Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

It was a beautiful, warm weekend but I do have a kind of longing for cooler nights and I'm sure Autumn is not that far away. Meanwhile the kids have been making the most of the weather, playing outside

and having fun.

I loved swinging on my swing when I was little.
It felt like I could fly.

The duckies are happy and getting bigger. They are funny creatures, shuffling in and out of their little yard, looking curiously at us. One of their favourite things is when we change their pool water, they frolic and play and preen. Fun to watch!

Our vegie garden has been in slow motion...still only a handful of red tomatoes but millions of green ones. Rosie has been waiting patiently but is getting a bit antsy...come on tomatoes! The watermelons are growing well though, but can someone tell me how to tell when they are ripe?

Bill has been updating his blog. He & Ruby set up a shot with all his Tiger memorabilia. Looking good Bill!

The girls had some fun with our new dollhouse. We need to do some work on it, the wallpaper in some of the rooms is pretty ratty but it is so charming and sweet anyway.

I'm in baking mode at the moment. Yesterday it was Jam Roll! Basically you use a basic sponge cake recipe.

Pour it into a shallow pan and cook for 10-15 mins.
Turn out on a teatowel sprinkled with sugar,

And roll up the cake while still warm. When it has cooled on a rack you carefully unroll and spread with rasberry jam. Or any jam that tickles your fancy.

It worked out pretty well, next weekend I'm going to try a traditional sponge!
Passionfruit icing maybe?

Cake is good but so is salad for dinner out on the deck.
Lots of vegies including some delicious radish bought at the
Daylesford Organics farm gate stall.

Wow, this is turning into a mega post, are you still awake? Would you like to have a little rest in my new sitting nook? Come on, sit down and I'll bring you a cup of tea and a slice of jam roll.
We can have a chat about what you have been up to lately.
Hang on a minute, I'll just go and put the kettle on, xo


zofia said...

Oh how lovely. And that little grinning monkey just made my day!

crzylady said...

wonderful! What a great way to kick off a new week. Love the dollhouse. Always have had a thing for minis (but have refrained from purchasing as I think I would never stop)

sue said...

I will ask my dad for you Beck about the watermelons, he grows everything in his backyard! The swing would be lots of fun. Paul's parents used to have a swing in their backyard tied from a tree and Lachie used to swing on it everyday. He loved it. Pity I dont have any big trees in my garden for Isabelle to have a swing. The little monkey is very cute, did you make him or did he find you!

Violet and Rose said...

We have had no luck with our watermelon. I won't show my girls your photo.

Jam roll! Yes! I am going to make one this week. Thanks for sharing that.

Jenifir said...

What a charming sitting nook! I would accept the invite but I cannot afford the airfare. We would call your Jam roll a Jelly roll in Canada which must be an Americanism as we still call jam jam and jelly is not sticky enough for a Jam roll. Isn't it funny how we all speak the same language but meanings change slightly depending on where you are?

Little Ted Canvas said...

No I couldn't get tired of your posts, love them! Though I am sitting here with a glass of wine instead of tea - it is after 7pm! I loved the swing too, my absolute favourite & that jam roll looks scrumptous...

TopCat76 said...

ooh jam roll and a cuppa? Yes please! Your post has me longing for the summer, it's another dreary, wet, grey day here in the UK. I want some warm sun please! (Oh and don't forget the jam roll ;op )


such beautiful photos - my fave is of your beautiful girl on the swing...looking so free and happy.
nothing beats a swing!

Copper Patch said...

Looks like a dreamy life to me!
No idea about the watermelon even though I am growing some too. However I know that the cake looks scrumptious and I could help you eat it. I would even sit quietly in the nook as I did...with a plate for the crumbs of course :o)

Olivia said...

Beautiful children, garden, veggies, ducks, a crochet covered nook, all in Daylesford. What a beautiful life!
I can't help you with the watermelons either ... all I manage here is a few herbs on a window sill.

teddybearswednesday said...

Who is that Monkey? He is wonderful.
I love a good jam roll, it looks delicious.
what a lovely post, duckies are so cutex

picciolo said...

what a post! I love the cute little monkey, and your new little sitting nook (yes please to a cup of tea) your jam roll looks delicious and passionfruit icing sounds it!
: )

WarsawMommy said...

That Jam Roll looks fantastic. Wish I could drop on by for a cup of tea and a slice...

Have the kids stopped playing tennis with each other's heads?? ;)

charlotte said...

Just a note to say hi, and I love your blog, and I miss you

Kate said...

I guess we are at that busy stage where we were late last year where we have to catch up through our blogs. Thanks so much for the link, I'll have to pop over soon with some more radishes so we can catch up in real life. I hope you are having a lovely week. XX

Bird Bath said...

tee hee! The nook sure does look inviting. I ended up googling up some info on ripening watermelons today, after I cut up a second watermelon that was white. There were a few tips about the skin tone, underside, tendrils drying up and a few more clues to look for besides the 'tapping' method. I'm determined to enjoy at least one ripe watermelon from out patch!

Meg said...

We have the same problem with our toms. The rain is blessed, but so's the sun for ripening. Next year we are going to only plant cherry toms, as they ripen so quickly.

In other red news, thank you so much for my book!

Who said adults can't have bedtime stories too?? I'm counting down the minutes till I get to snuggle down in doona land, while PJ reads it to me.

Hope you guys have a great Chill Out. xx