Monday, December 7, 2009

Ballet, birthdays & a roaming rooster

It's a beautiful sunny day today and I'm just pottering around in slow motion as we had a pretty jam packed weekend. Need another cup of tea I think.

Bill had a fabulous time at his sleepover party, with five boys it was noisy, boisterous, happy, funny, wacky and there was not one bit of trouble. They got along so well and it was alot of fun. They 'slept' in the big tent with Mark in a little tent next to them. Woken by the sun and the rooster they would have been pretty tired little fellas last night.

Then last night we all set of to see our Rosie Ballerina in her first ballet recital. I don't know who was more excited, her or us!
It was a funny feeling leaving her behind backstage as we found our seats in the beautiful Her Majesty's Theatre. My little one, only four years old, getting up that big stage, wow.

She was amazing and wasn't nervous at all. What a trouper. I guess that's why we started her in ballet anyway, she just loves to dance.

It was lovely to be there all together and the kids were all so supportive of Rosie. Charlotte even had a little cry at one point and I was kind of close too. We are a bit of an emotional bunch, well some of us anyway!

On the homefront there has been a shake up in Chookland. Sarah went missing last week (our little blue egg layer) and then Jarla was found in bad shape and died on Friday night. Not sure what attacked her but I have my suspisions. Lets just say that Daisy was looking pretty sheepish. Bummer. We have a new chookie (above) who is staying in the red cubby till she is more settled. She is very pretty, I hope she doesn't fly away like some new ones do.

Speaking of flying can you spot the rooster in the shed?

There is he is, hiding on top of the suitcase. What is going on in his world is anyones guess. He has spent the last few days roaming the neighbourhood, trying to get back home. The poor neighbours are probably demented. Anyway he's back now and hiding out in the shed. Hmm..

Think I'm going to do a spot of gardening today, and a bit of tidying up. Maybe Rosie and I will get the Christmas tree set up and have a bit of fun looking through the decorations. It's taking me a while to get into Christmas this year but I better get a wriggle on before it's on our doorstep. Hope you have a happy week lovely friends xo


Tania said...

I knew you'd be having another cup of tea after a bizzy weekend like that!

Emma said...

What a packed weekend! It sounded like it was good busy rather than frantic, bad busy.

I'm sorry to hear about your chooks.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful little ballerina you have! I was a ballet girl too once upon a time-I did ballet for 13 years, so you might have many many more recitals to come!!!

sue said...

Congratulations to your little ballet dancer, she looks beautiful. Glad the boys party went so well too. Pity about the chooks being hurt. My dad used to have chickens when we were little too and he used to clip one wing shorter so they couldnt fly off. It was good knowing they wouldnt end up in the neighbour's yard. Maybe you do need another cup of tea, perhaps whilst setting up the xmas tree!

V for Violet said...

HI, just to let you know you've won my giveaway!! Pop over and look under Friday's post! x

Felicity said...

it must have been so magical watching the ballet with your own little ballerina! fliss xx

teddybearswednesday said...

OH I love your new Chook!! Does she have a name? I want chooks like that, i love her colour. And the cheeky rooster is very cute too. Maybe he was trying to impress the chooks.

hester said...

What a beautiful little ballerina!

PS Loved the smooching photo in the last post.

Nikki Cardigan said...

Rosie looks gorgeous Beck. Nice job on her hair!

And love the "Where's Rooster" photo!

teddybearswednesday said...

PS I've given you an award on my blog, but you don't have to play along if you don't want.x

bad penny said...

lovely post glad it all went well at the ballet.

My son was on a birthday sleepover too. He always returns looking like The Living Dead from lack of sleep !

I have had to make the decision to clip my girls' wings as they were wondering all over the place causing a nuisance

Hayley Egan said...

God, I nearly cried looking at the ballet photos and I don't even know the kid! There's something about a scraped-back bun and a little belly poking through a leotard... xx