Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roses & goodness

Thinking about the lovely treasures I found at the op shop in Kyenton yesterday. Lucy & I found ourselves wandering happily through the sweetest oppie ever. The cheery sounds of the op shop ladies chattering away filled the space reminding me how very important it is to belong, to share our daily lives with others. This little jug winked at me from a shelf, hello I said, come live with me,

and I will love you & fill you with roses.

While Lucy looked at the fabric I turned the next corner and found this dear little box.

Full of coloured knitting needles and sewing bits.
So sweet.

We also bought a spotty bag and some fabric for Lucy.
On the way out we looked in the window and marvelled
at the display of gorgeous old plates & cups.
Hiding near the edge was Mrs Cow Jug.
Oh! What a thrill! My Nan had a jug just like this
so of course it had to come home with us too.
We scooted back inside in time to see a woman collecting the money she had 
dropped on the floor earlier, lots of oohing and ahhing re the 
kindess of the Finder (so true), we paid our $3 and walked
out with a spotty bag full of roses & goodness. 

Feeling....the happy weight of the many things I am juggling at the moment. You  know that good feeling that comes when you are satisfied with your lot? When you are challenged but  not despairing?
That's me right now. Lots on the go and all feels right. 

Partly I'm happy as although I'm not working at the moment I feel like I'm contributing to some really worthwhile things, besides looking after our family. I'm enjoying the Oral History project I'm involved with, my involvement at our school is very satisfying & I'm nervously looking forward to the Foster Care training I will be doing this weekend. 

Loving watching iview and ironing at the same time! Weird but true. Today I snuck in Grand Designs, one of my favourite shows. Have you watched this one? So inspiring. 

And, I wrote a poem today. Did I ever tell you I majored in poetry while studying Professional Writing  & Literature?  It's a long time ago now, and I only dabble in poetry these days. It felt good to write one today, I was thinking about my Dad & the words just came. Maybe I'll show you sometime.

Also loving..these two new cardi's knitted by Mum. If only I had the time to make bunnies...I can't seem to find it lately. Sometimes I just have to just have faith that a pocket, a little window will open and somehow there will be time to sew. Loving too, Room by Emma Donoghue. Have you read it? I remember reading about it and thinking I wasn't that interested, but once I picked it up I couldn't put it down.

Feeling...a lot of love for my family. A little demented by my family. Aware that I have a party to organise, meals to cook, washing to do, tempers to sooth, lists to write. Also feeling lucky that we are all well and warm and safe in our little house in Daylesford. The sun is coming out now, time to go and feed the ducks.

Hope all is well in your part of the world, 
what are you feeling, loving, thinking about today?
See you soon, dear friends xo


Posie Patchwork said...

Simply stunning roses, what a beautiful day out & those knitting needles, what a sweet surprise. Love Posei

monkeemoomoo said...

What gorgeous finds. I have been spotting a few of those little jugs myself lately,we used have a similar one when I was a child. Unfortunately they are still in the little bric brac shop as they are not under $3:00.

But gosh! it does look good filled with roses:)

flowerpress said...

Feeling... jealous of your oppy finds!
A lovely thoughtful post, I think you would be wonderful at fostering, it takes a special sort of person, I heard an interesting interview on Richard Feidler's show recently about carers and they were amazing.

Floss said...

Hello busy Beck!That fabric box is like a brighter, breezier version of the ones I collect here in France. Ben said the lovely Christmas tablecloth you sent me had a particular Australian vibrancy we don't find in Europe. I think your box fits that description too!

Amber said...

Those roses are just beautiful. Such a beautiful and refreshing sight..xxx

Kate said...

Amazing, amazing finds. It feels like a while since you've been treasure hunting but you sure made up for it.
Are you really going to foster? Wow! I feel like we desperately need a cuppah and a catch up to cover all this news.
Missing you honey. xx

Miss Muggins said...

Such a beautiful post, and such beautiful treasures. I Love the way you described the happy weight of juggling. I know too how that feels, and I think it sums it up perfectly. You are a lady of hidden treasures. Good luck with your training, and heres to plenty of poems. May the sun continue to shine on you and light your way through all of your love, feelings, hopes and thoughts.

Maria Rose said...

Wow, those are some awesome finds!

manda said...

dont you just love a good op shop adventure :-) i do too :-) its the best kind of shopping. i too think you would be wonderful at fostering.. there seems to be no shortage of love at dandelion headquarters. we are having a japanese exchange student come stay soon..that should be so much fun. x manda

Sherri B. said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot on this trip! So many great finds, especially the fabric box with the knitting needles and sewing bits. That is always the find that makes me feel like I am going to squeal,as those little boxes always have something great in them!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Dear Beck

So much is going on, but you radiate such calmness. softness and beauty.

You must have some great oppies near you. One day will hav to head down that way.

Much love

Thereisabuttonmissing said...

My Mum has the exact same jug...only it looks a bit worse for wear these days.
What a great find!