Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Did you have a merry Christmas?

Did your kids wake up super early and hang out near the tree eying off presents? Ours did.

We had a fun morning and the kids loved all their gifts. What lucky children they are.

Christmas can be intense and for some people it's hard to deal with all the excitement and noise. Thankfully most people cheer up and have a lovely day!

After breakfast we headed down to Hepburn to spend the day with mum and our extended family. We don't see some of them very much so it was fantastic to catch up.

Mum's place wasn't quite big enough for all 27 people so we set up a marquee outside and had a delicious lunch, champagne and fun!

The best thing about Christmas, for me, is the celebration of family.

Being together, sharing, having a laugh, chatting, hearing the news, eating, being silly,
dogs and all.

Our kids got to hang out with their cousins, it didn't seem to bother Bill that he was the only boy out of ten kids!

It was great to see my dad who I haven't caught up with for a long time, and his partner Margaret, and of course Tilly the Jack Russell!

Two sweeties,
( is Mark getting told off in the background?)

Two more sweeties, aren't they cute?

I hope you had a happy day too. I'm looking forward to that after Christmas feeling, hopefully some lovely days with the kids and Mark, swimming, making things, gardening, cooking, all the things I love. I'm finding myself going all vague and easily distracted so I haven't been blogging as much as usual. It's harder to find that quiet space lately - this is something I find a bit challenging about school holidays! But I'm trying to just go with the flow. One of my aims for the holidays is to have some special time with each of the kids, and Mark. Do you have any holiday plans? Take care lovelies, see you soon xo


Julie said...

Looks like everyone had fun. We have another influx of relatives and cousins arriving today. Its crazy but lots of fun.

sue said...

You have such a gorgeous family Beck! Only 1 boy out of 10, we have only 2 girls out of 6 boys but they dont seem to mind, the girls are the noisier ones, lol! I hope you manage to find some quiet time too, it is a bit hard on the holidays isnt it but so nice to catch up with family.

Hayley Egan said...

Happy Christmas! Bright, happy photos... X

Home Girl said...

so many smiling faces in your pictures. looks like a happy fun day was had, sounds like the production for so many people was wedding scale rather than christmas sized!! enjoy that post christmas winddown xx

manda said...

Merry Christmas and enjoy all the fun of the holidays Beck
Manda x

Emma said...

Looks like a lovely, crazy, noisy but happy Christmas Day (and perfect weather for it too)!

Amber said...

Oh christmas looks happy and lovely there. I hope you had a nice time and a very happy new year lovely