Saturday, July 2, 2011

The last few days..

Over the last few days I've been making a kitty cat for baby Toby. He was going to wear this red, moss stitch cardi but I ended up dressing him in the brown one,

I think it brings out his eyes! Either way he looks pretty dapper, and having just returned from Toby's party I"m happy to say he seemed to like him too.

(Just as I wrapped him up I realised he didn't have a tail! Oops, this was no manx cat so I quickly added one. Phew.)

 Over the last few days I've been organising Rosie's birthday party, which isn't for a few weeks but I wanted to get it sorted so I didn't have to stress about it. I've been pondering the whole birthday invitation thing too, it's a bit tricky isn't it? Who to invite, who they WANT you invite, not wanting anyone to feel left out...oh it's a complicated thing...

Over the last few days I've been taking photo's with my new camera,

so many beautiful people to capture.

And I've been clearing out our cluttered hallway, which is very narrow, and has been full of Too Much Stuff. It looks a lot better..

and it makes the entry to our house more inviting & friendly, less chaotic. I find I'm always trying to tame the chaos around here, whether it's the people kind or just the every day clutter. Sometimes I win, sometimes I just have to live with it!

The last few days have seen glorious winter sunshine, boy have we been lucky! I hope it lasts for the school holidays.

I've also been to the newly re opened Glenloyn Store, yay!! Great coffee, food and service,
an excellent place to visit.

 And I also had the great joy of meeting Milly,
the new baby dog of some good friends.
She is a spoodle, like our Daisy,
and possibly the cutest puppy in the world!!

Over the last few days I've been feeling a bit flat, a bit out of sorts. Life is like that
sometimes isn't it? But I know there is much to be grateful for,
sunny days, puppy dogs, little babies,
blue skies and holidays.
And so much more.

What are you up to this weekend?
Hope you are enjoying some sunshine too,
see you soon,
lovely friends xo


Kate said...

Oh Beck, that little kitty is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wanted to sneak him into my bag on the way out but then I was told the story of Toby hugging him and I knew he had to stay. Hope you are well and happy. xx ps. what camera did you end up with?

flowerpress said...

Yay, new camera!
That spoodle is very cute, reminds me of our labradoodle Pippie when she was a bit younger :-)
Hope those blues blow away soon x

Maxabella said...

Why Beck, I have been reading your blog for AGES and that is the most you have ever said. I have enjoyed this post immensely and not just because it started off with the cutest kitty cat in a dapper cardi. It's lovely to learn a little bit more about you and peek into your world. Thank you for sharing - hope you feel less flat, more dazzling, in the next little while. I get very 'flat' as well. Not down, just flat. I don't know what brings it on but it rarely lasts for long. It's so dehabilitating though. I am not myself at all. x

Maxabella said...

Oh Beck, ignore my weirdo rambling - SO had the wrong blog. I'm a mental case sometimes. xxx

Sue said...

Oh my goodness that kitty is oh so cute! The weather has been lovely hasnt it, although it is really cold once the afternoon hits. Hope you enjoy your holidays!

Miss Prudence said...

Pussycats! I can see they could be a fave like the bunnies! Yay for the oodle dogs - they are such great mutleys we have a cavoodle- best dog we have EVER had. Hope you enjoy the hols.

Sarah said...

Hi Beck, your blog is new to me, but you had me at 'dandelion'. Cutest blog title ever. I adore that gentleman cat, and there is a little cat-lovin person in my life who would really fall in love with him.

I'm also in the midst of my girl's birthday party invitations. The invitation list is so confusing isn't it? Do you invite everybody? Or all the girls? No, that's just too many, how about half the girls, plus mothers group friends?.... what a delicate balance!

Leanne said...

So busy! Love the kitty, very gorgeous cardi, and nice job with the hallway. Unfortunately mess & chaos is never ending- I always feel like I clean one area and another needs it.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Lovely Cat, what a cute present :-)

I find the weeks just before the school holidays always leave me feeling a bit flat....we all just need a break in the routine don't we xx

Sandrine said...

HI Beck so many good reasons to smile!Your house has a very warm feel and so your little kitty, so cute!You must be smiling about your camera too, did you end up getting the D90, I am so curious am I:)!?
Sandrine x

Seana Smith said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photos, hooray for a new camera. Really enjoyed seeing a slice of life int he country via Maxabella's Grateful linky. All the best from the city!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Beck, I'm just LOVING your new little kitty. SO lovable and huggagle, I'm super jealous of Toby.
Hope you plan to make more of him big love xo