Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday thoughts...

We've got a bit of a cockatoo situation at the moment. Attracted by the chook scraps a gang of cockatoos has been hanging out in our front yard, chewing the front fence, acting tough and generally being a bit of a nuisance.

They are a beautiful bird though so I can't be too cross. Lovely Betty from the Op Shop suggested I throw some plastic toy snakes on the grass to deter them. It seems to be working!

Do you like this little frock? I couldn't resist this little vintage dress that I found in an oppie the other day. I no longer have anyone who would fit into it...but  it has little white scottie dogs on it...and it's just so sweet!!

I might just hang it on the wall..:)

Yesterday I started cutting up the beautiful grey Italian wool fabric I bought at The Fabric Store.

I was keen to see how a bunny would look using different fabric.  It's more of a stream lined look, I like it! What do you think? 

Today I was so happy & grateful to have the chance to go and watch Billy & Lucy play for the Hepburn Burra's.

I think Bill caught me snapping away here, he looks a bit embarrassed!

Usually we are at ballet on Saturdays so it was ace to have the opportunity to  the kids play footy and netball. And Charlotte came too!

It's been pretty cold and wintery here lately. I think we are all suffering a bit from the winter blues. The kids are a bit ratty, I'm feeling's not all bad but I am feeling a bit house bound. How do you cope in the winter months? Do you get grumpy too?

At least it's good weather for baking! Today we came home and I whipped up some scones...mmmm.
There was a period of total silence (45 seconds maybe...) as everyone happily munched on scones with home made quince jelly and cream. Oh boy, yum yum.

And tonight ! Yes! We are going out to a friends house for dinner, woo hoo! I can't wait.
What are you up to this weekend?
Take care, see you soon xo


Tania said...

I love the streamlined bunny and I couldn't think of anything more reasonable than hanging that dress up on the wall and if I had to measure kid rattiness in scones they'd reach to the moon and back. Breathe.

Maxabella said...

Your world is always such a nice place to visit, Beck.

We have a cockatoo 'situation' in the gums out the front of our place. They roost there and the noise and poo drives me batty. Last December we found that flashing Christmas lights were the one thing that made them instantly fly away and stay away. Guess who has permanent Chrissy lights these days? x

Kymmie said...

Oh Beck. Loving your scones, your lovely new dress, your stitched up friend... and the list goes on. Lots to be grateful here at your place. So glad I stopped by. It's been a long time!


georgi hampton said...

oh I just love the beautiful picture of the mist, it's gorgeously composed. And the scones look delicious. It's very similar weather here today and so bread is rising in the hot water cupboard .. great minds think alike!

teddybearswednesday said...

love the new old dress and the bun in progress ( as well as eyeing off those scones)
hope ¥ou have a great time tonight.
PS still hoping I might catch you soon for a cuppa xo

Jennie said...

So lovely to visit your place Beck. It looks mighty cold there tho. Hope you guys have a great weekend.XXJ (those scones look amazing!)

aracne said...

I get grumpy in Summer, heat is killing me now and I look with envy to your wintery pictures.
If I had been in your kitchen I would have been silent for longer than 45 seconds while eating those super yummy scones, they look so tempting.
By the way, the Italian bunny is, of course, very elegant!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

cheeky cockies. yummy scones and very sweet scotty dress. love the orange.

enjoy your dinner with friends. such good times.


ZippyZippy said...

Those scones look delicious! Yes, we are suffering from a bit of winter frazzle too :(
The cocky's are beautiful, we raised one when I was younger. His cage was open in the daytime, he just flew around the farm and always came back, he even followed us around while we were horse riding, trying to chatter away with us. He was always helping in the cattle yards and sheep yards - very funny. Enjoy your evening

Miss Prudence said...

ooooow, cockatoos! Grrrrr! Truly they are the hooligans of the bird world -I blogged about last year (see hooliganism on labels)
I was just about to make scones when I read this post - I am off to make scones!

mumsarcade said...

Lovely reasons and such diversity too. Scones look yummy too. Most of all, I love that vintage dress and you could shout out about it on Monday over on the Me and My Shadow blog that celebrates second-hand bargains.
The bunny is adorable.
A really lovely post.

Sandrine said...

Such a nice wintery feel Beck! Your streamline bunny looks wonderful I love that grey wool combined with fabrics gorgeous!Hope your week is starting well :)