Saturday, May 29, 2010

Callawadda dreaming

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in bed having a cuppa and thinking about the last couple of days I spent in Callawadda.

Michelle & I arrived early to find Terry happy & well and busy as usual with the running of his biodynamic farm. He directed us to our newly ripped piece of land which we found after winding our way through the dry creek flats under stands of massive river gums. Each year we have been in a different spot and this time is the best yet. So beautiful, clean and serene, and the earth was like soft, brown cocoa powder.

I'd love to tell you this is our garlic that sprouted as we planted but no, it's the adjoining crop of oats.

Michelle used Simon's homemade hole puncher to make the holes..

which we then popped the cloves of garlic in. This year we are growing Oriental Purple, Monaro & the beautiful pink skinned Silverskin. We also planted a bed of shallots, red & golden.

This year we were better prepared and made sure we stopped for smoko. Not that we smoked but I do like that expression, it so Australian. We had cups of tea and banana bread and fruit and got back into it feeling refreshed! I love working with Michelle, we seem to fall into a rthym, chatting and planting, being outside in the fresh air, under a big sky - doing something we love.

One of the benefits of visiting Callawadda for me is the farm itself. Clusters of tools tell a story of hard work and simple living.

History is written in the dust.

I love the earthy, practicality of the wood stacks

This unfussy house is a such a warm and happy home.

All the images speak to me and tell a story of years gone by, of a time when things were different. In a sense it's still different here, Internet access is dial up only and mobile access is unreliable.

You really get the feeling of being in the now, of slowing down and seeing things in

a less cluttered way.

Even though we were only gone for two days it felt like longer. Terry & his son, William, made us feel so at home and I can't wait to get up there again and see how our garlic is growing.

Do you live in the country? If not have you visited it lately? There is something so timeless and special about this amazing country we live in, I love to drive through it, to be in it and find it in my dreams at night. Hope you have a beautiful, dreamy weekend & don't forget to enter my giveaway, see you soon xo


Jana said...

Thanks for the photos-they are lovely.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Lovely post Beck. I agree, there is definately something soothing about the simplicity of the country. The garlic hole maker is a fantastic contraption!

Cherie said...

Ooooooo you make it all sound so beautiful. I'd adore to be let loose amongst all that pile of old metal, I know plenty of other people who'd love it too, but I'm not telling in case I get there one day myself. Gorgeous post, ya did good ;-)

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow you really captured the country life there!! Love Posie

Ooty said...

Oh I love this post!!! reminds me of our family country days when I was young girl. Beautiful capture=)

michelle said...

lovely post, lovely photos-as always. your post does justice to what must have been a lovely couple of days.i have just planted some garlic for the first time ever. the little green shoots are just starting to pop through now. fingers crossed

teddybearswednesday said...

Sounds like a magical couple of days. It's so nice too that you and Michelle get on so well.xo