Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday I went to Ballan to pick up Charlotte from the station, she hasn't been home for five weeks so I was pretty excited. I passed this couple, made from haybales, who are advertising the Ballan Country Fair, aren't they cool?!

There's always alot to tell Charlotte when she comes home. We all miss her so much and the kids love to tell her all that they have been up to. Rosie was so proud about coming second in the Little Kids race at the athletics day at school.

Yesterday I also had fun at the Anglican Church's Trash & Treasure. It's one of my favourite events of the year! There is something so appealing about the old fashioned atmosphere, the beautiful women and men who run it and of course the amazing treasures that can be found. I came home with some great finds, a pile of Ladybird books for Sunday, lots of lovely linen and a great little table. Later as I looked at all these goodies I wondered again whether I should have a shop where I could then pass on these pretty things to others. I already have enough things, I don't really need any more but I get such a thrill from finding gorgeous old things. It would be so much fun to have my own little shop one day. So it's something to think about, the high rents in Daylesford are enough to put me off though!

This morning I tootled up the hill to meet up with local superstar Steph & sweet Jess who is visiting from Melbourne. We had a happy time drinking tea and chatting in the soft warm light of Cliffy's. It was so lovely to meet Jess whose blog I love to read, her teddies always make me smile.

There's something magical about the mood in Cliffy's, it's a bit timeless and dreamy. A lovely way to start the day, and the weekend. I feel like I need a soft focus day today, a slower and more thoughtful space. Perhaps I've been whirling and spinning this week, caught up in the rush of family life and squeezing in time for my own interests while also jumping and trying to catch thoughts and ideas as they fly by.

This weekend is a busy one in our little town as the Chillout Festival is on. Lots of lovely rainbow colours everywhere, smiling people enjoying some time out from the city & a chance to celebrate and have some fun. I'm looking forward to the parade tomorrow which is always a hoot. It's absolutely pouring with rain now so I hope that doesn't spoil the party atmosphere. My kids are a bit concerned that the makeup will wash off 'the men who dress up as women'!

A friend is a present you give yourself

The last couple of days I have been feeling a bit anxious. Not sure why, I am sometimes plagued with self doubt & have an annoying running dialogue in my head. Maybe it's hormonal and I'm sure it will pass. In the meantime I'm loving being with my family, seeing my beautiful niece who I don't get to see enough, trying to find some stillness and comfort in just being me. I found these two great cups recently and they are so sweet the words on them make me feel good too.

Hope you are having a happy weekend with the ones you love, xo


Lizzie said...

Hi Beck, they only put the straw couple up on Thursday afternoon, when I went to my patchwork group they weren't there, 3 hrs later ~ a couple. So cool aren't they? You will have to try make it to our quilt show on the same weekend.
Sounds like you're having a good weekend now, stay out of the storms and enjoy the rain.

crzylady said...

Sounds a lovely time :) glad you got to catch up with Charlotte and lovely lady bloggers!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Don't be too concerned with the anxiety, you've probably just been so busy that your subconcious is checking all the boxes, enjoy your family & the atmosphere that has engulfed your lovely town. I hope you have a great weekend...

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a great day Beck!
i hope you feel better soon, I get like that sometimes & think that I have forgotten something, it passes, just too much on at times.
enjoy the rest of your day

sue said...

The haybale couple look great. I love those little cups too. Maybe you could have an online shop selling all your goodies that you find, that way you wont have to pay a high rental. Anxiety comes and goes in my life, sometimes over small things and sometimes over much bigger things. Just take a walk in the garden and have a cup of tea to relax. St. Johns Wort is supposed to help too as my sister dabbles in all those herbology remedies.

Gina said...

Always love your weekend posts Beck.

You certainly are quite the treasure hunter - those mugs are great and it sounds like you found some other lovely items. Maybe, instead of opening a store in Daylesford, you could have an online store so that we poor city slickers could enjoy your bounty! (Tee hee, that's entirely self-serving... plus freight would be an issue I guess).

Oh, and hey, as an anxiety sufferer myself and someone who used to ruminate a lot, I have various things I'd happily recommend but will save that for email convo if you're interested. Otherwise my dear... this too shall pass.

hester said...

Hey Beck - a hug from another bloggy girl familiar with anxiety. Makes it hard to relax sometimes - I'm sure it comes from our busy busy lives and the 6 o'clock news doesn't help.

I was thinking of you today as your blog inspired me to sneak a quick browse at the Salvo's shop while ducking out to buy some spuds for Shepherd's Pie. I came home with some lovely kids books and I was thinking "Beck buys so much pretty stuff....she should have her own shop". Could you set one up on your front verandah sometimes?

Michelle said...

Cliffy's sounds like a great place to hang out - I love the entrance. Wish we had a place like that in our town.

I hope that anxious feeling passes soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family.

Jeana Marie said...

the hay bales are so fantastic!!!
So many lovely thoughts in this post - glad you are able to relax today and reflect on your week. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend :)

A Country Girl said...

Have a lovely weekend with your daughter.
Love those hay bale people!

Violet and Rose said...

How exciting waiting for that train to pull in. I can imagine. Enjoy your time together.

Floss said...

What a nice message on the mug! I've prepared a post for tommorrow which mentions some writing I've started recently, inspired by Denise from the blog A Bun Can Dance. She wrote about, and recommended some books about, The Morning Pages, which are a kind of chance to write out all those stupid insecurities and thoughts that go round and round in your head. I honestly can't believe how freeing and focusing this has been for me. It's early days for me still but when you wrote about how you've been feeling, I wondered if something like this would help you, because it's made a difference to me in similar circumstances.

So, thanks for your lovely post and all those happy faces!

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Beck I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling anxious and self doubting, if I've ever met anyone who shouldn't feel that way about themselves it's you. I struggle with the same sorts of things too, sometimes I think perhaps we wake up just more sensitive or sometimes like little worrying times. I hope it passes too.
Anyway I so loved meeting you on Saturday, it was a real highlight! And for helping make my weekend lovely.xx

Kate said...

We saw hay bale men in Luxembourg!

I promise I will comment more :)