Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tonight I'm feeling tired and happy. Tired because life seems so busy right now, a good tired, a satisfying tired. And I'm happy too for so many reasons. I'm happy for the pure joy in watching our local dance company's concert, so many talented & enthusiastic dancers, of all ages, put on an incredible show tonight.

My own little bunny looks a bit flat here but she is tired too, and is probably concentrating & watching the magic take place.

I'm so happy to live somewhere that appreciates creativity, that fosters possibilities, that nurtures & encourages it's young people. I''m happy to have some truly wonderful friends, in this community & beyond. In blog land, in my memories, and far & wide. So much to be happy about...berry crumble, sleepy mornings, being able to pop down and see my mum close by, streaky sunsets, bright blue skies, hugs & snuggles, funny nicknames, fluffy chickens, our dogs, having my children all together, going out for dinner with my honey, reading a scary book, dreaming of adventures, Saturday papers in bed, crumpets, gorgeous Billy playing guitar, sweet Charlotte making me laugh, dear Rosie drawing me rainbows, lovely Lucy & her amazing ideas and of course Sunday, dreamy, sparkly, beautiful dancing girl. Thanks Kate for reminding us how much we have, sleep tight lovelies xo


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

A beautiful post. I love your happy list. It made me happy reading it.

Heidi said...

Look at all those Beautiful fairies!

Kate said...

Hooray! I was so excited to see your happy list link on my blog Beck! Your real life and blog friendship makes me happy all the time! I love that concert. Next year I'm going to have to make someone here go to dancing there so we can be part of it again. Hope the market today is ace. XX