Monday, December 14, 2009

Harvest & dancing

On Friday I headed up to Callawadda to harvest our crop of organic garlic. This time I drove through Ballarat, Ararat & Stawell, passing through fields and little country towns. (More photo's to follow of some of the lovely old houses and buildings I saw along the way.)

On Saturday our friends the Lotons rolled up to help. Gee it's good to have friends like that who came all the way from Daylesford to give us a hand. Matilda was so helpful and besides pulling out a heap of garlic she also became an expert grader and fork cleaner!

It's hard to get a sense of how much garlic there was from this photo, but it felt like we would never get it all out! It was a whole lot easier having extra helpers. And it's always good to be in the paddock with the blue sky above and a bunch of good mates having a chat and a laugh as we work.

Phillippa and Brendan worked their little buttinski's off, here is Phillippa hard at work.

Michelle & Matilda

And here is me, slacking off in the adjoining wheat field.
I kind of fell in love with the wheat.

It's gorgeous colour and shape, the look of a whole field,
stretching out like a sea of gold against the blue sky.

We did manage to pull all the garlic out and this week we will be hanging,
storing and sorting out the varieties that we harvested a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday afternoon I left the others to rush back to Daylesford for
the amazing dance concert put on by our local dance school Inside Out Dance.
Three of our girls do creative dance is Rosie (with her new haircut!).

and Sunday (on the left)

and Lucy, who choreographed & danced her first solo.

All the dancers performed with great enthusiasm
and each dance was special, it was hard to pick a favourite.
What a show it was, so inspiring, beautiful and joyous.

Hope all is well in your world sweeties, see you soon xo

ps. Lovely Bec from Edward & Lily has done a post about Dandelion!
Pop over and have a look at her lovely blog when you get a sec. And if you haven't already entered my giveaway it's not too late!


Doily said...

Goodnes... what a busy weekend, good joble (thats my word verification.... you always get better ones than me!!! Grrr)say hi to creepy green guy!

sue said...

I love all your countryside photos. I havent been up that way for quite a while but my favourite aunt lives up there. Glad you got all your garlic picked before the hot weather. It looks as though you have some wonderful dancers in your house too!

Tanya said...

Good on you with the garlic, we picked lots but some got split in the ground after that rain. I had to 'google maps' where you farm is! How nice to have a good dance group locally.
slite is my word verification!!

Amber said...

Wow those pics were gorgeous, the garlic crop is so exciting. And the angelic dancers, just gorgeous...xx

Floss said...

Hurray for the garlic harvest! I was so fascinated when I saw you planting it, and now here is the harvest - just wonderful. I love your wheat field - I was very taken with the wheat around our adopted cherry tree last spring/summer.

Leanne said...

What a glorious day! and how wonderful to see your crop come full circle. Loving those photo's (thank goodness your camera did survive!). Looks like a great concert too.

Home Girl said...

wow i didn't realise you were a farmer! am intrigued by the garlic. the girls look adorable up on stage, i would have been so emotional, sounds like a special dance school.

Little Ted Canvas said...

My husband is in awe of your garlic! We've just harvested our little tiny crop from a wine barrel on our back deck, just lovely! Thanks for sharing with us all on edward & lilly, it was a lovely read...

Emma said...

Oh wow, I'm mildly jealous of your crop of garlic! It looked like a really good weekend, weather wise, to harvest, based on the lovely blue of the sky in your lovely photos.

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

That looks like a wonderful kind of day to have. Family friends, good hard work and great chatter. P