Friday, April 1, 2011

Our girl

Our girl was born with blue eyes and soft blonde hair, a little Swedish baby. Sometimes when I look at her now she has the same expression she did on that first day.  A sweet, slightly puzzled look, an other worldly look. Sometimes I wonder if she is from another time and just landed in the here & now, quite accidentally.

Our girl is a happy girl, most of the time. She likes to play outside, to ride her bike, to care for her bunny., She loves magazines & chocolate, makeup & music, friends & fun.

Sometimes lately she is moody, and I know this is because she is growing up.
There is such a lot going on in her inner world, a whole new path to navigate.
I'm reminded of her big sister and the many deep breaths I took through her teenage years,
the patience & sense of humour that was needed time & time again.

Our girl is full of beans, especially at 10 o'clock at night.

Our girl is full of excitement at the thought of all the fun things ahead of her. Sometimes I remind her to treasure where she is now,  to not be in too much of a hurry.  Our girl still plays with her dolls, still lives in her imagination but she is moving into a different stage, as we all do. I hope she keeps her simple joyful nature, I hope she will always have time for rainbows & stars and for watching the white clouds float by in the sky.

Our girl is big and strong! She needs to be in this funny old world we live in. But my girl is sensitive too and is learning to walk away from trouble when she needs to. My girl is tall for her age and looks older than she is which sometimes makes me worry. But then that's what mother's do isn't it? Worry & care & love & protect  Our girl is kind to me and cuddles me when I'm sad. And she doesn't laugh (too much) when I have to stand on a chair to do her hair.

Our girl is thoughtful and loves history. She loves stories of girls who lived long ago.

Our girl is whacky & funny and makes us all laugh. She is a loving big sister & a adoring little sister. She drives us all crazy with door slamming and 'oh my god's' but we can't stay cross with her for long. 
Our girl, Lucy, is having a birthday tomorrow!
Eleven years ago she came into our lives, bringing her loveliness, her warm heart & soul, shining a special Lucy light on our family that is so joyful for us all. Tomorrow we will celebrate and eat cake and be ever so grateful for 
having her in our lives.

Happy Birthday Lucy!!
We love you 


Tania said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Deep breaths and enjoy the now as it happens Mama.

flowerpress said...

Your lovely girl and my beautiful boys are twins! (albeit a year apart, they are only turning ten, which seems plenty big enough!!)
Happy Birthday for tomorrow :-)

Cotton Kiwi said...

What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl. She sounds absolutely wonderful. Lucky Mum and lucky girl having a Mum who recognises all those qualities.

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday lucy, hope your day is wonderful.


m.e (Cathie) said...

happy birthday beautiful girl! your mum has written the most beautiful post for you.
hope you had a wonderful day.
don't forget to give that gorgeous mum of yours an extra big hug.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! They grow up too quickly dont they.

teddybearswednesday said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl, whoes growing up so fast ( has she suddenly just grown up a bit or is it just me)
Beautiful post from her beautiful mum too xo

Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

happy birthday to the lovely ethereal Lucy...Deep breaths, fond memories and beautiful life filled love to you Beck. If you don't mind...i think i'll be seeking your advice on such 'growing girl" matters in about 6-8 years...have a lovely weekend beck, cheers, Peta

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, what a beauty!
It is fun as they grow and change it's never the same...have a special day.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, what a beauty!
It is fun as they grow and change it's never the same...have a special day.

Jemm said...

What a wonderful description of your beautiful daughter. She really does look older. My "baby" will be 10 on the 8th. It's amazing how quickly they do grow up. ((big sigh))

Maria Rose said...

She is an ethereal beauty!

Kamika said...

what a beautiful love filled post!

Julie said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. My girls are turning 7 and 12 this year.

Maxabella said...

She's gorgeous. Happy Birthday to lovely Lucy.

(Isn't it a bit sad when the moodiness of adolescence hits. I am so not looking forward to seeing my sunny kids under a cloud. But I guess it's all part of growing up... I really enjoyed your post, Beck.)x

deux chiens et un garcon said...

happy happy birthday to such a soft and graceful girl. Have a lovely day.x Jill

mel @ loved said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely Lucy! Such a beautiful post, Beck. Enjoy your girl..x

hester said...

Such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful post it brought tears to my eyes. Have a wonderful birthday, Lucy. Your new jacket looks perfect on you!

sweet emmelie said...

She is a real beauty!, you must be so proud. Such a sweet post.