Friday, April 8, 2011

yesterday, today

One of the good things about de-cluttering are the treasures that are uncovered, rediscovered. Today as I started the mammoth job of cleaning up my sewing space I found this family heirloom, a patchwork dress my mum once wore in the 1970's.

I think I kept it because I loved the fabric, but also because it reminds me of Mum & of happy times as a family at our old, two story house in the rolling green hills of Eganstown. That same house that is now being renovated, by another family who are making memories of their own.

Here we are in a photo taken by the Women's Weekly (back in the days when it was weekly!) It's funny how sentimental I am, are you? I sometimes wish I wasn't but I guess that's just the way I am. This month will also see the sale of our family home in Moor St, Fitzroy. Another amazing house that I spent so much time in as a child. The town hall clock out my window, sirens in the night, kittens born in the wood stack, climbing the almond tree, the shoe factory behind our house, lollies from the milk bar, dinner parties that seemed to go all night, Mrs Mac, jasmine growing on the fence, tripping on the stairs, turtles & fish, sleeping on the verandah, reading by the street light, Kung Fu on tv, Christmas presents on Mum & Dad's bed, our cat many things, so long ago.

It's funny sometimes watching my own kids growing up, I wonder what their childhood memories will be? I find myself often tripping back into the past, do you?

 There's plenty to keep me in the here and now though. Lots happening around here, autumn sunshine,

our sweet doggies,

my big, little school girl,

a big, fat, fluffy mumma chook,

a boy bunny,

piles to sort,

more quinces to cook,

and a pink ballerina bunny who is waiting for her cardi. Did I mention crazy hair & clothes day at school? Oh yes, it's happening! Lots of excitement and wackiness for the last day of term.

 Bring on the holidays! Yay! I can't wait to slow down and have some time with the gang, what are you up to?
See you soon xo


TraceyO said...

Love the photos. As you know I am sentimental too. I can really see your mum in your girls from those photos. Looking forward to a relaxing time too.

daisy said...

oooh... like you i have been doing a heap of decluttering and organising things around the house this week including sorting through all my mothers belongings, and it does stir up so many sentimental memories, and I find places your head in a strange place for a while! it can be overwhelming. How odd to see your childhood home up for sale and think of all your memories from another place and time.
p.s the patchwork dress is really awesome!

GardenofDaisies said...

Love the patchwork Mumu! You have a lot of wonderful childhood memories. They help to make you the great Mom you are today.

Portal 108 said...

That patchwork dress is way cool. I want to see you in that lady! with some tights and some boots, yeah, right on Bec x

kirsty@shoproomstudio said...

the dress is beautiful! it's lovely, hearing about all those little details that you remember from your childhood.


Jodie said...

Hope your holidays are wonderful beck....and why were you in the Women's weekly?

sweet emmelie said...

so cute and adorable. love the dress too!

Wendy said...

What a gorgeous dress! Clever you to have hung on to it! Looks like lots of good stuff happening at yours---enjoy!