ducks were attacked by a fox and all were killed but Freddie, our gorgeous drake, survived. I have been so sad for my beloved ducks, just thinking about them makes me cry all over again. Not a happy scene for our house sitter, poor Dave. Yesterday he sent a message to say that Freddie had passed away peacefully in the night. My heart is heavy today, I can't believe they have all gone. When the sadness fades I know I will have many happy memories of our ducks, they really filled our lives, and our back yard, with so much joy. Such elegant and graceful birds, such characters.I know they had a best of lives and this does make me feel better. That garden of ours is going to feel empty when we get home.

So far our trip has been a great experience, although behind the happy holiday shots there is tiredness and some squabbling. Rosie is finding it the hardest, not much down time for our littlest traveller. I'm still so glad we came, I love this part of America and its been SO good to connect with our American family. They are all such beautiful people.

Anyway, I hope things are good with you. I hope that you & yours are traveling along happily and rolling with the challenges you find along the way.

See you soon lovely ones xo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Out and about

This week we visited the amazing Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis. The kids were a bit unimpressed when we suggested going but they all loved it! We all were so inspired by this fabulous gallery and sculpture garden. It was funny to be in a gallery with the same name as our family (except they missed the Johansson bit..!)

Oh, and we got to wear little Walker badges...!

 There was a lot to look at, I wouldn't mind going again. And don't even start me on their shop..oh boy. This post is short because I'm using my iPad and it's not letting me upload photos as I normally do. So I guess I'll do two short posts instead.

That's all from me tonight, hope all is good with you lovely ones. See you soon xo

Friday, June 22, 2012


On Tuesday we drove up the highway, past Hudson & over the St Croix river to visit Marks sister & her family. They live just out of a little town in a sweet white house surrounded by corn fields. As we drove down their road we saw a massive bald eagle sitting in a field. Huge!

We had the best day ever, it was so good to see Jen & Steven and finally all be together. The kids played and played & we relaxed under the trees.

 I just love their place, it's so beautiful. They have a fantastic old barn, a silo and across the road is an endless prairie. A river also runs down the back, I hope we get to see it too before we go.

The best thing about our visit was just being together. It was such a long trip to get here but SO worth it to be with this beautiful family. To see our kids hanging out with their cousins so happily and naturally brought tears to my eyes. For some families this can happen regularly but for us it's not that easy as we are all so far away. And boy cousins too! 

Great for Bill who is surrounded by girls (lucky him) back at home. Anyway, it's made me want to come back more regularly so the kids can see each other grow up, so that we can all have time together as families should.

Today two good friends of mine are flying off to see their own families, right across the other side of the world. I hope they travel safely and enjoy some precious family time like we are.

It's Thursday morning and time for breakfast, better get up and into the day! Hope yours is a happy one, see you soon xo