Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spacing out

Making bunnies is fun. I love the way they are transformed from bits of blanket offcuts,

into creatures, with personalities,

and eyes, ears, noses, clothes!! This little one was finished earlier this week and has gone to live with a brand new baby. I hope they have lots of cuddles and fun together. Now I need to quick sticks get onto another bunny for a dear sweet boy who is turning one this weekend.  

Besides bunnies I've also been working on a new re purposed skirt. This time I took a beautiful cashmere jumper over to Phillippa's, after unsuccessfully trying to dye it using my front loader. Never again. Stove top dying is definitely more effective, for me anyway.

Using another skirt as a template I snipped around the edges, getting the shape I wanted.

The shoulder/sleeve bits become part of the skirt,

adding to the shape. I like this effect, it gives the skirt some direction, some snazz.

I really must get my own over locker, I can see how it could really help me
in the world of bunny making, and so many other sewing adventures.

Such as turning these sleeves to turn into lovely cashmere arm warmers!

Ok so there was a spot of silly dancing (I can't help's a worry...) and lots of chatting and cake,
and the skirt did get sewn up and hemmed. But I'll wait to show you the final result as I 
want to dye it first and just check on the length.

What are you up to on this fine Thursday? I'm a bit spaced out today,
feeling a bit weary and not with it. I better get my act together as the school hoidays start this weekend!

Have you been working on something interesting?
I'm off to check out some other spaces,
here. Why don't you join me?

See you soon lovely friends,


flowerpress said...

So clever, I love the idea of a cashmere skirt, and those sleeve bits make it look like a twirly bias skirt. I'm bracing here to for the school holidays, I'm thinking of dreaming up some master chef challenges/basic skills lessons for my boys!

Squirrelhaus said...

Awww what a sweet bunny!!! I love him! So creative, I will have to try my hand at this!
Chris :o)

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I love seeing another Plaid bunny coming along, a brother or sister of my dear Beth!
and the skirt looks amazing Beck, sooo professional ( if that's not insulting to say that ) big hugs xo

Tania said...

I am loving the skirty business you have happening! Especially with those flirty little 'armpit' side-skirt-frills...(!)