Tuesday, March 30, 2010

girl time

Despite having a rotton cold, from which I am now on the mend, it's been a lovely start to the school holidays. I'm a big fan of getting up late and it's nice to have that time in the morning to appreciate the pretty shadows, the morning light.

Mark & Bill have gone with Simon & Ben to a place they call The Shack, up near Seymour, so it's Girl City round here at the moment. I miss my boys but it's also good to have a bit of girl time.

Of course in between the fun there is a few fights
& some tears, highs & lows and lots of laughs.

I love to hang with my sweeties, even if there are a few challenging dynamics at times. Rosie found a wig at the op shop and has been wearing it day & night. It is very entertaining, especially with her wonky tooth.

Last night we all went to a local pub for dinner, The Savoia, which is opposite this beautiful old building, the Old Macaroni Factory.

The Savoia has great bar meals and is very quiet during the week which is good for a group of rowdy girls like us. In between courses there was some serious drawing going on.


We drove home up the dirt road looking for kangaroos & singing our hearts out to The McClymonts under a big, old moon.

Today I've been chopping up fat, yellow quinces & the house is filled with their beautiful scent. There is something so pleasing, old fashioned even about making quince jelly, I really love it. And I have been trying to finish my name tag, think it's coming along, don't mention pin cushions though..I haven't got ANY ideas, well perhas TOO many is the problem.

What have you been up to? Are you enjoying school holidays too? Hope you are doing something that makes you feel good. See you soon sweeties xo


Little Ted Canvas said...

All sounds wonderful, it's those moments that create beautiful memories for your girls, lovely, enjoy!

hester said...

Oh my goodness, Beck. Those shadow photographs are amazingly beautiful.

I just checked out some info re the Sew It Together thing. What a great idea to get crafty bloggers together. I wish I lived closer. Maybe I can come next time when Greta is a little older. Have a great time.

m.e (Cathie) said...

that's a great photo of you girls!!
love the wig, I bet she kept giggling with it on.

Floss said...

A girly time - wow. Not something that happens here... (except between me and the dog). It looks lovely, Beck, and I did enjoy your photos. Thanks.

Maria Rose said...

Lovely post. I have never had a quince.

Jemm said...

Your shadow photos are great! I love the wig too ;) I've never had quince jelly, but it does sound wonderful.

crzylady said...

Pincushions *hyperventilates*

Renee said...

Beautiful shadows!

Cherie said...

Love girl power - you can't beat those times ;))

Ooty said...

I love your 'bunny factory' photos =D

I am always so scared when it comes to fabric colors..seems to me like super huge mess - so when ever I see someone actually doing it it seems like magic to me =D
Enjoy the holiday, beautiful girls!

Nishant said...

it's those moments that create beautiful memories for your girls, lovely, enjoy!
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