Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Snipping & Snapping

Do you like my new skirt? Recently I found a sky blue cashmere jumper at the op shop for a dollar that  was too big, the colour all wrong but so beautiful and soft. I'd been trying to think how I could change it, maybe dye it grey, sew in the sides...when suddenly I thought about turning it upside down and making it into a skirt!

Yesterday I took another jumper over to Phillippa's do do a test run. Made from lovely soft, black lambswool it was too small, but perfect for trying my idea out on. The bottom rib of the jumper became the waistband and with some snipping and overlocking it was suddenly a skirt! I'm in love with it. It's so warm and cosy.

The part where the sleeves began had to be incorporated into the skirt but they are actually a cute feature and add a bit of swish. I can't wait to start on the other jumper, Charlotte is off to Spotlight today so I must remember to get her to pick me up some charcoal dye. I"m loving this project! Daisy could care less, she just wants some loving.

Speaking of projects,

I have three little new cardigans that are inspiring me to make some new bunnies. I took some quick snaps of them today.

Aren't the colours snazzy?

This water melon one is delicious.

And so are these three who had a day off school last week.

And what did they do? Played ballet classes of course.
Anyway, I better get going. I'm a bit excited for today I am doing my first interview for Hepburn Voices.
We are recording the oral histories of people from our town,
and my lovely neighbour Jack, 
will be telling me all about his life while being filmed and recorded.

Talking of history, I'll leave you with a photo that I found the other day, of Mark & I.
I've made it my profile pic on Facebook and have had such sweet messages about it.

It's nice to remember the old days isn't it?
Hope you are having a happy week,
see you soon xo


mel @ loved said...

That's such a lovely picture of you both & I love what you've done with the jumper! What a great idea, I might just try that..

Katrina said...


This is a great idea.... there is a desingner that supplies Stockroom in Kyneton with a similier thing, you should come over for the day sand check it out. and also visit me !!!! loving your photo you took for me and everytime I look at it I think of all the amzing people I miss so so much. Katrina xxxxxx

Tania said...

The Smallest is sitting on my head at the moment and there was a sharp intake of breath at the "BEWDIFUL BALLEWINAS!" Almost says it all, really.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I love your skirt idea! I'm going to hunt through my jumpers to see if I can find a suitable one. Bet it keeps your bum nice and cosy!

Love your photos very much. My little one got all excited when she saw your ducklings in the sidebar, they are adorable.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

very celver upcycling.

very sweet photo of you two ove birds.

Monique said...

What a great idea. One of my favourite jumpers is a bit snug and short after two babes and a lot of washing but I can't bear to throw it away. was thinking I might felt it into something but this is a far better idea. I am going upstairs now to see if it works.

PS what a cute shot!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh beck I love seeing this blast from the past, of you and Mark, it's such a glorious photo.
love your skirt too, what a great idea.
big love to you and give a bit too to freddie from me xo

Sue said...

Oh dont you two look gorgeous. Your skirt looks great Beck and I love your boots too. I am still searching for the right pair for winter! Your girls look as though they enjoyed their day off.

Pipany said...

That skirt is a brilliant idea Beck! Would never have thought of doing that. Lovely picture of you both and the girls in their ballet outfits x

Michelle said...

Your new skirt is just lovely...and I adore the little swish it has...
Great look for winter...

The little cardigans are amazing!!!

Jennie said...

The skirt looks brilliant - and so soft and comfy! What a great bit of repurposing!!

Your ballerinas are so beautiful Bec. They look like they know alot about what to do! I was told I was too 'big' (tall i think!) for ballet. Even tho I got an honors for it!XXJ

Elisabeth said...

The skirt is great! Love it! The cardigan and fabrics are just sweet, can´t wait to see what it will be when finised. And you and Mark and ballerina girls - Darling !!


Susan said...

that's the best idea - I LOVE the skirt! I need to find an old jumper to convert.

Kate said...

How divine is that photo of you and Mark!
I just love it.
I hope you are keeping warm and cozy lovely one. x

yardage girl said...

A lovely post - everything in it is wonderful. I especially like the skirt idea! Stay warm!