Thursday, June 16, 2011


Oh boy, life seems a little crazy this week. Busy, busy! I finally finished up my brooch for the brooch swap, and made a little bundle of goodies to send with it. I hope she likes it.

Out in the garden these two have been creating some fun of their own. Mama Zsa Zsa & Papa Freddie may be welcoming some new little ones sometime this winter...:) Aren't they a cute couple?

Not sure about Norman the Plymouth Rock though. He is too busy cock a doodling and doesn't seem the romantic type. Yet. He is a handsome devil though isn't he? When we first brought him home he was a weedy looking sad sack of a bird, but look at him now!

I'd love to make a chook/rooster soft toy one day. And I've had some thoughts about a duck cushion too.
Guess I'll add it to the list!

Oh the loveliness of neighbours. One in particular. Alison From Next Door left this amazing apple cake on my kitchen bench yesterday. It was pure heaven biting into its rich softness while sipping on a hot cup of tea. I can't tell you how much I appreciated this delicious gift.

I was thrilled also to receive a my very own brooch this week too! This dear sweet flower arrived with a pretty vintage hankie, some buttons and pretty thread. I wear a lot of purple and pink so it will feel right at home. It was made by lovely Lis from peace'n'piece, thanks Lis, I do love it so. Aren't swaps the best? It's such a nice way to connect with other bloggers. Thanks Susie for organising this excellent swap.

This week I'm finishing off some bunny orders, such as this little sweetheart.  Don't forget that I love to make custom bunnies, just email me and we'll have a chat about colours & fabric. Mum is on a roll with her little cardigans lately, she just delivered a batch that are gorgeous gelati colours. Yay! My own knitting has stalled slightly as I get my head around stitch holders and pockets. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it..eventually. Lets hope Rosie has her cardi THIS winter.

Today I'm excited as Charlotte is coming home for three weeks! We have lots of plans and it will be great just to hang out with her. I'm also thinking about buying a bigger, better camera as I'm getting more & more into my photography. Any suggestions lovely friends? I need to do some serious research, I'm sure Char will help too.

Anyway, better get a wriggle on, much to do today. I think I'll make a cuppa first and check out some of these spaces..why don't you too?
Lots of love to you & yours,
from me & mine. See you soon xo


flowerpress said...

Your brooch is just lovely Beck! And I love the little stash you're sending. I'm sure your swappee is going to be so delighted :-)
I know who your swapper is so I'll email you her address.

Oh and you must get an DSLR camera. I have had two Nikons in a row and I think they're fantastic. Mine now is a D90. I'll send you the link to where I bought it. x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

Your lovely brooch caught my eye, which was then overshadowed by possibly the best-looking chooks I'e ever seen.

Then I noticed the bunnies and knew I'd seen them before. So sorry I didn't get to use them in Notebook before it closed as they looked very pretty in the photos we took. The company deciding not to release the December issue even though it had been shot, written and in the final production stages was upsetting (read annoying) to us all.

teddybearswednesday said...

your brooch is gorgeous Beck, the receiver will love it.
Great news about Char ( but does that mean you're not coming down to melbs?)
You know me, I never get enough of your gorgeous Ducks, especially Freddie.
Although, about Norman , watch out Freddit, there's a new spunk in town!! xo

Sandrine said...

Oh yes bizzy bizzy!! Your brooch "swapper" will be delighted!
I got my Nikon DSLR late last year and LOVING it! Mistake I made buying the first level in the entry level (if it makes sense :) I find mine D3000 very noisy and I already dream of the D90...I think Nikon or Canon you can go wrong.All the best with it...

T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm surprised all the little chickadees are not after Norman! He is gorgeous! Really, I thought he was a statue. So perfect! That apple cake was a true gift and I bet it was delicious. Your brooch and the one you received are lovely indeed. Sounds like you are definitely keeping busy, in a good way. Enjoy your visit with Charlotte. Best wishes, Tammy

Squirrelhaus said...

Love your little brooch flower, it turned out super cute!!!
Chris :o)

Kate said...

How amazing is next door neighbour Alison. Crazy busy herself, she is so quick to offer help.
Love your owl brooch and would love to see your take on a chooky/rooster softie.
Coffee next week sounds fab. x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

That bunny is sooooooo adorable! And some nice birds too! lol!

Your swap goods are lovely, a lucky girl who gets that lot!

Sam Findlay said...

What a wonderful little parcel to receive!

Your bunnies are so sweet, I love them!

Erica said...

Your brooch is just lovely Beck! Super cute!

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Ames and Tash said...

What a lovely brooch! And the other goodies!

Your ducks and chooks look gorgeous too. Hope you are all having a happy weekend :)