Tuesday, April 12, 2011

party girl

Today is a quiet day, a happy, sleepy day as we recover from Sunday's sleepover birthday party extravaganza!

For weeks she has been counting down till the 11th, and yesterday she waved goodbye to 7 and said hello to 8!

And what a great celebration Sunday had. She loved all her pressies, including little Chickie, made by gorgeous Jess, and her quilt cover, made by her measurement challenged mum (yep, I made it too short... but it's fixable!)

The day was made brighter by a visit by one of her fairy godmothers, Michelle, who also stayed for a turn or two of charades. I've never seen someone demonstrate a rocking horse so enthusiastically! That girl can really rock!)

The party was a blast, with lots of dancing,

games and a walk up the street, saying hello to everyone we met!  We played Sweet & Sour do you know that game? If someone says hello back they are Sweet and if they don't, you guessed it...! Funny.

Back home the girls painted photo frames, .

and inspirational words.

They played pass the parcel, Bobs & Statues & the Smartie game.

They loved the newspaper fashion show too, lots of very cool and creative outfits!

After dinner it was time for dessert! We didn't have a cake this year but made Smushin's instead. 

Two scoops of ice cream on a placemat + bowls of treats + a fork = yum!
Thanks to Jamie Oliver for the inspiration.

We all sang Happy Birthday (in between watching Hairspray) and then it was time for a night walk!

The girls loved being out in the dark, they cackled & giggled, shrieked & sang, it was hilarious! I think we even scared some big tough firefighters who were trying to have a serious meeting at the fire station.  You should have seen the looks on their faces as the girls danced past, twirling & spinning and talking at the tops of their voices! Very funny!

Back at home they snuggled down in their sleeping bags and eventually went off to sleep. Today we had pancakes for breakfast and soon it was home time. What a lovely group of friends Sunday has, they were all so lovely, polite, funny and each one a gorgeous individual. I'm sure it will be a party Sunday remembers forever.

As I packed up their bits & pieces to take home I couldn't help but think how apt these painted words were.  
Bye for now lovely friends,
see you soon xo


Tammi said...

Looks like your daughter had a truely magical day.
I think my children will be big fans of smushins...have never heard of them before.

Happy birthday to your precious girl :)

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Sunday! Looks like you guys had the BEST time!

We got a birthday party tomorrow too!XXX

teddybearswednesday said...

looks like Sunday had the loveliest of days!
how can you go wrong with pass the parcel, dancing and pancakes! xo

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I love the words you chose- we too love a bit of party crafting!

Kate said...

Blogger lost my comment...where has it gone??
Weird. Anyway, what I said before is how happy I am that your sunny Sunday had such a wonderful party. My girls looked at your post and LOVED it. Jazzy wants the same party for hers. She even asked if we can hire a house in town so we can walk through the streets in our jammies. x

Floss said...

What a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing it worldwide!

Maria Rose said...

She is lucky to have a mom who would make her day so special!

Copper Patch said...

Ahhh the memories. Looks like a fab party to me!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

wonderful wonderful memories.. dont you feel so free walking at night when you are young. anything is possible.
xo jill

Kamana said...

looks like a lot of fun! what a great mom!

manda said...

lucky Sunday xx

Miss Prudence said...

what a great party!I love how there are fairyGodmothers! I had one too, and a fair Godfather (much to Uncle Kevin's embarrassment to that title!!)