Monday, April 18, 2011


Today was our last day, a bright blue day.

The girls don't get to the beach very often, there was a lot of excitement when they saw the sea as we headed down Kerford Road! 

Rosie has been a bit unwell over the last few days  but she has hung in there and managed to have a lot of fun anyway.

So, yes, there were beach wheels,

& sand angels,

and toes in the sand time,

shell collecting,

& some wonky camera angles. I couldn't really see what the hell I was doing, it was so bright! Hence the random shots. I also have a touch of what Rosie has had so I'm a bit peaky tonight. We are back home, which is lovely, and I'm already in bed & looking forward to an early night. I might just have to watch the final part of Paper Giants on ABC, did you watch it last night. LOVED all the 70's action, and how good is the actor playing Kerry Packer?!

  Gee it was fun to be away, we sure packed a lot in! So far I have LOVED these holidays, so lovely after a busy, busy first term.Are you on holidays? Have you been away? Wherever you are, hope it's been a happy Monday,
see you soon xo

ps: have you heard about Vic's Cushion Swap? It sounds like a lot of fun, pop over here for details x


teddybearswednesday said...

OH My god, you were right down the road from me.
Beautiful pics looks like you had a great time ( and glad you didn't step on any syringes !) xo

Catherine said...

I've loved seeing the photos from your Melbourne trip - thank you, and hope you're feeling better xo

Miss Prudence said...

Hope you are all relaxed and happy!
Yes, paper giants was fantastic - all that 70's styling reminded me of childhood with my beautiful and fashionable mum and aunties swanning around!