Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home, & away

Ooh it's a cold night tonight.. almost as freezing as it was on Monday when we left for the city. 

Daylesford was covered in a thick, pea soup mist, so magical & beautiful.

Over the last couple of school holidays our family has spent time together and in smaller groups. This really works well as everyone gets some attention, it's easier for Mark & I and much easier to negotiate the hustle & bustle of the city. This time I took Rosie & Sunday to Melbourne for a couple of days, it was great to get away.

We checked out a great new playground in North Fitzroy, just near Charlotte's old school, Nth Fitzroy Primary. I loved the design of this playground, in was designed with great sensitivity and care. The kids had a ball, being slightly deprived in the playground department! Daylesford is sadly lacking in this area...

We also went to Ikea, where I picked up some fabric, and out to dinner with Charlotte. Rosie made friends with the waiter and drew him a gorgeous picture. Next thing we knew she was meeting all the kitchen staff! Funny. Brunetti's for gelati, need I say more? Delicious, mmmmm. We also took a tram into the city to see a movie at ACMI. On the way Rosie dropped her toy doggie, Rosebud Honey, at the playground near mums. 

By the time she realised we were already watching Toy Story 3 so we had to hope & pray that RBH was still there when we returned. Luckily Mum drove by and found her so thankfully there was a happy ending. I LOVED Toy Story 3, what a great movie. I even had a tear or two at the end (so did Sunday), ...sniff!

After the film the Rosie & Sunday busted some cool girl moves at Fed Square and we caught a taxi home. Rosie was pretty excited about this as it was her first ride in a taxi! Woo hoo!
Living it up :)

Mum very kindly took the girls to the National Gallery one morning & I got to check out the 
Fabric Store in Brunswick St. Amazing!! Lovely, helpful staff and so many gorgeous rolls of fabric. I bought a few bits & pieces which I'll post about next time. Do go and have a look if you are in the area, it's amazing.

I also had fun looking at the city scapes, houses, buildings, people. I always see faces in houses, like this one above. I would love to make a series of something house related. Cushions? Embroidery? Sofites?

Not sure but there was plenty of inspiration. This is one of the many benefits, for me, of time away from home, the chance to see other things, to see differently,
to step out of the every day.

And because Fitzroy is like home to me, it's familiar yet different, which I like too. Coming home to Daylesford today felt good too, as it always does. And today I was thrilled to interview another wonderful person, Ken, who has had the most interesting and colourful life. I am so loving this project, it fills me with joy and I feel so lucky to be hearing so many amazing real life stories .

What are you up to? Are you on holidays too? Wherever you are & whatever you are doing, I hope you are also finding inspiration & joy. There are many sad things in the news lately, so much tragedy and despair, it's so important to find the sparkles of goodness, hope & love too.

Take care lovely friends, see you soon xo


Jennie said...

Want to see some beeyoutiful architecture-inspired cushions? Check out Bridget Davies' Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24901820@N07/sets/72157615139402422/

Jennie said...

Hmm, that link didn't work. Try:

Jennie said...

Argh! The bit after /sets/ should be 72157615139402422/

Trini said...

Jealous of your cold weather there in NZ! It's so strange to be reading a blog where the seasons are opposite!!

mel @ loved said...

such beautiful wintery pictures. So glad you've had a lovely time with your girls in Melb, that's such a great idea, I need to squeeze in a bit more one on one time Enjoy the rest of your holidays...x

Lola Nova said...

It sounds as though you had a really grand time. it is really nice to change your perspective every now and again. Love all the photos!

flowerpress said...

I love gates, I've pinned you!

yardage girl said...

Oh this post is beautiful - it makes me so homesick for Melbourne! We all loved Toy Story 3 too - I took Little Mister to see it at the cinema, and when the lights came up ALL of the parents had tears in their eyes. Wasn't it beautifully done. I hope the holiday continue to be wonderful! Nic x

manda said...

Hello lovely Beck...your Melbourne adventures look so fun. I want to go TODAY..nah, next week we will hit the city. P.s i love your foggy photos lately...so surreal. happy holidaying ..manda x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Beck, I have been following your postings for a while, not sure if I have made a comment before. I wanted to say how important I think your Oral History interviews are. I just emailed my sister last night, saying I wish our Great Grandmother & Grandmother had written diaries or letters about their life in Broken Hill when they arrived there in 1910 from England. Some many wonderful stories are lost as our elders of the community pass away. Love your beautiful photos of winter & of your delightful family.
from Jenny M PS. love your rabbits too!

hester said...

What a happy exciting post. I love the way you have created a life so full of wonderful experiences. What a gift for your family. And I really love the first photo of your girl walking in the wintry forest.