Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It's been a cold and windy, wet & wild long weekend here in Daylesford. Good weather for sitting & knitting.

It's almost like the Spring we never had, or is it early winter?

Whatever it is it's good weather for eating chocolate cake,

and sitting by the fire. A highlight of the weekend was seeing our beautiful niece/cousin, Gemma, who came to visit. She flew over from Tasmania all on her own! How grown up!

I also went for a fantastic bushwalk with my bushwalking partner, Sunday, and the dogs.

Walking throught the green/grey gumtrees, smelling the fresh rain soaked bush and running together up and down hills was so much fun.

The dogs thought it was pretty amazing too.
Here they are at a spot we call Top of the World.

And then back home for scones and hot tea.
Part of having Charlotte home was cooking/making her all her favourite foods.
Lucky for us that includes scones!

We have had Chillout festival on in Daylesford and so the town has been in party mode. I didn't get any good shots of the parade but if you pop over to Foxs Lane you will see Kate's excellent post & super duper photo's. We did make it to see the Roller Derby which was pretty mind blowing. And fast & scary!

And we managed to squeeze in some dancing which is always ace. .

The kids were pretty ratty this weekend so it was nice to sit and watch them having fun and losing themselves in the moment.

The cold and wet weather has made things seem much warmer and snuggly. It was pretty cosy at the Perfect Drop last night where we had a first of our new craft groups, Handmade, get together

Talking of snuggly, I don't know about you but I can't get enough cuddles lately. Family life can be so challenging. Of course it is rewarding too but I am struggling a bit lately and it just makes me want to hold my kids close and hug them forever. (Thanks to all those lovely people who left supportive comments recently. I really appreciate your kindness.)

Sitting on the couch with my Honey at the end of a long, long weekend is pretty good too. Hope you are warm and cosy and having happy days. See you soon sweeties xo


Susan L (lily40au) said...

i feel relaxed after reading your post ... the thought of scones in front of an open fire just sounds so winter in Victoria i feel nostalgic.

i wish i was back in Daylesford again ... instead of boring old work.

GardenofDaisies said...

Sounds like you are having some good family time, with your daughter home for a visit, and your niece in town! :-) The Scones and chocolate cake look wonderful!
I just noticed your haybale people from a previous post! Those are really cute. The famers in the rural areas near where we live do that in the fall... They make them look like Halloween characters and jack-o-lanterns.

Anonymous said...

your weekend sounds lovely it's amazing how cooler weather can make us all feel so much better I think, we have finally got some chilly wind today after relentless heat. thoses scones and chocie cake look delish

Copper Patch said...

I hope last night was good. I'll do what I can to get to the next one :o)
Cuddles and snuggles sound great,

Amber said...

oh it all looks lush, cake and scones included. So sweet to have the nourishing family days you have..xxx

Kate said...

You were the highlight of my weekend Miss Beck! Thanks for saving me from my crafting emergency and for wagging cousin duty with me. You are the best chuck out the rest. XX

Mama Mogantosh said...

No wonder those kiddos love to hug you! What a gorgeous family life you create. Thanks for your thoughtful comments last week too. xRach

Floss said...

It's so good to see snapshots through your weekend - you are getting autumn while we are still having winter! That's not right!

Thinking of you with your ratty tribe - I can see you are able to savour the good as well as spot the not-so-good. Hold on in there supermum!

sue said...

Beck your weekend sounds wonderful, all snuggled up around the fire eating scones and cake. I love scones too, must make some on the next lot of cold weather! What is Charlotte knitting by the way, it looks very snuggly!

Tania said...

How absolutely excellent that Top of the World is around the corner from yours! (wishing you cosy long snuggles through the week Mrs).

Jemm said...

Isn't it wonderful when we finally get a chance to relax and enjoy our lives? Looks like a wonderful weekend!! :)

crzylady said...

yea for scones and tea on a blustery dark day(s)! And can't wait to hear more about the craft meet.

Freckled Hen said...

The way you write about your lovely family and the time you spend with them is beautiful.

Lizzie said...

Yep, we have fires going, soup on the stove and it's only March!! Feels good though doesn't it?

the vintage magpie said...

I love the sound of your handmade club! I have a lovely friend in Victoria who I travelled to Australia with when we were both 18, and she never came back! Your home looks lovely and cosy.. (and no - there are no signs of spring here yet..its still freezing!) x

LillaBarn said...

I was going to write in English, but forgot... The next post will be both in English and Swedish :-)
Where do I follow your blog?