Monday, July 25, 2011


Freddie had been loving this wet winter we are having. There is a lot of leaf snuffling going on in Duck Land lately, and much puddle grazing & exploring of mud, with beak. Just after his family hatched out this year someone told me that a large lay of duck eggs means a wet winter will follow. Remember, they had 13 ducklings! Seems that particular old wives tale was spot on. Another bit of folk lore I heard recently was that your hair will fall out in chestnut season! Which is weird because mine did just that. Not all of it, but a lot!  Luckily it's growing back now. Do you know any weird wives tales? Funny how they are called that. I wonder if there are any husband tales out there...

Speaking of hair... Rosie found a wig in the dress up box and wore it all of yesterday.

The effect was strangely unsettling & compelling at the same time!

How was your weekend? We had a good one, not too busy, just right. On Saturday after we got home from ballet I had some time in the garden. Raking, tidying up the beds, putting new hay in for the duckies and chooks. Fun! I found a stash of chook eggs so now I know they are laying again I can keep an eye out. I love having fresh eggs, it always seems so weird to have to buy them. The next day the kids and I sorted out Bill's Lego. It was surprisingly fun! We bought new containers and colour coded the massive box of little pieces. Very satisfying.

Besides that we just hung out, having fun. And a few tantrums as well, for good measure. I also went for a walk around Lake Daylesford, just to check my legs still work (they do). It was very muddy and slippery, but still so beautiful.

Back home with my lovelies we had cupcakes for afternoon tea,

a test run for Rosie's party next weekend.

Wow, I can't believe she is turning 6 soon! How did that happen? She has been trying so hard lately to be a big girl. Getting herself dressed, remembering her manners, being more independent. It's so sweet to watch.

Speaking of birthdays, guess who turns 4 today?
Little Daisy. Rosie wrapped up some treats for her
and made a card.  Happy Birthday Daisy!

What's happening in your world this week?
I have a long list of things to do and think about, including
...looking for work,  (!), organising passports,
planning Rosie's party, parent teacher interviews,
possibly having dinner with Charlotte,
and a million or so other things.
I have a feeling it's going to be a great week,
hope yours is too.
See you soon xo


Faeryfay said...

Happy Birthday Daisy! Gorgeous!

Jennie said...

Beautiful beautiful photos of your family Beck!

(and i can't get over how much alike my partner looks, to your husband! Tho David has a goatee and going a bit grey!)xx

Floss said...

Lovely to read your news - ducks really do seem very appealing... Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful, busy week. Our week is the good (a holiday week at home), with just a touch of the bad and the ugly (money juggling). We'll be playing games indoors until an unseasonal rainy period stops - the forecasters assure us this will be on Thursday! But it's great for the garden while it lasts... Have a lovely week, Beck.

mel @ loved said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful, I'm glad you made time to go for a nice walk, this is something I am terrible at but really want to improve. That lego sorting sounds like a great idea, I tell you a little of that around here would be VERY satisfying! Have a fabulous week

teddybearswednesday said...

is it just my imagination or does Freddie get more and more handsome as he matures. Must be the whole father hood thing.
Love all the old wives tales coming true, i'm a sucker for that stuff.
And i do agree about Rosie in that wig.
sounds like the perfect sort of weekend. Love as always catching up on all thing Beck and beck's family.
And as usual I'm eyeing off your latest bakings.
big love to you all xo

hester said...

Oh my...your children are such beautiful creatures, Beck.