Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bits & bobs

Look at us, we're growing up!!  The ducklings are four and a half weeks old now, soon it will be time to find homes for them.

Because they are getting too big for their former home, the little red cubby house, they are now living with the chooks. Well one chook and two roosters. Not many eggs happening around here at the moment!

As for the silkies who live in the front yard, they are growing up too. Mama chook is still very loving and attentive and lets her babies snuggle up underneath her mountain of feathers at night. Lollypop has become part of the family and they are all so lovely to watch as we go in and out our front door.

Chook, chook!

Today I have been busy with a million little things. Framing up some photo's to give as presents, making cards from photo's too.

The girls have had friends over so there has been lots of girly things happening, 

Nail polish is definitely an our door activity! Actually they played a game where you have to spin the bottle and paint one nail the colour that the bottle points too. They all ended up with multi coloured nails, cool!

I'm still in decluttering mode so I've been getting things ready for a garage sale on Saturday. Will it or won't it rain? I can't decide whether to hold it indoors or out. I bet if I set up outside it will rain and if I do it inside it will be sunny! Fingers crossed for sunshine. It will be a busy weekend here in Daylesford so I hope we get lots of visitors. What are you up to for Easter? Hope it's a happy one, 
see you soon lovely friends xo


teddybearswednesday said...

OH Beck those duckies just get cuter and cuter.
If you are looking homes, I would love one!
( maybe a boy one that takes after his dad)
Those silky chickies are pretty darn cute too.
Love the girls take on spin the bottle so much better than the original.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter xo

Gooseberry Jam said...

What a great idea with the Nail Polish, having four girls in my house this may be one trick I keep up my sleeve for one of those "I'm Bored" days... Looks like heaps of fun and definitely Outside Play! :)

Jennie said...

I like the idea of that nail polish business too!

Oh - I wish i could come to your garage sale!X

Out Back said...

Boy those ducks have certainly grown, and so have the silkies, I think they are funny looking while they are growing up, but also cute too!

Hope your garage sale goes well and the weather is kind...

HAPPY EASTER to you all,


Pomona said...

Love the silkies - they are adorable!

Pomona x

aracne said...

I will tell my daughter about the game with the bottle and nail polish, sounds fun even to my ears.
Those cases at the end of your post would be perfect for me, are you selling them as well? Pity that I can not make it for your garden sale...