Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colour and life and love

On Friday I came home to find these beautiful flowers,
a thank you for fixing Maggie's Dandelion bunny.
What a lovely surprise!

On Saturday afternoon I tootled down the road under a autumn blue sky,

past the Leonard's chocolate brown potato paddocks,
 dotted with snow white cockatoos. 

Soon I was in North Melbourne where I picked up Charlotte.  We wove our way through the streets of  Carlton to meet my brother & his family for dinner.  We had a lovely time, it was so good to catch up with the gang.  

I stayed over at my Mum's place in Fitzroy, camping out in the back room as the front of the house has been repainted and the floor boards polished. In the morning I had another visit from Ben & the girls.

We took heaps of photo's,

against the newly painted white walls.

Gemma & Zoe have both grown a lot since I saw them last, in January.
Both are such gorgeous girls, warm and funny and smart and beautiful.
 Super girls!

It was really good to have a catch up with Ben & Julia too, and hear all the news of Hobart, where they now live.

They were very patient and put up with me snapping away with the camera.
I"m really obsessed with taking portraits of people up
against walls at the moment. Watch out. You could be next!

Actually, I am just really obsessed with taking photo's in general lately.
What about this funny little scene I came across in Moor St today?
Doesn't it tell a story? Why are these random shoes & thongs here on the footpath and 
where is the other pink one?

I'd actually stopped to take a picture of this house,
I love this colourful door, the bougainvillaea that creeps up the front wall,

 and the amazing marching girls graffiti/paper art down the side wall.

On my way home, under a dark grey sky,  I drove past the new wind powered turbines in Leonard's Hill. Which reminds me, I must remember to buy some shares in the wind farm, have you?

Back at home I went for a walk with Lucy.  We sat in a shop doorway and ate our sausages in bread. 

I love this shot of Lucy. Although she might look sad she's really just avoiding the glare. It's has a nice whimsy this photo, and I love the pink wall and dappled leaves. And her cute knees.

So, as you can see, much colour and life and love this weekend. What have you been up to? Hope it's been a happy one. I'll leave you with this little lizard that Rosie found at mum's today. She popped it in a jar and left it on Mum's red ironing board. Oh! I better go and let it out in the garden! Dear little lizard.

Bye for now lovely friends, see you soon xo


Jennie said...

What a wee lizard! It's a skink, isn't it? Or a droptail lizard? I don't know if those ar the same thing.

Wendy said...

SO much gorgeousness in one post! Loving your little skink-portrait, and looking forward to seeing our own when we arrive on camp next week! Good to catch up, Beck...

Lyn said...

oh wow whay a wonderful post, I love ALL the photos, gorgeous!

Jackson said...

The flowers are beautiful. What a wonderful thank you gift. Sounds like a wonderful day full of happiness and adventures. Loved all the great photos.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

You have had so much lovely sunshine. I would love to beable to have a quick drive through the country up to Melbourne town.

The impressions of colour are wonderful.

Enjoy the rest of this long weekend.


Sue said...

The skink is better off in the garden isnt it, how cute! Love the photos of your nieces - I actually thought for a minute the older one was yours as she looks so similar to your own girls. Glad you had a nice family reunion with your brother and his family, you must miss each other a lot.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Gorgeous photography :-)

Ames and Tash said...

Love the image of the wind powered turbine...

hester said...

How wonderful to have a day of colour and love. Your photos are so so beautiful and I love the photo of Lucy with her cute knees and the shadow of the tree. Please could you bring out your own range of cards, Beck???