Thursday, June 23, 2011

chain reaction

Winter is well and truly with us here in Daylesford. Lots of fine, misty rain,
drizzle, mist, cold and fog. The lake always looks amazing in winter.
Stark, icy, dramatic, imposing, soft, gentle, amazing.

 I love the creeping black branches, long spider legs reaching across the glassy water.
Not that I stayed outside too long today,  I couldn't wait to get inside where it was nice & warm.

It's perfect weather though for staying inside, snuggling and making things together.

Yesterday Charlotte was knitting her latest scarf and took some time out to show Lucy how to knit! 

Lucy picked it up quickly and is now knitting her own pink scarf. I can remember my Nan teaching me how to knit when I was seven. It's a beautiful tradition to pass on down the line.

Char is on scarf number three. She popped into Ballarat yesterday to pick up some more wool and some dye for my next re-purposed jumper skirt!

It's been SO much fun having her home, I'm loving it.  She is a fantastic big sister and has been helping me with picking up the kids, child minding and of course, being the best company ever.

Sweet Sunday found her old unfinished pom pom in the wool basket,

and quickly finished it this morning! She has used all kinds of purples, reds and pinks. She took it to school today for show and tell. All this wool activity started a chain reaction..

suddenly Rosie got into it. She has been desperate to learn finger knitting so after one quick lesson she was on her way!

She started off with pink but added purple, 'because Evie will likes purple'.

Rosie has named her finger knitting Geoffrey. 
She got up early and worked on Geoffrey in bed and then took him to school today to show her friends. 
Tomorrow for show & tell she is taking fifteen bits of coloured wool to share
so her friends can learn to finger knit too.

Bill continued on with his mega ball of finger knitting. It was a real wool fest!

He is attempting to make a rug for his room. Charlotte made one too when she was a similar age.

So, there you go! Lots of making going on around here.
What have you been up to this week? I'm going to have a snoop around here and find out.

I'll leave you with a photo of my me & my gorgeous friend Jack, 
who I interviewed this week for an oral history project I'm involved with.

See you soon lovelies!


Copper Patch said...

You're going to need a sheep with this much interest in wool!
Sean the sheep maybe? :o)

Jennie said...

Oh wow Beck! So great to have all the children getting creative with the wool!

And I loooove that first pic - so gorgeous!x

teddybearswednesday said...

loving your wooly chain reaction! so wonderful that they're all so into it.
and Geoffrey is just inspired xo

Thimble Fingers said...

Great to see kids doing something creative and they look like they're having fun too.
Just love the pic of the river and tree's - amazing shot! You should enter that in a competition.
We've got rain here in the west at last - a great day for staying indoors and stitching.

flowerpress said...

I went a bit crazy when mine all wanted to knit, I seemed to spend hours picking up stitches, frogging and reknitting for them. Your lot look much better organised :-)
Great to be doing the oral histories, what a great project! Would love to hear more.

lamina @ do a bit said...

Wow.. what a crazy knitting frenzy you are all in.. LOVE it!!

LOVE the picture of teh tree and lake... just beautiful :)

Thank you for poping by my little blog.. hope your bunny legs have stopped exploding.. ha ha ha funny :)

Jennie said...

That first photo is stunning.

Angel.Pearls said...

I also like 'bad weather' when you can stay inside..Very nice company of yours, inspired to create! Eva Sweden

Kate said...

I wanna see Mark on the chair!
Great woolly post Beck. I love how everyone is getting into their own version of the craft. How's your cardi going? x

T's Daily Treasures said...

It is so wonderful to see all the kids creating with yarn. What fun! happy day, Tammy

Elisabeth said...

What a lovely time you have! All the kids are so creative and focused on their work, just beautiful!! I remember when I was six years old my grandmother learned me how to knitt. It was a dark red wool yarn that was left from a cardigan she had made. I also remember that there was times that I was sleeping over att my grandparents house and when I was in bed for the nigth I could hear the sound from her knitting needels.


Squirrelhaus said...

Wonderful to see the kids enjoying themselves in a creative process!
Loved the lake picture....I wish our winters looked like yours!! Alaska...think snow LOL! Don't worry the sunshine will be coming back soon, we just had our summer solstice!
Have a great week and stay warm!
Chris :o)

m.e (Cathie) said...

you are all such a talented bunch! i love that they are all getting into it & I especially love that Rosie has named hers Geoffrey ♥

Faeryfay said...

Gorgeous kids, and knitting!:-)

jodi said...

a knitting family! Gorgeous. And the misty photo...oh so dreamy! x

Maxabella said...

Well, obviously I've missed the last couple of posts. What brought you out of your shell, my dearest? I am so happy for whatever it was! x

Anonymous said...

i love looking at all of the beautiful things on this page its tranquil and so special takes you away from everything even if for just a while