Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue skies...

What a beautiful sunny weekend we have just had. On Saturday the two younger girls and I set off for the first day of ballet for 2010. Sunday has decided to give ballet a go too, here she is above, on the far left, looking so lovely in pale blue.

Rosie's class was next and she was so excited to have her friend Freya joining her.

Back at home we settled in to a bit of gardening... check out this zucchini! It's so massive and bizarre. Mark took it to school today to show his class. I don't know how this fella snuck under the radar, he has been growing in there, on the quiet for weeks!

It's been fun being out in the garden as the weather has been so pleasant. Our summer hasn't been as hot as last years, nor has there been the same threat of bushfire. Although there is always the potential for fire we haven't had the same relentless days of heat & wind. It was a sad weekend too in the remembering of the devastation of Black Saturday & the loss of life, of families, children, loved ones, animals, homes. I feel a real emptiness inside when I think of what people have gone through in the year since the fires. I hope that they are healing and finding hope in their lives. One of the good things that came out of the fire though was the sense of community. All over Australia, and the world, people's hearts went out to the victims of the fires. Generous and caring people helped to rebuild, sent money and clothing, toys and bedding and love. I'm sure this made a difference.

On Sunday the girls & I walked up to the Daylesford Sunday Market.

Passing this sheep...

...and this cute puppy. Her name is Schnoogie!

The market was bustling and fun and full of treasures. Pet Rock's were the popular item of the day!

Soon it was time to head back home where my decluttering is continuing.

As a dedicated hoarder & opshopper I am concious that my house is rather ....cluttered. This also comes from acquiring bits from my grandparents when they died, Mark's parents & my stepfather. Lots of books! Which I love but I'm thinking some may have to go.

So my project for 2010 (it could take that long) is to keep decluttering, sorting & being careful not to go too crazy in the opshops (this is hard). I really should have my own shop so that I can justify my treasure hunting tendencies! Anyway, I'm enjoying going through things and trying to make the house a bit neater but still warm and friendly. These shelves below are a major magnet for 'stuff'. This is the before photo, stay tuned for the after shot!

We finished a lovely weekend with a swim at the pool and icecreams at the icecream shop, which is sadly closing down.

Blue skies, a swimming pool, icecream, & friends.

Life is good! Hope you had a great weekend too, see you soon xo


hester said...

Hi Beck. I cried and cried watching the television programme last night about the families who went through the bushfires. So so sad.

Your beautiful ballerinas just cheered me up though.

And I am decluttering too. Hard with a household of hoarders but worth it for the extra space and calm.

crzylady said...

ohhh what a great weekend and love your goal for de-cluttering. I love to organize.. I do I do. can't wait to see the pics.

manda said...

Hi Beck
we have two ballerinas here too. Aren't they beautiful :-)
and as for the vegie gardening...on Saturday I so very nearly stepped on a tiger snake aaaaaagh!!!! seems we will have some whopper zucchinis growing in our garden soon...because im not going back out there! x manda

Rachelle said...

glad you like the envelopes, thinking of making some more for the april market (i think i have bought all the hankies in the ballarat op shops) i'm on a quest this year to stop buying stuff and de-clutter the stuff i've got.. unfortunately i have this urge to hold onto stuff just in case i someday get more time to use it, like thats going to happen.

it must be the soil around here becuase we have some whopper zucchinis, they seem to grow overnight!

Sarah said...

I've just found your blog and I think we must be on the same wavelength! I've just done a makeover of our bookcase. Now what do I do with all the books I don't want???

I also am having a declutering year and isn't it going to be free and light feeling?

Your ballerinas look super beautiful in their buns and leotards.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

What a lovely weekend you had!

I too am a collector of 'stuff'. All the sewing and kids stuff doesn't help matters either...look forward to your organized shelves. Maybe they will motivate me ;) xox

Caroline said...

What a beautiful summery post. I feel refreshed - thanks.

Floss said...

Beautiful weekend, Beck! Thanks for the lovely photos. Decluttering is a good goal... maybe your progress will inspire me!

CurlyPops said...

What a fantastic weekend! Now matter how hard I try, it's really hard to resist bringing home more clutter from the's an addiction!

RoLuc said...

It's such a good thing to go through all your stuff and clear out. I know I need to do it. I know I'll feel better for it....but when will I have time and should I set up a stall one wweekend at the market? hhmmm

Bek said...

It does sound like you had a great weekend! I love the pictures of your little ballerinas too- I am hoping to find a dance lesson for Jemima for later this year. I have such fond memories of dancing when I was a kid. I had such a lovely teacher that was always encouraging despite my lack of talent!

Sarah said...

That barre looks very familiar Beck.......I think I used to dance at the same ballet school!! Such a small world! Your Angelina Ballerina's look beatiful.