Monday, July 11, 2011

Winter is good

Winter is good for sunsets, for golden skies at the end of a misty, damp day.


And for views from the Convent Gallery, far off over the roof tops and away to the shadowy mountains.

Winter is good for ducks. Beautiful, sweet natured, worm hunting, leaf snuffling ducks. It seems Freddie & Zsa Zsa's children are still with us, Platypus the boy (on the left) and his sister, as yet unnamed. 

Isn't she adorable? Can you help me think of a good name for her?
I'm not fussed if they don't go and live next door, the four of them are so lovely to watch. But if they do go I suppose they can chat/quack over the fence..

Winter is good for netball, for being braver, for trying hard.

And for club rooms, dirty knees & singing the Hepburn song loud & proud.

Winter is for school holidays, a time of rest for children, and teachers too. Time for Mark to make traditional Swedish cakes using his mum's recipes.

This mjuk pepparkaka was so deliciously light and fragrant, and so pretty. I love that he makes his mothers cakes, it's one way of having her close to us.  I have my Nan's PWA cookbook too, with her little jottings and notes. Aren't these precious things?

Winter is good for rugging up, for long walks with the kids & dogs, for adventures outside. Don't you love that feeling of coming inside after a big, brisk walk, feeling flushed and tired and then getting all snuggly and warm? Love it.

Sunday and I have started a winter challenge. We must walk somewhere every day. We have to leave the car at home if possible. We both think winter is ace in so many ways, and we both love to be outside, exploring and having fun. Yesterday I walked everywhere, with my bright pink umbrella, and it was GOOD! I had a lovely farewell coffee with Kate, who I will miss so much while she is away. But I'll be catching up with her via Twitter (yes I am now tweeting, sporadically) & through her blog. I bet they have some amazing adventures!

Anyway, I"m not complaining about the cold anymore, I'm getting on with things and although it can be damp and dreary, I'm trying not to focus on it so much. Lets face it, winter is good for roast dinners, apple pies, sleeping in, hot baths, knitting, dreaming, planning, baking & making. See, I've almost convinced myself!

Winter light is so pretty. I love the warm tones of this old building in our main street.
 I love the arches, the shadows.

Winter is good for meeting new people and recording their memories,
their thoughts, their lives. Tomorrow I return to talk to Ken,
and I can't wait! He is such an interesting fella.

Are you loving or hating winter? I wonder what kind of things you like
about the colder months. Hope all is well with you
lovely friends, keep warm
see you soon xo


daisy said...

your photos are beaut as always.
Miss Ducky looks like a Martha or a Nellie to me.....or for something fun how about Yo-Yo?! No wait, how about Peggy?

deux chiens et un garcon said...

dear beck

I think you have convinced me to get a better camera. The LCD screen on my compact one was found to be broken today.

Gorgeous warm light. I think it is great to feel the extreme of the seasons. I do find reall cold wind hard, but have now acquired lots of warm layers which do help.

thank you for such a lovely post.

yardage girl said...

Gorgeous photo's ... I can't wait for some cold weather!

Lola Nova said...

Right now I am loving Summer but, will have to mark this post when our winter rolls in, you've nearly convinced me too!

What wonderful things and photos!

aracne said...

I do love Winter, Summer is too hot for me. Besides as you point out, the light in Winter is beautiful, I like the little haze in the landscape, your pictures are amazing.
The cake sounds very good, any chance to get the recipe?

teddybearswednesday said...

Beautiful post Beck.
Millicient? ( she is so darn cute) ( Platypus is inspired)

PS. I will miss Kate heaps too, I hope she has the most wonderful time.

Kate said...

Look at you and your fancy new camera taking such fabulous pics! Gorgeous! I will miss you HEAPS!!! I will not miss winter though. XX

manda said...

yep , your photos are really beautiful beck...and you almost convinced me to enjoy being frozen to my bones :-) x

Jenny McH said...

"Winter is good"...for slow cooked meals, for the excuse to stay indoors and sew, for going for drives thru the misty Dandenong Ranges & stopping along the way for a coffee break, and it's easier to keep warmer in winter, than cooler on those 40c summer days.

OurGangof7 said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I look forward to exploring your blog further :-)