Monday, August 29, 2011

squeak squeak!

Today the sun is shining again, how lucky we have been lately. So many blue sky days.
It's Monday & I found myself alone today after two weeks of having 
at least one child home every day, sick.
Well I wasn't really alone,

not if you count the three chooks, one rooster, four ducks, two dogs, one rabbit, one turtle and now...

three guinea pigs!

Meet baby Milo, who belongs to my 'twins', Sunday & Billy.

And the very beautiful, Fluff, who is very much loved by Lucy (who is sharing her with Char)

Fluff is so amazing and cute, she has a mini mohawk with a splodge of black in it.

She is also very calm and gentle, she sat so quietly as I took these photo's, I think she quite enjoyed it!
She has one gorgeous blue eye and one brown. She is quite a fancy girl.

Rosie has the teensiest baby who she has called Cutie Pie. 

She is only the size of a big mouse, and so adorable. She and Milo are sisters. The kids have been loving the newest family members, they carry them around in little baskets where ever they go. Especially Rosie who is totally smitten with Cutie Pie.

Now I'm starting to wonder how we will ever be able to go away on holidays! We have so many pets. I might have to find someone to come and stay & mind them in September...would you like to?

Anyway, I'm hoping there will be no more colds or flus in our house this winter. Lots of fruit will help keep the bugs away.

And a big thank you for your lovely messages last week, it's so good to know you care. I haven't been so good at popping around to see you lately but I will as soon as the dust settles.

How is your household going lately? Are you all well and having fun? The school term is slowly winding down, four weeks to go, I can't wait! Have a great week lovely friends, see you soon xo

Friday, August 26, 2011


...I have been thinking of a friend, a beautiful mother who I will miss.

In the days that have followed her passing I have been warmed by smiles, by the late winter sun, by the compassion of others, the care & love of good people.

I've been looking and finding pockets of happiness,

little rays of hope & life,

and they are there, everywhere, if I look.
In my beautiful children, and their
cuddles and laughter, in friends whose strength
and humanity shine through,

in the spring blossom, the sunny days, the chirping birdies,
and in my dear duckies who never cease to make me happy. 

Today I'm thinking how lucky I am to live where I do, in such a wonderful & loving community where people truly care and look after each other. Where we can cry and laugh and be part of each others lives. I have a lot to be grateful for.

On Tuesday night I looked up into the dark sky, lit by a million stars, and I'm sure I saw the brightest one twinkling down at me, watching over us.

May your weekend be full of love & laughter & sunshine & hope,
see you soon,
lovely friends xo

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This week, more than ever, I am so grateful, every day.

I'm thankful for some sunshine after days of rain,

that seemed to fill our small world with mud, that left me feeling flat and uninspired.  

How beautiful to see our little wet chooks,

sitting in the sun.

I'm so grateful to wake up this morning,
to sunlight through my window,
and the knowledge
that I have so much love in my life.

This week I've been reflecting on so many things,

 it's been a tough week, a week of tears & little bursts of sweetness. 

Rosie wearing big persons glasses,

and some gorgeous flowers from a lovely & thoughtful friend. Thanks so much Sue.

I loved taking promotional photo's of local superstars Caleb & Leda. Have you heard/seen them yet? If you haven't then I'm sure you will, they are amazing and talented and wonderful.

I"m so grateful to have had a kiss and hug, a brief but special moment with a beautiful friend, 
to have been to dinner with some lovely mates whose laughter rang out into the night,
to drive through the country side under the twinkling sun and watch the fields turning green before my eyes. I'm grateful for every minute, every sparkling moment & for the friendship of those I hold dear. And that includes you, thank you so much for your comments & your thoughts, it means a lot to me.

I hope you are having a happy weekend, go outside! Smell the blossoms, feel the sunlight warm against your skin, cuddle your special ones and I'll see you soon, lovely friends xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

On loving & letting go

My 18 year old daughter informs me recently that she is going on a random road trip, at night, with her friend, to the border of Victoria. A five hour drive. Just for fun. That they will be sleeping in the car, listening to music, getting away from it all, a real adventure.

I stare blankly. Wanting to say…DON”T GO!

In my head I’m seeing massive speeding trucks, slippery dark roads, scary nameless predatory men, the vast, empty beyond and two young girls hurtling through the darkness. Instead I tell her she is sitting with a woman who once was 18 too & hitchhiked to Sydney with her boyfriend, at night, on a whim.

I also tell her to be careful, to please call me, text, tell me you are ok. And I find myself thinking that such a big part of loving seems to be about letting go.

Our little guinea pig, who has been with us for almost five years, turned up her little toes this week. I buried her in the garden beneath the camellia's. There were prayers and thoughts and memories to share as we remembered how she her life had been woven into ours. All the birthdays that passed, the milestones, the summers. And of course the little squeaky sounds she made. Now she is resting peacefully after a happy retirement in the sunny front yard. Fed on tasty vegie scraps, talked to and patted, & loved. We were right there with her till the end.

My son told me recently of something that happened at school. Not to tell anyone else, to keep it to myself. And he’s sad and brave and nine years old. While he tells me how he felt - how he feels, I'm getting teary & sad too, but I can see that he is strong. And already moving on.

