Friday, July 15, 2011

all good things must come to an end...

The school holidays are coming to an end,  boo hoo!
Here are some photo's from the last two weeks....

beautiful chookie..

sun light through the trees..

happy girls..

pussy cat..

rosella in the front yard..
 Woody & Rosie at ACMI..

black lambs at Glenlyon..

...and of course vegemite! A favourite food around these parts!

It's been a great couple of weeks, we've been to the city, to movies, played outside,
seen friends, baked heaps of delicious cakes & biccies,
been to op shops, parks, cafes, exhibitions, taken photo's, made things,
celebrated a birthday..phew..what else?

We've had Charlotte home with us, we've planned a new renovation (!),
we went to a wave pool, out to dinner and
we've talked about the possibility of going to the US next year (!),
there's been dancing, making, gardening, dog walking and some adventuring!
And today I"m so happy to say that we signed up to sponsor a child through World Vision. 

So it's been a full and fun time, have you been on school holidays too?
Hope the last few days are happy & relaxing,
and not too taxing..:)
See you soon lovely friends



Vic said...

I had a yikes moment when you linked on twitter, but Phew... just school holidays! Looks like you've had a great time.

I am thinking about maybe perhaps possibly taking The Punk to L'America next year, but I don't know if I'm brave enough!

CurlyPops said...

Mmmm vegemite! Looks like you had a fun filled school holiday break.

hester said...

My goodness! How did you pack all those wonderful things into your holidays? (Much better than spending a week in hospital like Greta and I did). And congratulations on adopting a World Vision child. It's a wonderful thing to do.

messyfish said...

How wonderful!!!!