Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's happening in my world

Lamingtons with homemade flags on Australia Day. Swedish ones too, to celebrate Mark & the children's Swedish heritage.

A trip to the Big Smoke. Macaroons, so many colours on display. A visit to Melbourne always includes a stop at Laurent in the Causeway Lane.

Coffee too and lots of chatting with my newly enrolled daughter! We also visited her new accommodation which looks great, yay!

True Grit followed by a crazy night at the Vic, not much sleep and a rather strange breakfast. 

Back home under a swirling sky,

to chocolate sponge cake,

red hot pokers,

a lone donut peach &

the cool shade of the quince tree.

 What's happening in your world? It's the last week of school holidays for us, school starts on Friday. What a long break it has been. I'm looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine, having some walks, decluttering after two months of cluttering, seeing friends for coffee and thinking about what comes next. Hope all is well with you lovely friends, see you soon xo


Miss Muggins said...

Lot's of lovely things going on in your world.
Tomorrow is my last day of the hols - back to work Tues, kids to school on Wed. I shall be putting up new too long school dresses and attempting to feel organised in the meantime!

Floss said...

What a lovely, colourful time you have been having - and are you quite well again, Beck? We are in the low point of winter, with colds and flu hopefully in the past, and the dreaded 'gastro' hopefully kept at bay! But there are skiing trips and bulbs peeking up, too...

Elisabeth said...

I wich we had some of those sunny days too. Here it is realy winter time with ice and snow. Today my daugther was sick in flu and sore throat and fever. The boys having a sore throat too. This evening was my turn :-) Hope the spring will be here soon.


Daffodil said...

thank you for sharing a lovely part of your world, lovely family, delish food and beautiful (if slightly) warm weather.

teddybearswednesday said...

Looks like lovely times over at yours Beck.
thinking of you heaps and sending you lots of love

Sue said...

Busy busy busy! We are labelling school books today too for the return on Friday. I just need to find more school dresses and I will be all ready for the start and perhaps have some quiet time to myself too.

Lindy in Brisbane said...

Our kids have already been back a week. It seems the Smiggle virus has caught on at your house too! We always stayed at the Vic when we were kids too. It seemed very posh to a country kid at the time, even though we stayed in the cheap rooms that had no bathroom. Nice memories.

Beach said...

Yum yum yum, all that food and coffee is maing me hungry.

aracne said...

Lamingtons, chocolate cake, peaches...mmmm!
We are still in full Winter here, it is so nice to see blue skies although in photograph.

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Beck, lovely post with gorgeous photos, those macaroons, mmmmmm...............

Love Red Hot Pokers.
Warm peaches straight from the tree, oh, my mouth is watering.

Hope all goes well with the back to school routine and decluttering.

Claire :}

~Trini C.~ said...

Busy life you have!!!! It's so strange to see you coming back from summer vacation (or holiday, as you call it) while we're just getting back from winter break here in the US!