My 11 year old is having some friendship struggles, some issues with self esteem. She is growing up and I can see her changing every day. I try to support her, to guide her and sometimes it’s hard. I wonder how to help her through this phase. She is not a little girl anymore but she’s not a teenager either. At times she is confused, unsure. I wonder what is ahead of her, what joys, what pain.  Her blue eyes will see a whole lifetime of challenges and relationships; I wish for her everything & more. I hope she finds many adventures, fulfilment, acceptance, much colour & fun, her own life, & of course, love.

It’s three years next month since the death of my friend's seven year old son. His beautiful and heartbreaking funeral is forever etched in my mind. The pain of his loss, the tattoo of his name, in his Grade One hand writing, on her arm, the memories and living with it all…

and living with the knowledge that I have my kids, that life is unfair.

My baby is a big girl now. She can almost read, she can run off to school without looking back, she running into a new world while I wave goodbye.

And she wakes me this morning with  a huge hug and the rushed words, “Mummy I cried for you last night, when you were gone, because I just love you so much” Her dear little soft face, her cuddly six year old body snuggled next to mine, I’d love to capture this moment in a bottle, and keep it forever.

And then there’s me. Trying to find some space in my life, wondering where it will lead me. Wondering how do I fit my own dreams and me, into our family. I’m weighing things up, thinking about opportunites, asking for help,  floating, not cleaning the house enough and trying to juggle it all. I’m thinking of my children & Mark but I’m also thinking about me. I guess this year is a weird one for me, nothing is quite clear and maybe that’s ok for now.

What’s happening with you lately? Are you pondering your own life?
Whatever you are up to I hope you are enjoying some sunshine and of course, much love. 

See you soon sweet friends xo

Friday, August 12, 2011

Going bush


On Wednesday day Billy & Lucy went off on school camp and I came home feeling a little flat. The dogs were jumping at the back door saying "take us for a walk!!" so I did just that. I took my camera along and decided to play  Vic's photo game at the same time. What an adventure we had.

This is where I started off. On a walking track that leads from the Twin Bridges to Lake Daylesford. It's a beautiful track, and very muddy after a big rain. The track leads you along one side of the creek and then back along the other side.

After walking a little ways it was time for a 180 turn and here I found a beautiful, green mossy patch, just like a fairy garden, with a mysterious tunnel or outlet. Perhaps that is where the fairies live.

I kept walking, all the while hearing bird song and smelling the freshness of the bush. Can you see the full creek flowing?

I passed this amazing stone wall. The Daylesford region has many such stone walls, someone told me recently that traditionally women constructed the walls, searching for the right stones in paddocks and by creeks.

Now for something blue. The sky was definitely grey, not a trace of blue. The gums were vaguely blue but not really. Hmmm....

Suddenly! Two patches of blue at once. This beautiful old rotunda, built around the 1930's when this little area was a hub of social activity. When Lake Daylesford was first built the Springs around it became a place of gathering, of community singing, swimming & socialising. Sadly now it is quite desolate, with just the hint, a whisper, of days gone by.

Max kindly checked out this pump, just to make sure it was actually blue. Thanks Max. (Never mind that dogs are colour blind..he is quite an exceptional boy)

Ok, left turn and 50 - 70 paces...

some amazing graffiti from 1940. Looks like a whole bunch of Arbuckle's
had some fun at the Springs. Wonder if it was Joy and her brothers?
Or maybe her sisters...her brothers may have been away at war. Isn't it amazing to see this writing, after so many years? I love the shape of the letters from that era.
Such a lot of history on this walk today.

Now I'm walking again and looking for a 7 or an 11. 
On a wall near one of the springs I find more graffiti,
and what looks like an 11, just above the middle heart.

Taking the first left I find another old building.

Time for a sit down while Daisy frolics through the green grass. I wonder what this little hut is/was for?

Choosing to walk straight ahead I can see it was once an engine room, a pump house of sorts.

And inside I find this guy, looking surprised to see me! 
It must get lonely sometimes, now that his working life is over. I hope as the sparrows
fly in and out, making their nests, that they bring him news of the world.

Now I'm looking for an archway, or something architecturally interesting...

and there it is! A lovely old stone bridge, made with crazy paving. Time to cross that bridge and head back along the creek.

After 20 minutes or so of walking along the twisting, turning track I suddenly see my car through the trees, on the other side of the creek. Can you see it too? I also realise that I have to cross this creek...and there is no bridge! Uh oh..there's no way around it but to walk across the knee deep icy cold water, in my boots and tights and trackies. Cold!!! Ahh!  The dogs hop in the back of the car & I squelch in and set off for home and a nice hot cup of tea. Phew, what an adventure. I felt like I had visited a fun park from the past, a pretty ghost town hidden in the bush. I loved walking through the tall gums, all alone except for the dogs and the birds, and the creatures that scurried & hid beneath the scrub.

Thanks Vic for inspiring me to go on this trek! It was a lot of fun. 
Oh and Daisy & Max say thanks too.