Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sleepy mornings in bed with a cup of tea and the papers, sun light through the window that tells me that it will be another hot, summers day.

Trees bursting with quinces. Soft, fuzzy fruit hiding amongst the lush, green leaves. Our old fruit trees are so special, giving us so much, planted by people we will never know, so long ago.

Netting the apples trees, imagining the many boxes of sweet little apples we will pick.

Watching our darling duck family scuttle around the garden, caring for each other, eating bugs, splashing
in the water & relaxing in the shade.

Love heart strawberries, home grown bursts of sweetness & joy growing randomly, little surprises waiting to be found.

Two little girls who play all day. Mermaid princesses swimming in the sea of their imaginations, summer girls, fun & fights & long afternoons in the pool.

Lake dreaming, cold, cold water and blue sky. A beach in Daylesford, wild ducks floating by on the shining ripples. 

Hearing from my beautiful family who are farther away from me than they've ever been, camping, adventuring, having fun in Robe. What are you loving this week? 
Have a happy weekend, see you soon xo


teddybearswednesday said...

I'm loving these post!!! Gorgeous images, kiddos and duckies! Plus toast!! xo

tea pea said...

WOW! What gorgeous pictures. We've had snow here today and it's cold here in Yorkshire, England!! I've almost forgotten what the sun looks like! xx

Sue said...

I'm loving that England have won the Ashes in Australia!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I am also loving seeing your fuzzy quinces and remembering that mine were like that in July and will be again this July.

Jennie said...

I'm loving these photos too!
Lovely lovely post Beck.x

Maria Rose said...

P.S. I have always wanted to try a quince, what do they taste like?

hester said...

Your backyard is such a beautiful wonderland, Beck. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Kate said...

I am loving that we are home after an exhausting day at market in Melbourne and that the girls are bathed and in bed and we have a night of Weeds and knitting ahead of us. Yay! Gorgeous stuff you got going on Beck. Have you got a busy week planned? XX

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

These are lovely pictures, Beck. I'm all warmed now ^_~ Wish you could sent some sunbeams over...
Have a sweet Sunday! xxxx

Claire said...

Hey Bec, lovely post,everything looks 'just perfick' !!
Beautiful photos, lots of greenery about still.
What am I loving:-
Half price wool at Spotlight, wasn't intending to buy any, but it would've been naughty not to!!
Muffins with home grown raspberries and almonds.
Bunches of beautiful deep purple Buddleia and reading blogs whilst having a cuppa and listening to the storm in the distance.

Claire :)

Deidre said...

Great post! I love the fruit trees, and I envy you being surrounded by them.

It's my dream to live someplace with lots of fruit trees!

Linda said...

OH these photos are beautiful, Beck! We are below zero here...thanks for sending a bit of summer my way!