Monday, July 18, 2011


So the holidays are over. Here are some random things that have gone through my mind over the last little while.

Kids: Our son is growing up! He is almost 10 and moving into that next stage of his life. Being the only boy in the family (not counting Mark) is sometimes hard for him but he is pretty good natured about it and gets along with the girls. (Most of the time.) He is a great boy and I couldn't ask for a better son.
I've really enjoyed hanging out with him over the holidays. All our kids are growing up, it's scary! The four younger ones are so close together that they seem to age in one big group. When they were little (and we had four kids five & under) it was so crazy and hectic, it's really a blur. Now they are older it's a lot easier, and I've just noticed lately that they aren't little kids anymore.

Birds. I am really into birds. I've bored my Facebook friends with this photo already but I just couldn't help sharing it with you too. I was actually snapping the bird in silhouette when the other one swooped down to get a piece of the action. Chook scraps that is, not camera.

Family. I've been really conscious of the many dynamics within our family over the holidays. Ups and downs, phew! One thing I've tried not to do is to get involved in every little argument, it gives it all so much more importance and then the situation seems to escalate. It's boring at times, listening to their little niggles, and frustrating. But that's family life isn't it? I guess this is how they learn to work things out. I"m loving the cuddles though, see above, and the way my kids have each other to play with. That is a real bonus of having children close together. So I guess the good outweighs the not so good.

Pet love. Is there anything sweeter? We're all about pets around here. Daisy is always on hand for some loving. She seems to be very sensitive to anyone who is upset or crying, she comes on over to lick those tears away.  Dearest doggie. Our fluffy silkie bantams are going really well and I"m hoping for some baby chickies when the weather warms up. Guess what? One of the back yard chooks laid an egg today! Woo hoo! Keep them coming girls..

Weather: Yesterday there was actual SUNSHINE! Can you see it?
Such a good day that I made the girls go outside where they 
had heaps of fun of course. Tea parties, shops, petals & sand cakes, alright!
This week I fully intend to continue with my attempts to keep exercising despite the 
cold, wet weather. Here's hoping.

Imagination. Children have such amazing imaginations. Rosie worked so hard on her Snap game, and it's so fun to play! I love watching her learn to read, to write, losing herself in a world of colour & shape & words. Holidays are good for that too. Gee, I'm going to miss that Rosie Posie when she goes back to school. She's still my little baby you know...

Love. Need I say more? 

Char came home on Friday night for the WHOLE weekend. Yay!  She carved this apple, cute huh? It's been so good to be all together. I love that Melbourne isn't that far away and she can visit us anytime. Not so good is that Mark's sister & her family are a long plane flight away. We keep up on Facebook but sometimes it's hard watching the kids grow up on the computer. We hope to visit next year...can you imagine how amazing that would be?

Ducks. Thank you for your suggestions re duck names, there were some real beauties!
After much consideration we are naming our ducky girl, Jess, in honour of the
Queen of Wonkiness herself. Jess, there is something so sweet and honest, kind and clever and thoughtful about our little duck that she reminded me of you.  Oh and she is very pretty. Her brother, Platypus, agrees.


So, me hearties, it's the start of a whole new week, a whole new term!!
I wonder what we will all get up to over the next ten weeks.
I love beginnings, they are like a lovely present that you slowly unwrap.
Anything could be inside..
hope your week is a great one,
see you soon xo


teddybearswednesday said...

Ok I am speechless.
Beyond honoured and touched, or complimented ( Jess is far prettier than me)
i love her thank you Beck! xoxo
PS beautiful post too special one

Jemm said...

So glad everything is good in your part of the world. I love seeing your kiddos and chickens and ducks. What kind of bird is that on the fence?

deux chiens et un garcon said...

i love reading what is in your world.

so wholesome.


ZippyZippy said...

What a beautiful wrap-up of family life. Good point about not getting caught up in the arguments - it does give it more importance that it does not need. I need to focus on that. Hubby say's, "just ingnore the bickering" but sometimes it is soooo hard to tune out. Have a great week :)

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Your photos are beautiful! I am paying a little visit to some of my old followers from the etsy forums today -- I really wish they hadn't changed it over there.

Glad to see you're still blogging! Stop by any time!

:) Maureen

crzylady said...

what a lovely holiday! and yes, they do appear to be getting so big (the kids). Glad to hear you are enjoying it all (and being able to step back from some it - never easy)

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

ohh, such a gorgeous reflective post Bec'. Time really does fly sometimes, it seems like in an instant the small people have become bigger and more independant. Beautiful photographs of beautiful people and life at home. P xo

rachel skrobalak said...

hey i just you have a rosie girl too?! i love this name so much xx