Thursday, February 3, 2011

The holidays are over...

Red at night, shepherds delight, red in the morning, shepherds warning, is that how it goes?
Along with some hot, hot days we've been having some lovely sunsets.
Nature is in full force all around us lately, with Queensland dealing with
one thing after another.

I guess this shows us how little we can control this life of ours, how so much of it is out of our hands.
With this in mind I try to live for each day, to make the best of things, to love and be loved, to care for others, enjoy my family & friends, to find beauty in the simple things, the unexpected moments & possibilities.

This week marks the end of a long, long break from school. The kids are so excited about going back tomorrow, we're all looking forward to another magical year at our little school. For me it also marks the end of one cycle and the start of another. When we moved to Daylesford I was pregnant with Rosie,

  and now she is starting school!

 Wow. Another cycle begins with Charlotte moving out next week and starting her course in Melbourne. Last night I looked through photo's of her when she was four years old, it's hard to believe she is now almost grown up.

As a way of celebrating the end of the holidays we ventured down to Geelong yesterday to the water park, how fun!!

The kids had an absolute blast and so did I! We went with another family and an extra friend which made it even better, what a great day!

This was my favourite 'ride', the slow and lazy floating ring thing which circled the water slide area in a big loop. I could have gone around forever, so dreamy! 

               The kids went on all the fast and crazy water slides, ok, so I chickened out. Maybe next time?

So that's it, the holidays have come to an end. It's been a weird one for me as I didn't end up going away & also was quite unwell. I did however, have lots of fun with the family, played heaps of Scrabble on my new phone, saw some great mates, slept in lots, cooked some new food, saw my brother & his family and just enjoyed being with the kids and Mark & my mum.  What did you get up to on the holidays? Are you glad or sad that school is going back? Think of me tomorrow as I wave my last baby goodbye...see you soon lovelies xo


happy rosie said...

You and the kids will never forget the fun you had today. Enjoy each day, they grow to quick

teddybearswednesday said...

Big times for you my friends, you first leaving home and your youngest starting school.
But my god these water slides look the bomb!!!
thinking of you big time and sending you so much love

teddybearswednesday said...

I meant friend, not friends.

Jennie said...

What alot of big changes happening. Time just moves so quick sometimes. (too quick!)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow, big changes. I had my 4 in under 5 years, so they all move through school together, this year from year 7 down to year 2. I'm so excited about high school, thankfully so is my daughter. We've already spent a fortune on the laptop & uniform, yippee for fees too. So worth it, gorgeous school with excellent results.
To have one finished school, boy, that's a huge deal, an adult!! Love Posie

tea pea said...

My heart is with you as your little one starts school. She'll love it I'm sure.
My little one turned 11 yesterday and for a second as I kissed her neck when I put her to bed last night, she smelled just the same as that day 11 years ago. xx

Sally said...

Oh I will be thinking of you. Where does the time go? Circles going round and round can be so bitter-sweet - hope you can relish the sweet.

Love love love water parks. That one looks awesome and has been put on my list of reasons to visit Victoria. Fabulous.

And I do hope you are well for the rest of 2011 ... being sick sucks.

John said...

Hey! I love the photos of the sky, it was really majestic and awesome.

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Sue said...

What fun you must have all had. I think I am happy the kids are back at school although I do wish for sleep ins!