Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday girl

8 years ago tomorrow, Mark & I sped down Flinders Street on a mission to get to the hospital as our new baby was coming, in a hurry!  After a brief but intense labour there she suddenly was, our fourth baby, our beautiful girl.

And we called her Sunday Lily.
Sunday was born at a difficult time for our family. Marks mum had just died and then his father passed away just before she was born. A lot of sadness filled our lives at that time so her arrival was like a beautiful star shining in the darkness, a lovely warm angel with rosebud lips.

And why Sunday? Because we loved the name, because it sounds like sunshine and because it's the happiest day of the week.

Sunday is also a holy day and a day of rest. A day that brings people together, a day of happiness & peace.

Our Sunday girl means so much to us.

She is funny, & crazy sometimes,

she loves family time, and being together. 

She loves purple & rainbows, reading & playing,   

sister time,

and brother time. Billy & Sunday were only 15 months apart,
sometimes I call them my twins.

Sunday & I share a love of the outdoors, of nature, of beauty, of birds and flowers and sunsets.

She is a thinker and a doer. An artist, a maker, a dancer, a dreamer of dreams.

And someone who loves her friends and has SO much fun with them at school.

So tomorrow my little dancer turns 8. Wow! I love the way birthdays are a time of reflection for me, as well of course a wonderful celebration. And that is one thing I love to do, celebrate!! Life is so short, and unpredictable, it's important for us to make it a special time for the ones we love. And boy do we love Sunday.

Have a beautiful, happy, colourful birthday Sunday! I hope your sleepover party is the best ever, I can't wait! See you soon lovely friends, bye for now xo


kirsty@shoproomstudio said...

Happy 8th Birthday Sunday!! hope all your dreams come true.


Kate said...

Happy birthday Miss Sunday Lily.
You really are the sunshinest, happiest day of the week.
I hope your sleepover is the bestest ever. X

Miss Prudence said...

Hope Sunday has the best day ever!

Posie Patchwork said...

Happy birthday in your household. Why not Sunday, my daughter has a friend called Wednesday, nothing to do with the day or Addams Family either, it suited her, why not indeed?? Love Posie

Lizzie said...

What an awesome age 8 is, have a great big happy sunny wonderful birthday Sunday...

mel @ loved said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely 8yr old girl! I'm sure the sleepover will be brilliant, what fun!!

teddybearswednesday said...

HAPPy Birthday to you Sunday! Hope you have the best day ever. Your mum writes a beautiful post about you xo

Copper Patch said...

Happy Birthday Sunday! I hope all of your 8 year old dreams come true.
Ab xx

hester said...

She is SO beautiful and obviously, SO loved! Lucky you, Beck, to have her in your life. Happy Birthday, Sunday!