Thursday, June 9, 2011


This week I've been working on some lovely new bunnies. This little one above is a birthday bunny for a special girl. I love the pink of her cardi, it's the prettiest pink, dusty, musk stick, sweetie pie pink.

And this is a bunny for a new baby girl.  I will have to change that button though,
buttons and babies just don't go together, do they?

This week I've had two kids home with colds. Mr Self Portrait built a log house with his new Lego, adding little extra's and even designed his own human sized log cabin.

While I dithered around, sorting through buttons, looking through a certain person's blog, looking for inspiration for the Brooch Swap.

After my original idea failed dismally I went back to scrawling page after page, getting to know this person quite well and having a lovely time, until I came across The Idea.

Which is shaping up quite nicely. Not really original, not particularly technically amazing, but sweet nevertheless, with personality & a fair degree of wonkiness. Phew, it's almost finished and ready for posting.

Today I found it hard to get out of  bed, these three pushed me out in the end and declared they'd be staying like this all day, snug as three bugs in a rug. It's so cold this week, we had a little snow yesterday. Fluttering flakes of white, scattered swirls overnight.

Today I was classroom helper in the Prep room, so fun to be with the children, all so full of big eyed innocence and fun. I love hearing their ideas, their take of the world. Watching them dance and sing to The Wonky Donkey was hilarious too, do you know that book?

Anyway, back to work now, much to do here at home. Besides all the usual housie stuff I hope to get a little more knitting down this afternoon. I've finished the back & arms of Rosie's cardi, now I'm onto the front. Feeling rather pleased with myself as so far it's looking good.  Hope you're having a fun one, have you had a look at all these other people's spaces yet? I might sneak a peek too. See you soon xo


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love your bunnies!! Hope everyone is super for the weekend, love Posie

mel @ loved said...

It sure is getting tricky to drag myself out of bed these wintry cold mornings, but loving the crsip, fresh air when I do! Loving your bunnies as always, and isn't it fun being in the classroom getting to know the other little classmates. I hope you find a bit of quiet time today to enjoy a spot of knitting...oh sun's out, perfect! x

Jennie said...

I always love visiting your place! It is very cold here too - our house doesn't get any sun at all in the living area!!

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week,xxJ

lamina @ do a bit said...

The bunnies are adorable... those lucky little girls :)

Faeryfay said...

Love your bunnies! I also love the buttons! Gorgeous!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm finding it hard too, to get out of bed in the morning with it being so cold and dark, and bed's so warm and yummy.
Loving seeing some bunny action again, and i can't wait to see your brooch, i'm sure it will be gorgeous.
There's an exhibition on at fed square perhaps you might like to take Bill too, it's sculptures all made of Lego ( or I could take him)
being around littlies is always a hoot and inspriing as well. WOuld have loved to see them dancing , might ask you to give me a demo.
ANyway I better go as this comments rather long, but before I do, who is that bunny between Moby and Victor, she/he is divinie! xo

Notchka said...

Ahh yes the Cranky Lanky Hanky Panky Winky Wonky Donkey is demanded nearly every bedtime 'round here. I do like the bunnies - their little cardi's are so sweet :)

Maxabella said...

Beck, you make the funnest stuff. And you have such a cute way with words.

Love the 'self portrait'. Kids are always so serious when they take their own photo!! x

Jacinta aka HotStrongCoffee said...

ohh, your bunnies are adorable!!!

Kate said...

Oh lucky you with the brooch under your belt.
My first attempt was a disaster too and now I'm completely uninspired brooch wise.
Keep cozy lovely girl. xx
ps. Loved your last post.

Sandrine said...

What a lovely place you have too!
Your bunnies are adorables!
Hope everyone is feeling much better!
Sandrine x

quilary said...

Such cute, cute little bunnies. You've got a lot of creating going on there - just the thing to snuggle up with in the freezing weather.

Carolyn said...

I love your bunnies! What a lovely place you have too!

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Gooseberry Jam said...

You have been Busy Busy, I have so many projects on the go at the moment, nothing finished though, all in good time...
I love seeing your bunnies develop. Do you knit the cardi's as well, they are so sweet.