Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Chook

About four weeks ago one of our favourite chickens went missing. Known as Henrietta to me, Proud Mary to Mark, Sarah to Rosie, she was a chook with many names. A Plymouth Rock chicken she had a certain elegance & charm and was so pretty & gorgeous. We were all sad when she disappeared one night and I assumed she had died of old age or illness, somewhere in the depths of our garden/jungle.

Then the night before last the strangest thing happened. At about four in the morning the dogs went crazy, barking and barking. Mark went out to see what was happening and who should he see but our dear old missing chook, with feathers missing, distressed and clucking outside the back door.

He tried to catch her to put her in the chook pen but couldn't. In the morning all we could find was a pile of feathers near the back gate. I was so sad to think she had survived the four weeks on her own, goodness knows where!? And then a fox must have hunted her down and killed her. I drove to Ballarat with tears in my eyes thinking of that brave chook and feeling so sad we couldn't help her when she needed us.

But miracles do happen!! Yesterday morning, there she was. The most super chook of all time. Battered, bitten & bruised, under a bush, in shock & extremely hungry! We couldn't believe it. She has been on her own for weeks, survived a fox attack and is now back where she belongs.

Today I have been giving her warm bread & water & spraying her wounds with salty water. I'm so happy she is ok and am inspired and amazed by her courage. Talk about resilient. Yay for Super Chook!

This little story reminds me to never give up hope, to have faith & to keep trying my best, especially when life is challenging. We can learn so much about life from nature, from simple things, and yes, from chickens!

There was much to celebrate today too at our beautiful school's final assembly for the year. Sunday was Mary in the Nativity play, all the children were so lovely to watch. Their singing of Away in a Manger so gorgeous.

She was thrilled too to receive an award for high achievement in her studies this year. I'm so proud of her and all my kids, who all try hard to be the best people they can. As I told one of them, I didn't receive one award in all my schooling but I tried hard, made some good friends and had some amazing experiences.

Before I go I should mention the Sugar & Spice Children's market, unfortunately it was very quiet but we still had a great time. Being there with Charlotte, having a laugh & chatting was the best fun ever.

I fell in love with Spunkee's birds and bunnies, owls and turtles, so much loveliness!!! 
Renee's stall was the highlight of the market for me,I could have bought every one of her gorgeous creatures.  I just love the bunny I came home with, she is so sweet and makes me feel happy.

Well, better go and get ready for tonights Christmas party at Janet's.
Stay tuned for some photo's of her amazing, crazy Christmas's out of this world!
Bye for now lovely friends xo


Gifts of Serendipity said...

Great to read about all the good things that have happened this week, but most especially Henrietta Super-Chook!

I hope that this busy week slides by without further drama and the school holidays start with lots of fun and laughter.

Felicity x

Sue said...

What a fantastic week your having. Yay for super chook returning home, she looks lovely. Sorry I couldnt make it to the market but we had a xmas party to go to. Congrats to Sunday for so much success at school - isnt it so great for them when they get awards for doing so well and putting in so much effort.

Kate said...

What an amazing story!
Hooray for that wonderful resilient chooky!
the foxes are out in force at the moment too.
The night of our craft dinner I counted 6 on the way home.
Hope tonight is fun! X

aracne said...

Henrietta is beautiful and brave, you know that I have a soft spot for her kind. What a story, it really is a Christmas story of courage and endurance.
Like you, I never received an award during my schooling career but perhaps I didn't try so hard...

Tania said...

Henrietta Super-Chook should be presented with a golden egg. Or something. Maybe just a medal. Rest easy, lovely chookie.

Mare said...

I am so happy your little chicken friend came home safely. I hope she recovers from her adventure soon! I wish i lived close by as i would have loved to go to the craft fair you were at...i love to visit your blog. You are such a positive and loving person...Merry Christmas!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Chooks are the best. I love our chooks. They make me happy every time I see them. Henrietta is gorgeous, and what a survivor. Loved reading this story.

Renee said...

Wow what a chook! We had an old senile dog who could hardly walk and who disappeared during a thunderstorm. Somehow she survived in the bush for weeks until my dad spotted her by a dam on his way to work. He had to get down on all fours and crawl to her to convince her that he wasn't going to hurt her! So glad you love your bunny! Hopefully the next S&S market will be better!