Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Houses have faces

Driving up and down from Callawadda to Daylesford is quite relaxing in a strange kind of way.

Because I have to sit still and concentrate on the road it's a good chance to unwind a little and not think too much.

I do love to look at the sky, the fields and of course the many interesting and quirky houses and buildings along the way.

Some are forlorn and many are old. Representing all the different times in Australian history they have seen so many different times, and people pass by. Some of the little towns are crumbling and it makes me sad that these once bustling communities are fading away.

This old building is amazing and so inspiring to look at, made from many layers of stone. The stone is so aged and the colours so soft. What went on in this building all those years ago?

I've always thought buildings and houses have faces. Happy, sad, curious, grand, funny, gentle....

I love to drive through these spaces and think about what went before.

Hope your week is going well and that the lead up to Christmas is not too crazy.

I will be drawing out the winner of my giveaway on Friday so if you haven't entered there is still time! See you soon lovelies xo


sue said...

I always wonder too what the buildings were used for and who used to be in them. When I was younger I always used to look at my nan's old house in pictures and wish that I could travel back in time to see my dad's family when they were kids and what Mildura would have been like back then. It seems you have some lovely countryside to gaze upon when you have your drives!

Little Ted Canvas said...

I love doing that! I always look at old houses and wonder about the families and the history behind thier doors. I love listening to our nieghbours tell stories of some of the local old buildings around town. One lady dropped in some fantastic history of owners to our it!

Kate said...

Such a gorgeous post Beck! Thanks for taking us on your journey with you. We spent a few hours in Chapel St the other day looking up at all the old buildings and guessing at their histories.

Selina said...

So glad to hear I am not the only weirdo who does that! Lovely houses out your way, I'm going to have to drive up soon.

Leanne said...

Oh I so love being a passenger and spying at homes and buildings too...makes for great dreaming!! Stunning pics.

Amber said...

I just love you and your gorgeous attitude. Homes must have a thousand tales...i love it.
Thanks for sharing sweet lady...xx